Death Saved Me

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Chapter 31

I froze at the sound of the voice, so did Ares. “Brad baby are you here?” The voice called out again. Baby? Oh my god is that his girlfriend? But wait who is Brad? Did we break into somebody house?

“There you are, did you hear me calling you?” I looked up as she stood in the doorway. She was gorgeous. Tall and blonde, her hair sat in curls on her shoulders, and she had curves in all the right places. Her question was directed towards Ares. Ok so we didn’t break into someone’s house “Who is she?” I quickly averted my eyes when I realized I was staring.

“She’s a... friend that needed a place to say.” Ares finally broke out of his frozen state, it was amusing how he struggled to call me his friend.

“Ok, but why is she here?” The gorgeous blonde asked. She sent me a glare and I rolled my eyes. She doesn’t even know me and already hates me? Really?

“As I said she needed a place to stay, so I offered.” He seemed bored with the conversation.

Blondie plastered on a fake smile as she made her way to me. “Hi I’m Stacy, Brad’s girlfriend. Pleasure to have you here.” She held out her hand waiting for me to shake it. Really a handshake? What are we in the 80′s? And who the hell is Brad? I shot Ares a confused look, but he avoided eye contact with me.

Sighing I reached out and clasped her hand in mine. “My name is Isabel.” I put a smile on my face to match hers.

“Stacy can you give Isabel and I a minute?”

“A minute for what?” Wow she really is a blonde.

“I need to talk to her, alone.” Ares spoke slowly, I had to cover my mouth to hide my smile.

“Sure, I’ll just run out to the car. I forgot something.” She shot me one last glare before walking back down the hallway.

“Brad?” I asked, trying not to laugh at the lie.

“Shut up.” He growled.

“You have a girlfriend and still invited me to your place? I don’t want to be disrespectful.” I sighed. If I was dating a guy and he brought a girl home to stay with us I’d feel very uncomfortable.

“I didn’t invite you, I was forced to take you.” he started, “Plus she doesn’t matter, I have my reasons for being with her.”

“What reasons?” I was curious to know more about his life.

“She’ll be back soon, we need our lie to match. You’re a friend whose boyfriend was abusing her. So I let you crash here for a while, got it?” I guess he was just going to pretend I didn’t ask a question.

“As if a guy could abuse me.” I scoffed. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say his lip twitched. But since I do know better it was definitely just my imagination. “Why not just tell her who you really are? I mean not the god part but yeah.”

“It’s none of your business.” Always a man of few words I see. “You can take the couch.” I figured I was sleeping on the couch anyways, unless I planned on sharing the bed with them.

After mentioning where I could sleep, I was suddenly starting to feel tired. I went to lay down while Ares disappeared somewhere. The couch was soft and luckily a TV was in here, but sadly I had no cover.

Just as the thought crossed my mind, I felt something smack me in the face. I looked down to see a pillow and cover hit the floor. I looked up to see Ares leaning against the wall. “Thanks jerk, I guess it does have a heart.” I mumbled. Like usual he didn’t respond just walked away. I got comfortable preparing for sleep.

I was running through a forest with someone chasing me. I wasn’t in danger that much I knew, but whoever was chasing me was gaining ground.

“Oaf!” I hit the ground hard and winched. I looked to see what I tripped over. A rock? Oh my god I’m the girl in the horror movie that trips and dies.

“Isabel!” I knew that voice.

“Thanatos?” I spoke out into the forest.

“Now that you’re finally done running like a moron, I can get down to business.” I watched as he came out the shadows, I could tell he was annoyed from the sound of his voice.

“How’d you find me? And how did we end up here?” I waved my arms around indicating the forest.

“I haven’t found you yet. You’re dreaming,” psh as if I’d have him in my dreams. That’d be more of a nightmare. “and I heard that.”

My eyes snapped up to meet his as he leaned against a tree. Oh god he’s going to kill me.“Ok say I am dreaming, what are you doing here?” I asked.

