Death Saved Me

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Chapter 27

I was never one to make smart decisions, so naturally, I dove for the lamp. Just as my fingers wrapped around it, I was thrown back against a wall.

“Ow, what the hell.” I glared at the guy walking away from me. It’s strange that after tossing me and everything his hood didn’t move an inch. How did he even get over here that fast?

“You need to leave,” he stated.

“Yes, you told me this already.” I rolled my eyes getting up. I rubbed my side feeling a slight pain. Yup that’s going to bruise. He looked agitated.

Just as he was about to reply there was another knock. I sighed heavily making my way to the door. I swear if it’s another kid.

Before I fully got over there, the door swung open. Standing on the other side was no boy at all. There was a huge black monster standing there. It had one eye and its skin looked like it was made of leather. A long tongue slithered out of its mouth as it screeched at us.

I screamed scrambling away, falling in the process. The creature moved towards me at full speed. I was too distracted and scared to call for my shield. I just threw my hands out hoping for the best. Hey it worked before.

I screamed in agony as the beast clamped down on my arm. His teeth pierced my skin ripping through my flesh like it was tissue. I watched as blood started to run down around his teeth. Oh god I’m going to die! He looked up at me as he clamped down harder. With a rough jerk he started dragging me towards the door.

“God I can’t get a break today.” I heard him say. I heard the sound of clothes falling and looked behind me. He was no longer wearing his hoodie. Instead he was wearing some kind of weapon strap underneath. Strapped to the back were two long swords. Both of his arms had weird symbols tattooed on them. His long black hair flowed behind him as if he was standing in front of a fan. I wish I had hair like that.

I watched as he removed one sword and waited for the creature that had suddenly stopped eyeing him wearily. I was so distracted with staring at him I forgot the beast currently hanging off my arm. Oh, he’d attack a girl with no hesitation but not him? I hung helplessly from his mouth as my arm started to go numb. That can’t be good. But at least there was no more pain.

He rushed the beast with speed and agility I’ve never seen before. Sword over head he leaped from the floor, bringing the it down hard on the creature’s head. One clean slice and he was cut into two. I pulled my arm from its mouth wincing. The skin was starting to decay around the bite mark.

“What the hell was that? And who the hell are you? God why is it burning?” I asked, standing up from the floor, clutching my arm with my other hand. He whipped around, almost as if he forgot I was here. I gasped. His eyes were burning a fiery blue. “Omg!” he quickly looked away reaching for his hoodie.

“Come with me.” he demanded.

“No way! So you can kill me? I’m fine right here.”

“Really? Just like you took care of that demon? That bite is infected, if you don’t get help now you won’t have an arm later.” He folded his arms across his chest. I looked down at my arm again. The black was starting to spread. So that’s what a demon looks like?

“That was a demon? Oh my god demons are after me? I need to tell Thanatos!”

“Thanatos!!? For all you know he’s the one that sent them.”

“What? He wouldn’t send demons after me! You’re crazy, who are you anyways?” I was slightly offended that he would accuse Thanatos of doing this. Sure it seemed he hated my guts sometimes. But if that were the case, he’d just hand me over to Hades if he wanted me dead. I winched as my arm started to sizzle.

“Then clearly you don’t know him as well as you think. Now let’s go. Or stay here and die.” He completely ignored my question about who he was. Don’t know Thanatos as well as I think? Who does he think he is?

Should I stay here and wait for Thanatos? Who knows if another demon will come or not? And what if this bite really is infected? I would need both of my arms in the future.

I’m not as safe here as I thought I was. But am I safe following this stranger? Even he doesn’t like Thanatos he knows him though, that has to count for something right?

“I’m not going to stand here all night while you make a decision, you have ten seconds before I’m gone.”

God someone is impatient. “Fine I’ll go, but only because I don’t have your demon fighting skills.” I could’ve sworn I saw him crack a smile, but maybe that was just my imagination. Since I can’t really see his face.


“A club? If you wanted to go partying, then you should have just left me back at the hotel.” I commented as I looked up at the creepy tall building that was booming music. The brick it was made from looked minutes away from collapsing.

“You know your way back.” He carried on walking, not even checking to see if I was coming.

I had a choice here. Go back to the hotel and get attacked by more demons or follow this weird stranger into a creepy looking club. Such awesome choices. I could’ve stood there and thought about my choice all night but sadly for me he was already walking up the steps. “Fine, if you’re going to beg me then I’ll come.”

“How’s the bite?” he asked when I caught up with him.

I checked my arm. The burning had stopped a long time ago, which I wasn’t sure was a bad or good thing. But the decaying was up to my elbow now. I placed my hand back over the bite. “Looking good.” I grimaced.

I regretted my decision as soon as I stepped foot into the building. It was dark with flashing lights everywhere. People were dancing super close to each other, and I’m pretty sure people were having sex in those dark corners. Plus there was a weird stench.

“Why the hell are we here?” I whispered/yelled to him.

“Just follow me and shut up.” I narrowed my eyes at his back but did as he said. I would hate to get left here alone. I followed him as he moved through the crowd. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say they even made room for him as he walked through. But that could just be my imagination. I was so close to his back that I could smell him. He smelled very manly but sweet at the same time, a great combination.

We walked down this long hallway until we reached the last door at the end. He looked back at me and I stared. What? He never looks at me. He turned back around banging on the door three times. Three hard knocks. The third knock I thought the door was going to fly off.

We waited a few seconds, then a short lady with glasses opened the door. “Oh, they’ve been waiting for you sir. Everyone is here.” She moved to the side and allowed us to walk in.

“Everyone? Who’s waiting for you? What is this place?” I was really starting to regret my decision now. I hate not being a part of a plan, or not knowing what was going on.

“Did I give you permission to ask me questions?” His voice was low, but I still heard his question clearly.

“The hell? I don’t need permission!”

“God you’re like an annoying fly.” He growled before speeding up. How far was this place anyways? How big is this building? It didn’t take her long to open the door so why is it taking so long for us to reach our destination? Just as I was thinking these questions, I finally saw some light at the end of the hallway. Thank god, my legs are starting to get tired.

I didn’t need to ask if we were going there. It was the only light I’ve seen since the club. He paused before pushing the door open.

“Ay Ares has finally decided to join us! Ooooh and look at the lovely lady he brought with him.”

Oh my god! I’ve been following the God of War this whole time? Well that explains all the weapons now. I should’ve known no normal person would be strapped like that.

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