Death Saved Me

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Chapter 18

Chapter 15

“You’re joking right? Hades is your brother? Well that explains your bad attitude. I bet you both make your mother very proud.” I said. Thanatos glared at me, but I ignored him as I tried to wrap my head around this. The god of the underworld wants me? He doesn’t even know me. Maybe his ‘wife’ told him about how I insulted her so now he wants to kill me. “Is he really married to Persephone? Do you think that’s why he wants me?”

“They haven’t been married for over 1,000 years, and even when they were, they were both cheating on each other.” he shrugged.

“Maybe they date in secret, you never know.” I bit my lip. Thanatos froze when I did this, I quickly stopped remembering what happened last time. He’ll turn into a lust filled maniac.

“I’d know Isabel.” he was glaring now. Just then someone knocked on the door and I sighed, we can’t even finish our conversation in peace. Let me guess, it’s another god?

“What!” Thanatos yelled not even asking who it was. Guess he’s just as annoyed as I am.

“It’s me asshole!” Someone yelled from the other side. A female voice.

Thanatos sighed. “Come in Artemis,” the door opened and I smiled when she walked in. The smile quickly dropped from my face when she ran over throwing herself at Thanatos.

“I missed you!” she squealed, kissing his cheeks. I’m sure she wanted to do much more but knew I was in here, I glared at her back, “Hey Isabel,” she turned to me smiling. I hope she knows she looks just like the joker when she smiles.

“Hi.” I glared at the floor.

“What are you doing here? I told no one to bother me.” Thanatos asked glaring at her. Wow, he sure knows how to make a girl feel special. But I couldn’t help but feel a little bit of satisfaction.

“I’m bothering you?” Artemis asked looking hurt. Yes.

He rolled his eyes, “Yes you are.” Dang, no mercy I see. I tried not to let my smile show.

“Well I did come here for a reason...Persephone wants to see the girl again.” she said shrugging. I guess she’s used to his rejections. So why was she still trying? Reminds me of Crystal.

“What!? Why does she want to see me? Don’t make me go Thanatos! She’s going to kill me.” I started panicking. He raised an eyebrow at me, a smirk slowly forming on his face.

“You could always go back in your little shield.” he suggested.

“What shield?” Artemis asked.

“I’ll tell you later.” he said, flashing her a secret grin. I felt my heart stop, Artemis smiled back.

“What’s later?” I asked.

“Something that’s my business,” he dropped the grin glaring at me. Ouch.


“Are you taking her or not?” Artemis asked. I wish she’d just shut up and get lost.

“Hmm tempting, but Isabel is right. Persephone would kill her.” he said. Finally he’s on my side.

“If I wanted her dead, I would’ve killed her while you were gone.” Persephone said, appearing in the middle of the room. I screamed before running behind Thanatos. I thought of my shield and it instantly materialized, covering Thanatos and I. Thanatos looked back cocking an eyebrow at me.

“Whoa! That’s so cool,” Artemis exclaimed walking up to it. I didn’t want her to touch it.

Just as her hand was about to connect with it, she flew back slamming against a wall. I was surprised but also a little bit happy. But then I felt guilty for feeling happy. I looked up to see Thanatos staring intently at me.

“What were you thinking about?” he asked.

“What? Me? Nothing!” I asked flushing. God I hope he doesn’t make me say it. How could I tell him I disliked Artemis because he flirts with her? As if he could read my mind- which I’m pretty sure he can sometimes- he dropped the subject turning back to Persephone. Remembering her I once again got nervous.

“What do you want with her?” he demanded.

“How cute, protecting your pet? Or is she protecting you?” she asked smirking. Pet? How dare she talk about me like I’m not here? And if I was a pet, I’d be a cute one! A small little purple poodle.

Thanatos growled, “I’m not playing games Persephone.”

