Death Saved Me

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Chapter 25

I moved as far away from Jeremy as I could, which also put me farther from Thanatos. “What do you mean that’s not Jeremy?” I was starting to get worried. Well even more worried.

Thanatos didn’t answer. Instead he tried making his way pass Jeremy. Jeremy smirked at him, still not moving. “I’ll be taking her with me. So don’t even waste your time brother,” I felt my heart stop. Brother? Then that means the god of the underworld is literally a foot away from me. Something we tried to avoid. How is he Jeremy? Did he possess him or something?

Thanatos clenched his hands into a fist. “Leave her alone, she has nothing you want.” He growled out.

Jeremy rolled his eyes turning around to study me. “She has everything I want. Which is why you guys were hiding her from me.”

“They aren’t hiding me!”

“Isabel shut up!” I glared at Thanatos.

“Don’t tell me what to do!” Just because we’re in a bad situation doesn’t give him the right to boss me around. I mean Hades is already here what more should I be afraid of?

As if god wanted to test me there was a crash from the living room. “Why wasn’t I invited to the party?” Persephone came in, smirking as she stood next to Thanatos. Jeremy, or well Hades saw her and frowned.

“They haven’t gotten rid of you yet?” He asked her in surprise.

“Not everyone is so quick to throw me to the side like you.” She sneered. I felt like I was witnessing a couple seeing each other after a bad breakup.

“I’ll deal with you another time, for now I will be taking Isabel with me.” He reached out before I could react and grabbed my arm. I pulled, but he had a vice like grip. No way was he taking me without a fight.

“Leave me alone! I don’t have anything for you!” I cried. I really didn’t want to go with him. I looked at Thanatos for help, but he was too busy staring at Thor to notice. So he’s just going to let him take me? Hades pulled a clear vile out of his pocket that was filled with some blue liquid. “What is that?” I started pulling my arm again.

“This my dear is our first-class ticket to the Underworld. Or should I say home.” he grinned. He opened the cap and started pouring some on the floor. Where the stuff touched it started sizzling. I once again looked at Thanatos.

“Don’t just stand there help me! Don’t let him take me Logan!” I don’t know why I referred to him as Logan, guess it was the fear talking. Plus, Logan was a very angry Penumbra. If he was to manifest maybe he’ll try to fight Hades.

Just as I thought Thanatos wasn’t going to help a thunder bolt flew through the window right towards Hades. He stumbled back from shock letting my arm go. I turned around to make a break for it and slammed right into Thanatos. I grabbed onto his arm as he quickly wrapped them around me. I thought we were about to run but instead when I looked up, we were outside my house.

“Stay right here.” he demanded.

“No! Don’t leave me, what if he comes out?” I argued. Thanatos looked torn, almost as if he didn’t even consider that.

He opened his mouth to say something but changed his mind, instead he reached out and grabbed me. He should really start warning me. I gasped as we landed someplace else. “Are we in New York?” I asked as I looked around Times Square. Someone walked by on their phone bumping into me. They looked back and scowled as if it were my fault. Yup we’re in New York. “Why are we here?”

“The different scents will throw Hades off from yours.” Thanatos explained glaring at the guy who bumped me. I’m sure he wanted to go after him and teach him a lesson on manners.

“What about you?” Thanatos looked at me as if I had grown two heads. “Will he find your scent?” I clarified.

“I’m not staying, I’m not your babysitter Isabel.” He basically growled at me. Wow he’s bipolar.

I crossed my arms over my chest glaring at him. “I never said you were. Are you going to leave Logan with me?”

He smirked. “Good and no, he’s busy. Now that that’s settled...take care.” and with that he disappeared. Did he really just leave me in New York all by myself with Hades chasing me? Will he come back? What am I supposed to do? I sighed before looking around. Can’t check into a hotel because asshole forgot to leave me with money, all mine was back at home. I walked a few paces forward so I would no longer be standing in the center of Times Square.

As I looked around trying to determine my next move, I noticed a hooded figure staring at me. Trying not to let them know I noticed them, I begin walking the other way. That had to be one of Hades people. Could they have found me that quickly? I wasn’t sticking around to find out.

I bumped my way through the crowd, casually looking over my shoulder. The third time I looked I noticed the figure was gone. This scared me even more. I didn’t know where I was going but I knew I had to get out of the open. I pushed and shoved until I finally found an alleyway.

I took a deep breath as I thought about what to do next. Walking in a dark alley by myself wasn’t the best decision I ever made. But at the end of the alley there was a supermarket. If I could just make it in there, then maybe I could stay there until Thanatos came back.

“You see a stranger watching you and decide to walk in a dark alley by yourself? You’re making it almost too easy to kill you.” I heard a deep raspy voice ask from behind me. I felt myself stiffen.

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