Death Saved Me

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Chapter 28

Another god though? Are you kidding me? That must mean his “friends” are Gods too. I mean with his attitude I doubt he has any real friends.

“Are you going to introduce us Ares? Or should we just guess who this lady is?” One of the dudes asked. He was big and buff like the rest, but his hair was as blue as the sea. He gave off the least intense vibe in the room.

“I can introduce myself just fine.” I raised an eyebrow at him.

“Ooh feisty I like it. Then why don’t you introduce yourself.” He gave me a lazy grin.

“We don’t need an introduction we have more important matters to discuss.” The only other girl in the room replied, just as I opened my mouth. She had spiky black hair and her face alone gave off the “don’t talk to me or I’ll kill you” vibe.

“The blue head is Poseidon and that’s Eris. This is Isabel. There now we all know each other.” Ares sounded bored with it all. How did he know my name? Did I ever tell him my name? I don’t recall.

“You forgot that guy over there.” I pointed towards the dude in the back. He hasn’t spoken a word since we came in, nor looked at us.

“He’s not important. Now let’s discuss business.” Eris motioned Ares over to the table. “Why is she holding her arm?” Oh yeah, the bite. I sat next to Ares, not knowing where else to sit. He was not happy with the arrangement.

“So she’s staying?” Poseidon asked grinning at me. I shot him a dirty look.

“She was attacked by one of the demons that showed up on our radar.” Ares said. Getting right down to business. Demons? As in more than one?

“and she’s not dead?” Poseidon asked.

Ares shook her head. “It’s not effecting her the same as it would a human.”

“Great that just makes our job much easier.” Eris said. She doesn’t express much emotion when she talks so I couldn’t tell if she was being sarcastic or not.

“There are more demons here? And they’re all after me?” Ares cut his eyes at me for speaking.

“Yes, it seems they all want a taste of you. Kind of like I do right now.” Poseidon licked his lips as he answered.

“She’s off the menu.” He got a strong glare from Ares. “Do we have any antidote left?” the quiet guy got up leaving the room.

“We can’t seem to figure out why though. So why don’t you tell us?” Eris focused her attention on me, I wish she wouldn’t have. Her stare made me feel very uncomfortable. It’s like she was looking into my soul.

" I don’t...”

“Don’t bullshit us, you know why they’re after you!” She slammed her fist down on the table cutting me off. Anger issues much?

“Relax E she’ll tell us.” Ares tried to calm her.

“Hades wants me. He might’ve sent them.” The room went quiet. I wasn’t sure what everyone was thinking, so I tried to fill them in more. “Thanatos dumped me off here cause back at home Hades showed up and tried to take me to the Underworld with him.”

“What would he want with you?” Poseidon asked. Wasn’t Hades like his brother or something? Maybe that’s why he was serious now. The quiet guy entered the room again, holding a bottle full of white liquid.

“Here.” He held the bottle out to me. I just stared at it. What did he expect me to do with that? Ares took the bottle from him opening it. He poured some out on his hand, it looked a lot like lotion. “Move your hand.” I did as he instructed. He smeared the stuff on and around the bite mark. The coolness of it felt great. I watched as the blackness from the decay started to disappear. “Now tell us, why does Hades want you?”

Should I tell them about me? I don’t think Thanatos would want me going around telling every God I meet about my powers. But then again, he did ditch me here. Maybe he knew they were here? “I’ll show you.” I stood up from my chair and tried conjuring up my shield.

For some reason it wasn’t coming. Was it broke? Did the demon bite effect it somehow? I looked at my arm again, but the bite was completely gone. “You want us to sit here and just watch you look constipated?”

“Shut up.” Ares told Poseidon, but I could hear the amusement in his voice. My face turned red.

“I’m not really use to my powers. I think I have to feel threaten.” I shrugged. Maybe that will help me conjure it.

“Eris will take care of that.” Poseidon grinned.