“Neither is your dear old brother; do you know he sent demons here? Lucky for her my fighters took them out. She’s making it dangerous here, I can’t defeat Hades and I can only hold his demons back for so long. Who knows maybe next time he’ll send greater demons,” she said. He sent demons? Could he have sent that guy back on earth? But that wouldn’t make sense since the note said stay away. From what Thanatos told me that’s the last thing Hades wants me to do. How long has he known about me?

He glared at her, “Just say what you’re trying to say. Don’t beat around the bush.”

“She needs to leave!” she glared at me.

“And if she doesn’t?” he challenged.

“Then you’re dooming everyone here! All for a human!” Artemis yelled. And here I was thinking that she was nice. Someone is clearly upset about the bubble incident.

“A human? Open your eyes!” Thanatos yelled gesturing towards my bubble. “What human do you know can do that you idiot?” he snarled. Artemis shrank back, even I was a little bit afraid. He sounded deadly.

“Don’t take your anger out on Artemis! She’s not the problem here. That girl is leaving.” Persephone said, I saw her eyes flash completely black. That can’t be good.

“And who’s going to make her?” Thanatos voice was cold and dark, much like the night when I first met him. When I looked up at him his eyes were black also.

“You don’t want to make an enemy out of me Thanatos. You may think she’s powerful enough to protect you but she’s not. Even now that shield is thinning.” she was right. As I looked around me the bubble was getting thinner, more transparent. Like it was about to disappear. Who said anything about me being powerful though? Is that what everyone was thinking? Is that why they haven’t escorted me on yet? Is that why I was still here?

“You think I need her to protect me? Let’s not forget who took out half of your army by them self. If you want, I’ll gladly finish the other half and you along with them.” Thanatos took a threatening step forward. He took out half an army? And now he lives with her? What the hell happened between them?

“She’ll be safer on earth.” she growled. It seems as if Thanatos threat made her upset. I expected him to disagree with her, but instead his body relaxed. Seeing she was finally getting through to him she carried on. “We can mask her smell and send some of the gods with her for protection.” Some of the gods? How many gods actually lived here?

“Ok, but I’m picking the gods. She’s only there until we deal with Hades.” he agreed.

“Wait what? You’re just going to throw me on earth with a bunch of people I don’t know!” I raged.

“Why not? You’ve been wanting to go home anyways.” he stated calmly. I hated how calm he was. When just minutes ago he was growling and threatening to kill people.

“Yeah but not with a god trying to kill me! Or looking like this!” I argued, pointing at my lavender eyes and purple hair.

“I think you look fine, in fact you look sexy.” he flashed me a grin. I blushed under his gaze. He was looking at me like I was a piece of meat and he was a lion that had been starving for days.

“If you two are done flirting, the faster we get her out the better we can hide her.” Persephone said looking over at us in disgust. Hmm guess she likes Thanatos too then. Did every female down here like him?

“You can say that again.” I heard Artemis mumble under her breath.

“Alright, I’ll go tell Thor and Erebus. They’ll be going with her.” Thanatos called out walking towards the door. When he stepped out of my shield, I felt empty inside.

“Very well then,” Persephone said before disappearing. It was now just Artemis and me. It seemed things have changed since the last time we met. She was lying on the floor in the corner glaring at me. She hasn’t moved from the spot since my shield made her fly over there. I guess she resented me now. Great, I’ve made another enemy without trying to.

A few minutes later Thanatos came back. “Where did you go?” I was glad Artemis decided to leave moments ago. I guess she finally got tired of glaring holes in the side of my head.

He walked up to me, making me step back. He raised an eyebrow, “I had to go get something.” I watched as he dug into his jean pocket, pulling out a small veil. “You need to drink this.”

I took it from his hand as he held it out to me. “What is it?” I tilted the veil watching as the liquid inside moved.

“It’s to stop you from turning into a brain eating zombie. Unless you’re ok with that?” he smirked.

“But what is it?” It had a semi thick consistency. Why was it so thick? And he wanted me to drink it? “What will it do?”

He sighed, snatching the veil from my hand. “You are so annoying.” He suddenly advanced on me. I stepped back, only to trip over my own foot. Why was I so clumsy?

