Death Saved Me

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Chapter 30

Thanatos’s POV

“When I find her, she’s mine.”

Those words kept playing themselves over and over in my head. When Hades wanted something, he got it. Isabel was someone he wasn’t going to let go easy, never did. But not this time. I thought ditching her far away was a good idea. Until I heard she was attacked by demons. Had to be his doing, but why would he want to hurt her? That’s the part that didn’t make sense.

“Where is she?” I growled to no one in particular. I was angry, angry at myself for losing Isabel. I should’ve known that runt wouldn’t stay in one spot. I had been keeping tabs on her in New York, but since the attack she’s been off my radar.

“Are you sure you left her in New York? She could be anywhere.”

“I think I know where I went Thor, do I look dumb to you? Think about your answer before opening your mouth.” He smirked in my direction. The only thing I could think of was dropping him in the nearest volcano.

“I’m just saying, how could she just disappear? I’m actually not surprised I mean it is Isabel.”

“This is your fault!” I heard a nagging voice come into the room saying. It was that girl that follows Isabel around. What was her name again? Sarah? Stacy?

“Who invited her here?” I asked ignoring her, she shouldn’t even be in here.

“I thought maybe she could help us locate Isabel. I mean they have been friends forever.” Erebus came into the room behind her closing the door. Why was he with her when I ordered Artemis to watch her? Does anybody listen to me anymore?

“Where is Artemis?” I asked.

“She uh, had to take care of something.” He started scratching the back of his neck. Something he does when he’s lying.

“Never mind, did you find the witch?” The witch was my last resort in locating Isabel. Not proud that I needed one, but the rest of these gods are useless.

“Yes, she said she’ll help you.” Why do I feel like there’s a but in there?

“What’s her price?” I asked already knowing. This is why I don’t deal with witches, they always want something in return.

“She wants to examine Isabel.”

“Not a chance, find someone else.” No one was getting their hands on my Isabel. If anyone is going to examine her it’s me. I need to know where her powers come from and how strong she really is.

“There is no one else Thanatos, no other witch wants to help you.” Sometimes I feel like I should be offended by the lack of fear people have. They should be so scared that they’re begging to help me. After all I decide if they’re going to die or not.

“Fine we’ll just tell her she can, now bring her here.”


“She’s with another god.” Another god? Who the hell has her?

“Which god? Is he hurting her?” Thor fired question after question.

The witch arrived an hour ago and she looked just as I imagined all witches did. But that’s only because I can see pass their glamour. The glamour they used to trick humans into thinking they’re these beautiful women so they could use them to practice spells on them. Ugly beasts they are. Inside and out.

I let Thor take over the questioning as I studied the witch. Why would she want to examine Isabel? They know nothing about what she can do.

“I can’t tell which one because he’s guarded against my powers. Seems you’re not the only one using a witch. I can tell you that he means her no harm though.” She was sitting at the head of the table with a crystal ball in front of her. They don’t really need them but just use them for a dramatic effect. Couldn’t wait to be done with this.

“That’s the best news I’ve heard all night.” I sighed.

“Is she still in New York?” Thor asked.


“Great that’s all we need to know,” I got up from my chair not caring to hear more, “Thor get the others we leave in five. I don’t know who this god is but he’s giving Isabel back.”

“Be warned getting her won’t be that easy. This god, cares for her far beyond what you think.”

“I won’t have this god or any other god getting in my way. Thanks for your service, Erebus will show you the way out.” I calmly dismissed her. Hopefully this god wants a fight. I’ve been dying to get my hands dirty.

“You still haven’t found Isabel?” That annoying girl was back again.

“Listen, if you weren’t Isabel’s friend I would’ve snapped your neck a long time ago. I don’t want you here just as much as you don’t want to be here.” I turned walking away.

“But I have something to tell you! Back at school, Isabel showed me a note she received.” I stopped.

“What kind of note? Love letter?” Those little high school boys better not be lusting after my Isabel.

“No, it was a death threat. I can’t remember exactly what it said, but she told me it wasn’t the first one she received. Do you think they could have any relation to the god that took her?” Death threats and she didn’t bother to tell me? What the hell was wrong with that girl? It’s like she strived to make my job harder.

“Thor find out more about those notes. I’m going to find Isabel.”

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