Death Saved Me

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Chapter 29

“Ouch! There’s a couch right there!” I rubbed the back of my head where I’m sure I have a bump now. From being slammed against the wall several times and now dumped on the floor.

“But your spot is on the floor.” Ares said walking towards the kitchen. As he entered my stomach growled. When’s the last time I ate something?

I got up making my way to the kitchen. “So what do you eat? Besides innocent babies of course.” I giggled at my own joke.

“The souls of annoying teenage girls.” I rolled my eyes at his reply. I walked around his kitchen looking for something to eat, since someone isn’t a good host. “Sit down I’ll feed you mud monkey.” I paused at the pantry door.

“What did you just call me?”

“Mud monkey.” He leaned back against the counter staring me down, as if he dared me to say something.

“Shut up you lint licker.” I grinned widely at him. He rolled his eyes pulling cereal down. “Really? That’s all you have?”

“If you got a problem then go eat off the street, like the rest of the hobos. Or should I say your kind?”

“I’m not a hobo!” Me a hobo? My pair of shoes cost more than this house. How dare he!

“Well if it weren’t for me you wouldn’t have anywhere to sleep at night. Oh no wait, you’d be back at that motel getting attacked by god knows what.”

“It could’ve followed you for all I know. Didn’t show up until you did.” I glared at him from across the room. He seemed to be thinking about what I said.

“Maybe you’re right.” He went back to preparing cereal. That’s it?

“What are we going to do for the rest of the night?” I asked him just to fill in the silence.

“You’re going to eat these cereals, then you’re going to sleep.”

“And what are you going to do?”

“Nothing of your concern.” He slid the bowl of cereal in front of me. It was frosted flakes, “Now eat.” I was about to protest when my stomach once again made itself known. So instead I picked up the spoon, shoving a spoonful into my mouth. “Pig.”

“Jerk.” I automatically responded, causing milk to spill out my mouth. If I could see his face right now, I’m sure he’d be looking at me in disgust. Does he sleep in that hoodie? Will he ever take it off? Find out on tomorrow’s episode! I giggled to myself at my dumb thoughts, which caused him to look at me funny.

Three minutes later I was done with my bowl and just sitting there. “Where do I sleep?”

“Where I left you.”

“I am not sleeping on the floor!” What kind of gentlemen makes a lady sleep on the floor?

“Fine then, take the couch and shut up.” He walked out the kitchen and I followed him. He walked down the hall stopping at a room to the right.

“I would prefer a bed.” I told him.

“And I would prefer you to shut up, but clearly that’s not happening any time soon.”

“You clearly don’t know how to treat a lady.” I grunted.

“Who said you’re a lady? Maybe if you acted more like one.” He shrugged. I opened my mouth to give a snooty reply, when the front door suddenly flew open.

“I’m hoooooome.”

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