Death Saved Me

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Chapter 26

I slowly turned around fearing what I’d see. “Take any longer to turn and I’ll slit your throat right now.” The mystery guy threatened.

“Maybe I didn’t want to turn around to a sword being thrown into my face.” I glared at him as I finally faced him. It was the same guy that had been watching me. He had on a black hoodie with the hood pulled low over his face, along with black sweatpants. Guess he likes to be comfortable when killing people.

“Why are you here?” his voice was low and cautious. Reminded me of a cat getting ready to pounce.

“Why are you following me?” He took a step forward and I instantly cringed back.

“I asked you a question.”

“Just like you someone is following me.” I don’t know why I told him this. Maybe out of fear?

“Leave.” He turned and started walking out the alley.

“Wait what? I can’t leave! Did you not hear me? Someone is looking for me.”

He stopped to look over his shoulder. “I heard you, don’t bring your drama to my city. You seem like nothing but trouble.”

“You don’t know me!” I was extremely offended. Who does this guy think he is?

“I don’t care, Leave.” He finally disappeared around the corner. I was fuming, the nerve of that guy!

I left the alley minutes later. If he thought I’d leave just because he said so, then he’s crazy. Times Square was full of people, not like he’d notice if I was still here or not.

I walked the streets for hours trying to figure out what to do. I couldn’t afford much but I knew I needed to get off the streets. Find somewhere to crash for the night. “Hey ma’am are you lost?” An old Asian guy standing outside this store asked me. He looked old and fragile as he used his cane for support. I looked up at the name of what I though was a store to see it was a motel. “You look like you need a place to stay.” I eyed the guy and the motel once again. It was run down and didn’t look like something anyone would willingly stay in. But I had no other options.

“Yes.” I followed him silently into the building. I really hope I don’t regret this decision later.

“This is a motel, but we don’t charge people to stay here if we think you need a place to stay. It’s surprising we’re still able to run this place. Some people that do stay here are kind enough to give us donations.” The guy went on and on about the place. I just wanted to be alone in my room with my thoughts. I didn’t really care what he had to say.

He went up two flights of stairs that were old and creaking, before leading me down the hall to the last door. “Here you are. Believe it or not all the other rooms are occupied. This is all I have free for now.”

“Thank you so much sir.” I reached out to touch his shoulder.

“No problem, enjoy your stay.” He smiled one last time before heading back down the steps.

I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding. Sometimes it’s hard to be nice when everything in your life is going so wrong. I walked into the room that I would be calling home for I don’t know how long. The walls were painted this beige color and the bedsheets had this terrible flower print. Next to the bed was a small dresser with a lamp on it.

I flinched as I sat on the bed, I can just imagine all the disgusting things on it. But sadly, it’s all I got right now. Thank god I didn’t have to sleep on it naked. I reached into my pockets pulling out everything in it. A stick of gum, 50 cents, a hair clip, and lent. Great. Thanatos couldn’t at least leave me with food? How am I going to survive off of this? I growled before flopping back on the bed.

I’ve never been on my own before. Never had to take care of myself, I always relied on my parent’s money. After this I’m getting a job and leaving $10 in every pair of pants I own.

A sudden knock on the door startled me. Is it Thanatos? Nah he wouldn’t knock, neither would the other gods. Maybe it’s the old man? I looked around the room for something I could use as protection. There was the lamp. I ripped it out of the plug and cautiously made my way to the door.

“Who is it?” There was no answer, but the knocking continued. Slowly my fingers wrapped around the door handle. I yanked it open and took a step back, yielding the lamp in front of me like a shield.

The guy at the door was wearing headphones and raised an eyebrow at me. I glared, yanking them out of his ears. “If you’re going to knock on someone’s door at least take your music out so you can hear them.” This guy almost gave me a heart attack for nothing. He rolled his eyes and threw some newspaper at me before walking away. Rude much? Why was he randomly handing out newspaper anyways? I decided to just leave it there.

“What a jerk.” I slammed the door closed, tossing the lamp on the floor.

“Didn’t I tell you to leave?” I looked up as I heard the voice, sitting on the bed was the guy from the alley. How the hell did he get in here? I felt a breeze and looked over at an open window. How didn’t I notice that before? Was he following me this whole time? Well he somehow found me, so now it was either fight or flight. I looked next to me at the discarded lamp. “Don’t even think about it.”

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