“What... ” I was thrown back into a wall before I could finish. I winced as my head made contact with it. I looked up, just as Eris started making her way towards me, an evil grin on her face. She lifted her hand and I was lifted from the ground. Once again, I was slammed back against the wall. What kind of power was that? What was she goddess of?

Over and over she did this. My head couldn’t take another hit, or I’d pass out. “Stop it!” I yelled.

“Make her stop.” Ares demanded.

“I can’t!”

“Then lights out.” Just as Eris went to attack again, I threw my hands out. She flew back.

I looked down at my hands to see they were covered in purple flames. That’s new. I looked up waiting for Eris to attack again. I squinted as everything was covered in purple. It’s like I was suddenly wearing purple goggles. Well this is also new. I was just hoping for my bubble to appear.

“Oh my,” I heard Poseidon say, “Her eyes!”

I quickly shut my eyes trying to pull the flames back in. The first time this happened I saw everything normally. Why is it different now? Are my powers getting stronger?

After a few seconds I felt everything calm down, But I was still scared to open my eyes. No one said anything. “Ares, you ok man?” I heard Poseidon whisper.

I opened my eyes to see Ares staring at me with nothing but shock on his face. During my episode with Eris his hood had blown off his head. And he still looked as good as before.

“Well now we know why Hades wants her. It’s her.” Eris got off the ground cracking her knuckles.

“She can’t stay here.” Ares said. I guess he was finally over his shock. I wish he would’ve kept his mouth closed.

“What!?” I hopped up from the ground.

“You heard me.” He crossed his arms. Somehow his hood was back over his head, I no longer could see his face.

“Why not?” I asked. One minute he was willing to protect me and now he wants to throw me out?

“Because Ares is scared of a challenge.” Poseidon grinned while Ares growled at him.

“I’m not a challenge! I’ll do whatever you say.” I practically begged.

“We could use her. ” Eris said while studying me. Wait use me?

“Use her? She has no control over her powers.” Correction, I had a little control over my powers.

“That’s where we come in. We’ll train her, I think she’s stronger than all of us.” It seemed Eris said whatever she was thinking. And I liked the way she thinks.

“Hey! I take offense to that, but she’s right. Ares with the right amount of training she’d be a great asset to have. Plus she’s hot.” Poseidon agreed.

Ares studied me for a minute, I was starting to squirm under his gaze. Have you ever had someone look at you and not be able to see their face? It’s not very comfortable I’ll tell you that.

“Fine. ” I almost danced in joy.

“Good you’ll stay with me.” Poseidon said, walking over and hooking his arm through mine.

“I most certainly will not.” I wiggled out of his hold.

“Ares found her she stays with him. Plus she trusts him more than us.” Eris said.

I heard a grunt leave Ares mouth, he wasn’t happy with the arrangement. “Let’s go.” He started making his way towards the door.

“Meet us at the gym tomorrow morning.” Poseidon called after us. I was going to tell them bye but thought better of it.

Ares once again was walking fast. We’d been walking for minutes now and he hasn’t spoken a word. “Do you ever walk at a normal speed?” I huffed.

“Do you ever shut up?”

“Do you have a car? Why do you walk everywhere?” I ignored his comment.

“Why do you talk so much?”

“I just want to know how much farther we have to go.” I complained.

“I just want to remember what silence was like.” I glared at his back but decided not to ask any more questions.

Several more minutes later and my calves were burning. God I’m so unfit. “I give up!” I threw my arms in the air falling on the side walk. I laid down face first in exhaustion.

“Get up!” Ares hissed at me.

“Just go on without me.” I waved him along. I didn’t even care that my face was pressed against a filthy sidewalk. It was quite for a while and I was sure he actually left me. “Hey! what the hell?” I yelled as I was lifted very rudely off the ground. Ares held me bridal style in his arms.

“You want to act like a baby then I’ll treat you like one.” He started walking.

I almost laughed out loud. He calls this a punishment? Not only do I not have to walk but now I’m pressed up against his hard-firm chest, getting carried by his hard-firm arms. If anything, this is paradise.

“You sure showed me.” I grinned. He ignored me.

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