Death Saved Me

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Chapter 19

“Talk about downgrading,” Thor commented, as he looked around my house. I glared at him.

“Sorry we can’t all live in underground castles with Hades wife,” I huffed.

“I think it’s...nice,” Erebus commented, not helping at all.

“You two princesses can sleep outside if you’re going to complain,” I say crossing my arms. Thor just smirked, “are you guy’s hungry? I’m starving, think I’m going to order pizza.” I walked into the kitchen. Offering gods pizza? What do gods even eat? Regular food like us? I sure hope so. I can’t afford fresh caviar.

“You’ll need to order more than one, one pizza will not fill all three of us.” Erebus declared.

“Maybe we should go out and eat then.” I sighed.

“Thanatos told us to stay here.”

“Do you always do what your daddy tells you?” I mocked Erebus. Thor let out a laugh, while Erebus just looked embarrassed.

“It’s for your safety,” He argued.

“That’s why I have you two.” I shrugged.

“She’s right, I can protect you both.” Thor beamed.

“I don’t need you to protect me.” Erebus glared.

“Because you got your little shadows?” Thor smirked.

“Yeah, all you have is lightening. One bolt a person? Wonder how long that will take.” Erebus smirked back. My eyes kept darting back and forth between them. I thought the gods got along?

“Are you guys ok?” I asked.

“Why wouldn’t we be?” Erebus snapped. I raised an eyebrow at him, not bothering to reply.

“Well it’s settled then! Let’s go.” I grinned clapping my hands. I made my way to the door grabbing my coat off the hanger on my way by.

“Do you have a restroom I could use before we go?” Erebus asked.

“Yes, it’s upstairs to the right, second door.” He nodded walking away. Hopefully he wasn’t going to sneakily call Thanatos on us.

“I wonder if he’s planning to send Thanatos a message.” Thor mumbled next to me. I grinned because we were thinking the same thing.

“I still don’t think this is a good idea,” Erebus said nervously walking back to us minutes later.

“Relax it’s not like we’re going to the club.” Thor said. My eyes lit up as I heard the word club.

“Yes! Let’s go to the club,” I yelled happily. I remembered that people under 18 could get in on some days. If not, maybe the gods have some type of power that can sneak me in.

“No.” Both guys answered. I pouted.

“Why not? You guys don’t think you’re strong enough to protect me?” I batted my eyelashes innocently. Lust flashed through Erebus eyes and I quickly stopped, forgetting the extra sexappeal or whatever I had.

“I thought you were hungry?” Thor asked.

“The club has food.” I said, “listen I’m going rather you guys like it or not, you can either come, or let me go by myself unprotected.” I declared walking out the door. Just like I thought, they both followed.


I frowned as we pulled up in Walmart lot. “Um, I’m pretty sure I said the club.”

“Relax,” Erebus said taking off his seatbelt. I was forced to sit in the back why he and Thor sat up front. I can’t even drive my own car! “I’m just stopping to pick up something. Both of you wait here.” he ordered before getting out.

“Wow, he’s a Thanatos in training and doesn’t even know it.” I laughed, Thor joining me. I sighed letting my head fall back against the seat. What are we supposed to do while we just sit out here and wait? Although I have been wondering about something since meeting the gods. Now would be a good time to ask.

“Can I ask you something?” I leaned forward between the two seats so that I was facing Thor.

“What’s up?”

“How did you end up with Thanatos and the others? I don’t know much about Greek mythology, but I don’t recall seeing you in it.” In fact the only thing I did know about Greek mythology was Zeus and his sons. Which is why it unnerved me that Hades was after me.

He laughed. “Because I’m not Greek,” he shook his head, “I’m a Norse god.” I frowned, I knew nothing about Norse gods. How embarrassing.

“So how did you end up mixed with the others?”

He suddenly got this far away look in his eyes, and I wondered if something terrible had happened. “I came to earth wanting to explore it, Loki had told me much about it and it got me curious. Just my luck though I landed in the state Hades was calling his home at the time. He was not accepting of my arrival and he made it very clear by attacking me. He sent hundreds of demons out for me, causing havoc in the small town we were in. I fought them off for as long as I could, but he was starting to win. That’s when Thanatos and Persephone showed up. They fought along side me and together we defeated Hades. Ever since then I’ve been friends with them.”

“What do you mean defeated Hades?” he couldn’t have been that defeated if he’s making threats.

“He left the town and It was secure to stay there. But by then he had destroyed most of it, so I left with Thanatos.”

“And you just decided to stay with him? you never thought about going back off on your own?” maybe he didn’t want to leave because he felt safe. Much like I did whenever I was around Thanatos.

He laughed. “I always venture off on my own. But mortem is my home, nothing else can change that.”

“Do you hate Hades for what he did?”

“No, I understand why he attacked. If a foreign person were to come to my home, I’d attack too. Plus this was decades ago, its behind us. We even had drinks together a few times.” My eyes widened. Here I am hiding for my life from a guy he has gotten drunk with.

