Death Saved Me

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Chapter 3

The next day at school Duff avoided me, and he made it very obvious. I didn’t realize he’d be this upset over what happened yesterday. I tried talking to him in between classes but he just made some lame excuse about being late. I gave up after the third time.

“He hates me right now.” I told Sydney as we went through the line to get our lunch.

“Who cares, he was being a total A-hole. I mean what kind of guy tries to force his girlfriend to have sex with him? A sick pig that’s who.” she ranted. One thing about my best friend is she never holds back on her opinions, and right now she has a lot of opinions about Duff.

“You’re right, but I miss him you know? I didn’t even get a sweet morning text.” I sighed. For the past three months that we’ve been dating he always sent me a cute morning text. It’s now lunch time and I still haven’t received any kind of text from him.

“He’ll come around, and if he doesn’t I’ll make him.” I giggled at her threat.

I scrunched my nose up as I looked over our lunch options. “Is it just me or is our lunch starting to look more like pig food every day? Eggplant sandwich? Who thinks of these things?” Why couldn’t they just serve us hamburgers and French Fries? Like every other normal high school.

“Maybe you should start bringing our lunch, or we can ditch and go to McDonald’s.” she suggested, excitement all over her face.

“Our lunch? When will you start using your own money?” I asked her. I have no problem sharing money with her cause I know she’d do the same if I asked. I just liked to tease her for being a gold digger.

“Why use mine when I have yours?” she told me seriously. I just rolled my eyes. Taking a seat at our normal table in the back I greeted our other friend. Today it was only Jessica sitting at the table.

“Are you guys going to Crystal’s party this weekend? I heard everyone is invited.” she asked. Even though Crystal was a first-class smut everyone knew she threw the hottest parties. It was social suicide to not show up.

“Crystal’s party? What are the goody bags going to be? Free STDs?” I joked. Sydney choked on her milk from laughing, high-fiving me across the table.

“Are you kidding me? This is going to be the best party of the semester!” she exclaimed.

“That’s because it’s the only party.” Sydney rolled her eyes. I couldn’t agree more, no one else has bothered to throw any parties lately.

“You guys are such mood killers,” she frowned at us. Jessica has always wanted to be part of the popular crowd. But according to Crystal she didn’t have the looks for it. I’m sure if Crystal ever changed her mind, she’d ditch us in a heartbeat. Which is why I only considered her a semi-friend. The type of friend you hang out with but never tell your secrets to.

“We never said we aren’t going, doesn’t mean we can’t complain,” I shrugged.

“You could’ve just said that then,” She scowled.

“I just did, doesn’t matter when I said it as long as I said it,” I didn’t get along well with females, so naturally most of them secretly hated me. She got up from the table not bothering to reply to me.

“You need to learn how to control your mouth.” Sydney giggled, I just shrugged. Few minutes later the bell rang signaling the end of lunch. I slowly got up from my seat dreading next period. Only the strong gets excited about P.E., and only the strong survive it. I wasn’t part of the strong. In fact, I wasn’t even part of the group that came after the strong. So it was nothing but torture for me.

I flicked through the channels on the living room TV looking for something interesting to watch. What’s the point of having hundreds of channels if nothing is ever on? I can find more entertainment on YouTube. I sighed finally settling on SpongeBob. Can’t go wrong with this.

I had been watching for a while when the doorbell rang, just as SpongeBob was calling Patrick to deal with his bully. “Coming!” I yelled, getting up from the couch. Where was Marie when I needed her? I always felt weary answering the door when I was home alone, especially when I knew none of my friends were coming over. You just never know who’s on the other side.

Opening the door, I came face to face with Duff. I felt my heart clench at the sight of him. We haven’t spoken more than two words to each other all day. He usually sat at the lunch table with us, but he didn’t show up.

“Hey,” He shoved his hands into his pockets.

“Hi,” I said, looking down at my feet. There was awkward silence after that. Our relationship was really taking a beating right now.

“Look, I wanted to apologize about the way I acted...that wasn’t me and I’m sorry.” he finally said.

“It’s ok,” I told him, “do you want to come in?” I moved aside to let him by. He nodded before walking around me moving towards the living room. I followed him suddenly having flashbacks about the last time he was here. Hopefully this time it doesn’t end that bad.

“So, what were you doing?” He smirked as he noticed SpongeBob on TV.

I raised my hands up in mock surrender. “In my defense nothing else was on.” He laughed. Taking a seat on the couch he patted the spot next to him. I walked over sitting down, letting him pull me into his side. This is the Duff I know. Not the one demanding sex.

For the next few hours Duff and I watched movies ranging from horror to comedy. At one point I even got him to watch a chick flick. Some point during the movies I got up to make us popcorn. It was nice not having him mad at me anymore.

I walked into the kitchen seeing a note from Marie saying she’ll be in with me all day tomorrow, I grinned. She’s been leaving early before I got out of school and had been leaving me dinner to warm up and eat by myself. It’s going to be nice having her here with me.

“So, you want to do something this weekend? Like go on a date? I haven’t taken you out on one in a while...” he asked as I sat back down on the couch. He dipped his hand into the popcorn bowl grabbing a fist full, spilling a few on me.

I grinned flicking them off. “Yes,”

“How does Saturday sound?” he asked. I was hesitant to say yes, that was the day of the party. I figured I could just call Sydney later and tell her I won’t be making it.

“Sounds good to me.” I smiled at him. He nodded getting up from the couch. Looking at the time I saw it was 11:00p.m. Wow, has it really been five hours?

I followed him to the door stopping just inside as I let him out. “I’ll see you at school.” He leaned down to give me a kiss, and I met him halfway.

“Yes, goodnight.” I turned around closing and locking the door, before making my way upstairs. I went into my closet grabbing a pair of Pikachu pajamas then went into my bathroom to change. Coming back out I turned on the TV, flopping on my bed.

I grabbed my cellphone off the bedside table calling Sydney. The phone rang three times until she finally picked up. “Dang what took you so long? You got a boy over or something? Does your mom know?” I joked.

“Did you call just to annoy me this late at night? I think I get enough of you during the day.” I could just picture her rolling her eyes as she said this.

“Is it a crime to miss my best friend’s voice?” I sniffled.

“Cut the crap and tell me what you want.”

“Well if you must know... Duff and I made up.” I said.

“That’s good! I told you he’d come around. I don’t understand why you couldn’t wait until tomorrow to tell me?”

“He also wants to take me on a date this Saturday, which means I won’t be making it to the party.” I told her.

“Boo, way to ruin your social life.” I could hear the disappointment in her voice. We went to every party together since freshman year, so this would be the first time we didn’t.

“It’s ok I’ll have fun, plus I’m sure you’ll tell me all about who hooked up and who didn’t.” She was a huge gossip.

She laughed. “Dang girl, you know me so well.” I rolled my eyes.

“Well I’m going to sleep now, byeeee.”

“Night Izo.” She said, hanging up. I set the alarm on my phone before snuggling under my covers.

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