Death Saved Me

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Chapter 2

“Are you sure it’s not too early to see a movie?”

“Are you kidding!? It’s the best time; the tickets are cheaper and there’s less people.” After having ice cream Sydney suggested we go see a movie, to cheer me up. Even though I never said I was sad.

She knew I had a weakness for scary movies and heard of a new zombie one that came out yesterday. The Dead Rise at Noon, I couldn’t wait for it to give me nightmares. We stood in line behind a couple that just couldn’t seem to keep their hands off each other. Disgust crossed my features as the guy leaned in, practically sucking the girls face off. I had nothing against the couple, I just didn’t like PDA.

“Next!” The employee barked out to get their attention.

“We’ll have two tickets to Young Love please.” Oh god, how didn’t I notice it before? It was Crystal in front of us, just our luck. She turned after getting her tickets, noticing us as well.

“Oh wow, they just let anybody into the theaters these days.” She sneered. The guy turned too, it was Duff’s friend Mark. He gave me a once over, then grinned. The guy always gave me creepy vibes when he was around.

“Oh hey Isabel.” He said.

“Hi Mark.”

“Please exchange no more words with her while you’re on a date with me, it’s insulting.” Crystal scoffed grabbing hold of his arm and walking off.

“Why does she hate you again?” Sydney asked as we walked up to the ticket booth.

“Honestly? I have no idea. I thought it was because of Duff, but she’s hated me even before then.”

“Two tickets for Dead Rise at Noon please.” The worker typed away on her computer as we stood there. “Maybe she’s just jealous of you.”

Crystal? Jealous of me? Why would she ever need to be jealous of someone like me? She had it all, boys, money, and popularity. There was literally no reason for her to be jealous of me. “I highly doubt that.” She snatched up the tickets while I paid. She handed me the receipt as we walked off.

“Why do you doubt that? You’re beautiful my friend, and you’re not too girly. Some guys would kill for a girl like that. A sexy female that’s not afraid to get her hands dirty.” She held the door open for me. The blast from the air conditioner was much better than the humid winds outside.

“Really? Cause I don’t see any guys tripping over themselves trying to get to me.” Before Duff and I started dating I had only been on one date. Guys didn’t care much for a girl that preferred her head in books instead of makeup.

“You’re so stubborn sometimes, believe me when I say that I’m right. Watch one day you’ll be having guys fight over you.” I was still listening to her but the hairs on the back of my neck had stood up suddenly. There was this intense feeling that someone was watching me. I scanned the lobby, but saw no one. Weird, I could almost feel the eyes on me. “Are you listening to me?” I snapped back to reality, earning a glare from Sydney.

I smiled sheepishly at her. “Want a soda? My treat.” Her frown instantly turned into a smile as she skipped over to the concession stand. I scanned the lobby one last time before following her. Maybe I’m more nervous about seeing this movie than I thought. “I’m going to run to the restroom.” She took off around the corner before I could protest.

“I’ll have a Dr.Pepper and a large Hi-C please.” I placed my card on the counter.

The girl behind the counter smiled. “No need, someone already paid. He said you’ll be coming over.”

I frowned. “Who?”

“That guy over there.” She pointed across the room. I turned in the direction her finger was pointing, but no one was there. When I turned back, she had already moved on to the next customer. Was she playing some kind of trick on me? There was clearly nobody there. If she wanted to give us free drinks that’s all she had to say.

I slid my card back into my purse as a guy came and placed the drinks in front of me. “Thank you.” He nodded before walking away. I gripped both sodas tightly as I waited for Sydney to come back. Still unnerved by the prank the worker pulled, along with the feeling of being watched. Was it actually prank? Or was there someone there?

“Why do you look so spooked? We haven’t even seen the movie yet?” Sydney laughed, grabbing her drink from me.

“No reason, let’s just go in the movie.”


I’m so sick of that same old love,That sh**, it tears me up
I’m so sick of that same old love,
My bodies had enough

Sydney and I sang loudly and off key as she drove me home. This was one of our favorite songs and we just couldn’t help ourselves. Not even all the looks we were receiving from nearby drivers could stop us from enjoying it. I giggled as we finished the song just as she pulled up to my house. I debated on inviting her in until Duff came over. My mind still reeling over the zombie movie.

“I’ll see you at school tomorrow, have fun! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!” She called out as I got out of the car.

I rolled my eyes at her. “There’s nothing you wouldn’t do!” I laughed. Sydney and I were complete opposites of each other when it came to boys. While I’ve only had two boyfriends and not much experience, she was an expert at all thing’s boy related.

“Exactly!” She started laughing as well. I finally made it up to the porch digging around for my key. I stuck it in the lock twisting the doorknob before walking in.

“Marie, I’m home!” I yelled, walking into the house. I slammed the door shut behind me kicking off my shoes. My mother had a rule about walking around the house with shoes on. “She’s not here, I sent her home.” I looked over towards the living room to see Duff sitting on the couch.

“Oh, when did you get here?” I asked, walking towards him. I took a seat next to him on the couch.

“Couple minutes ago, I’ve been waiting for you.” He smiled pulling me in for a kiss, I let him. I barely had any physical contact with him all day. I was just expecting a simple peck on the lips, but instead he smashed his lips onto mine. Rather roughly I might add, I kissed him back just as roughly.

He guided one of my legs across his lap so that I was now straddling him. He licked my bottom lip asking for entrance, I opened it letting him in. We were full blown making out on the couch now. I stiffened when I started to feel a slight bulge. It was time to put a stop to this, before things went too far.

I pulled away as Duff continued kissing down my neck. His fingers started fumbling with the buckle on my jeans, I quickly moved his hand away. They stayed away for a minute before he tried again. “Duff stop, I’m not ready.” I told him. He let out a growl, pushing me off him. I landed on the floor with a groan. Well that was rude.

“You’re such a dang tease Isabel!” He yelled at me.

“I told you I wasn’t ready!”

“When will you ever be ready? It’s been three months! I’m getting real tired of waiting.” He started walking towards the front door.

“Where are you going?”

“Home.” He slammed the door closed behind him.

I groaned. Why was he being like this? A few weeks ago, he started pressuring me into sex. I knew guys had needs but I just wasn’t ready. Why couldn’t he understand that?

My stomach growled, reminding me the only thing I ate today was ice cream and soda. Maybe I should’ve ordered popcorn too. I grabbed a pop tart from the pantry before making my way upstairs. Time to binge watch Netflix and forget about boys being stupid.

Walking into my room I slammed the door closed behind me. I flopped onto my nice warm bed, digging through my tangled sheets for the remote. I sighed in content as I settled on an episode of The Office. Tomorrow I would have a talk with Duff, make it clear to him that I wasn’t ready. Maybe he’ll understand this time. For now, I’ll just let him cool off.

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