“You make him sound not so bad.” I said.

“Oh he’s bad, but that’s not the reason Thanatos is hiding you from him.” So far Thor has been the only one to answer my questions. I needed to hurry and get more information before Erebus came back.

“Why is Thanatos hiding me from him? What does Hades want with me?” I jumped when the driver door suddenly opened. Dammit! So close.

Erebus slid into the car handing me a bag. “put those on.” At first, I thought he had gotten me a change of clothes, which wouldn’t make sense. When I looked in the bag though, it was a pair of blue contacts. “Contacts? Really?”

He frowned at me. “Did you forget normal people don’t walk around with purple eyes?” I sighed, he was right. Opening the clear container, I popped them both in. It felt weird and burned for a few seconds. But I knew I’d get used to it. “good, that’s much better. Now we can go.”

I swayed my hips to the music as I danced between a group of people. I haven’t felt this relaxed in a long time. Erebus and Thor were sat around the club somewhere watching me. The moment we walked in the girls were flocking them, so I had a chance to get Erebus away. But I also lost Thor in the fray as well. So much for my awesome plan.

I made sure to stay in their line of sight just in case though. I’ve had three shots already and I was really feeling the music. “Hey,” I heard a voice whisper in my ear. I turned my head slightly to see a guy dancing to my left. He was cute, in a nerdy way.

“Hi,” I whispered back.

“You mind grabbing a drink with me?” he asked. I thought about turning his offer down, but then I saw the nervous look on his face. He seemed very shy. Why not give him a chance?

“Sure,” I agreed, he grabbed my hand and started pulling me towards the bar. As we were passing through people, I noticed Erebus frowning in my direction. God he’s like an overprotective big brother.

I sat down at the bar ordering a vodka straight. The guy from the dance floor took a seat next to me.

“I like your hair,” he told me smiling. I cringed remembering my hair was purple. “The purple matches your blue eyes.”

“Thanks, was just living in the moment you know?” I said, lying through my teeth. I was indeed not living in the moment when I did this. If it were my choice, I’d never dye my hair in a million years. Or wear blue contacts.

“Yeah I know what you mean, I’ll show you,” he said. I frowned as he started lifting his shirt up. I was just about to cover my eyes when I noticed what he was showing me. In big bold letters was a tattoo saying ‘no regrats’.

“Regrats? Oh my god!” I laughed.

“Yeah yeah laugh it up, I’ve gotten used to it. This is what happens when you do a dare while drunk,” he smiled at me, “I’m Nate by the way,” he introduced himself. I didn’t really care who he was, I wasn’t planning on seeing him again after tonight. Even if he was a cool guy.

“Suzy,” I lied. I hope these lies aren’t going on my record. Then again who cares? I’ve already been to hell. Or close to it. At the gate’s kind of at least. Was I going to hell? Is that why Thanatos didn’t escort me? Does he know that’s where I’m meant to be?

“ fits you,” he said uncertainly. Suddenly I started feeling very weird, like something was off. I scanned my eyes around the club, everything looked normal. My eyes connected with Erebus and he frowned at me. Slowly he got up from his seat making his way towards me. I started squirming in my seat.

“Hey, are you ok?” A voice asked me. My eyes snapped back to Nate and his widened. “Your eyes!” He cried horrified, gaining the attention of people nearby us. My eyes? I know the blue was light, but he didn’t seem to mind before. Just then Erebus reached us grabbing my arm.

“Close your eyes,” he whispered in my ear. I did as I was told. I was slightly panicking. What was going on? “you didn’t see anything tonight you just drank too much,” I heard Erebus say in a calm voice.

“Yes, I’ve had too much to drink,” Nate answered in a monotone. Next thing I know I’m getting dragged through the club. I tried hard not to trip as I was walking with my eyes closed. Not an easy task.

“What’s going on?” I heard Thor ask, coming out of nowhere. Where has he been?

“It’s time to go,” Erebus answered. Seconds later I felt freezing air hit my skin and swore. I left my coat in the club!

“My coat!” I cried out.

“You’ll get another one,” Erebus grunted, pushing me into the backseat. Once we got into the car, I felt it was safe to finally open my eyes.

“Oh shit!” Thor said, staring at my face. Not a good reaction when coming from a god.

“What?” I screeched. I reached up front to turn the review mirror on my face. My eyes widened before I closed them. “What’s going on?” The contacts I had on were completely gone. My normal lavender eyes were back, except that they were purple flames! Literally my eye balls were flaming balls! How could I not feel it? And why does everything still look normal? Shouldn’t I see nothing but purple?

“What’s going on with her eyes?” Thor asked Erebus.

“I don’t know, I knew coming out was a bad idea. We need to contact Thanatos,” he muttered.

“No! We can’t tell Thanatos. He’ll kill me for going against him! And then you guys,” It was a very bad idea to call Thanatos.

“Oh, is someone scared of my dad?” Erebus asked sarcastically. I deserved that, “We’re calling him.”

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