He pounced on me as I fell. Using one hand he trapped both of my arms above my head. “What are you doing!?” I squirmed trying to get out of his hold. He straddled my hips as he brought the veil up to his mouth, using his teeth he popped the cap off. “Get off!”

“You know I’ve had a dream like this once, only I was putting something else in your mouth.” He winked at me. Wow what a pervert!

“Just get off!” I tried bringing my leg up to knee him. He wiggled back until he was trapping my legs. Dammit.

“Now be a good little girl and open wide for the airplane.” He brought it closer to my lips, careful not to spill any.

“Mmf mmh.” I kept my lips sealed shut the closer he got. He pressed it to my lips making me move my head from side to side.

“You have two seconds to open your mouth before I lose my patience.” He growled. I shook my head no. I watched as his eyes filled with mischief. He snapped his fingers and I jumped as Logan appeared. What in the world? Where did he come from?

“Yes boss?” his eyes landed on me for a split second, before focusing back on Thanatos.

“Tickle her,” My eyes widened as Logan started moving in.

“Mmf mmh mmf.” I tried to warn him away without opening my mouth. He smirked as he lightly trailed his fingers up and down my side. “Nooooo!” I laughed as I squirmed.

Thanatos took that opportunity to empty the whole veil into my mouth. I gagged as the horrible liquid traveled down my throat. There was a slight acid taste to it. “What the hell is that?” I sat up as he removed himself off me. I brought my arm up to my mouth wiping my tongue across it, trying to get the taste out of my mouth.

“That, my sweet Isabel, would be saliva from yours truly.” He grinned. Ewwww I just drank his spit?

I gagged some more, hoping to throw up the liquid. “You’re sick!”

“Would you rather be dead? Or alive?” I just glared at him. “That’s what I thought.” He dismissed me turning to talk to Logan.

“So I’m alive now?” I asked. I didn’t feel any different, but I also didn’t feel any different when I died too. Even though a lot of things changed during that time period.

“You’re alive for now, now let’s go. I’ll talk to you later.” I picked myself up off the floor as Logan nodded at him, before leaving.

“If anything happens to her while she’s on your watch I’ll kill you both.” Thanatos said. This is maybe the 5th time he has threatened them about my safety. All threats ending with them either killed or wishing they were dead.

We were currently standing outside my old house. Like always my parents weren’t home. When Thanatos gave me my cellphone -which I didn’t even know was missing- I had a text from them saying they’ll see me next month and to be nice to Marie. Uh ok? I’ve been missing for three whole days and they didn’t even know or care. Instead, they went on vacation. Which worked in my favor as well, now I don’t have to explain why two guys are following me around. I had no idea how I was going to explain Erebus and Thor to Marie though.

“Relax, I won’t do anything to her that she won’t beg me to do,” Thor said winking at me. I blushed, Thanatos shoved him. Erebus laughed.

“She blushes so much its cute.” he said.

Thanatos sighed. “I’m starting to think I picked the wrong people for you,” at his words a streak of lightening went across the sky. I looked over at Thor to see him smiling smugly.

“How many people you know can do that Thanatos?” he asked.

“I’m sure I can find some other gods,” he said. I laughed at the expression on Thor’s face.

“Don’t you guys think we should go inside or something?” I asked. I looked around my neighborhood. It was at least 10:00 at night so everyone should be sleeping for school and work tomorrow, but you never know who’s watching. Especially with the week I’ve had. I was still nervous about being back on earth but at least I had two gods with me now.

“Yes, you guys should. I have to go and deal with a demon problem,” Thanatos said. I opened my mouth to ask what he was talking about, when he suddenly disappeared. Did Logan tell him about the guy that attacked me? Based on his black eyes he could’ve been a demon for all I know. But Thanatos hasn’t mentioned anything about an attack. I guess it was best to just keep it on a down low and not freak everyone out.

I looked over at the other two guys who just shrugged. Sighing I started walking up the stairs to my house.

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