“I was getting to that you imbecile. I’m here so you can tell me where you are.” I rolled my eyes at his insult.

“But how did you get in my dream?”

“I jumped in,” I sighed. “now where the hell are you?”

“I’m with Ares.” I felt the temperature drop several degrees.

“Where are you Isabel?” He practically growled the words out. I opened my mouth to tell him when suddenly the scenery started shifting.

“What’s happening?” I asked as Thanatos started fading.

“Something or someone is waking you up. Tell me where you are now!” His voice was starting to get faint and over voiced by someone else.

“Well how long is she staying?” The yelling was coming from down the hall. It seemed somebody’s girlfriend was back.

“As long as I see fit.” Was Ares response.

“My dad isn’t going to be happy about this when I tell him you invited another woman into our home!” she yelled. He was much calmer than her.

“You’re not telling him anything.” I shivered at the threat in his voice.

I stopped listening after that to focus on more important things. Like the fact that Thanatos was looking for me. Should I tell Ares? Maybe he’d be able to help me find him. I decided to tell him in the morning. For now I’ll just sleep.

I groaned as someone tried shaking me awake. “Five more minutes,” I heard a sigh and suddenly I was falling. My eyes popped open just as I made contact with the floor. “ow.”

“Next time just get up.” I looked up at Ares as he watched me pull myself off the floor.

“You could try being a little nicer.”

He raised an eyebrow at me. “Be nicer? I’m already letting you crash at my place; how much nicer you want me to be? Give you the clothes off my back?” he said. Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

I shrugged. “It was just a suggestion.”

“I suggest you get up so we can go.” He made his way to the front door.

I jumped up from the couch. “Go where? Shouldn’t we have breakfast first?”

“Does this look like a five-star hotel with continental breakfast to you? We’re going to the gym.” He was such a moody person. I followed him as we walked down the streets towards Times Square. Even early in the morning the streets were packed. I’m so glad I didn’t live here; the traffic would drive me insane.

“Why did we have to leave so early?”

“Why do you have to ask so many questions? No wonder Thanatos dumped you off. I don’t think it had anything to with Hades but more with your big mouth.” He said. Way to hit below the belt. I decided to keep quiet as I followed him the rest of the way.

The gym we made it to was actually a gym. I thought they were just using that as a code name or something. I really hope they don’t expect to me exercise.

“Hey they’re here!” Eris called out as she opened the door for us. Inside there was a huge boxing ring. It was sat in the middle on the floor. Behind that was a wall filled with all kinds of different weapons. Poseidon and the guy that didn’t talk was hanging out on the sides.

“Isabel come here.” Poseidon said. I started making my way over when Ares stopped me, placing an arm in my path. I looked up at him.

“Don’t just go to people because they call you.”

“Well usually that’s how you respond when someone calls your name and tell you to come here.” I rolled my eyes. What was his problem? Did he not trust Poseidon or something?

“He’s going to test you, I just thought I should warn you.” He moved his arm from in front of me.

Now I was too nervous to move. “What do you mean he’s going to test me?”

He smiled. “You’ll see.” I watched him walk away to go stand next to Eris.

“Isabel come.” He called out again. Powers if you hear me right now. I’m really going to need you to have my back with whatever I’m about to face. I took a deep breath making my way over.

“Yes?” I asked the moment I stopped in front of him.

“You’ll be fighting me today.” He smiled. Whoa when did they decide this? I didn’t know training meant fighting a god.

“Um, why?”

“You said my brother wants you right? Well our powers are pretty much at the same level. If he wants you and you don’t want to go with him. Then the only way out is to fight.” He snapped his fingers and this huge pitchfork appeared in his hand. “I’ll try to take it easy on you.”

“Go to the ring!” Eris said. Poseidon gave me one last grin before he launched himself into the ring. Launched as in he jumped from the floor and ended up in the ring that was at least eight feet from us. I gulped. Are they sure this will be a fair fight? Not to mention he has a weapon and I don’t.

“Do I get a weapon too?” I asked as I walked to the ring. I slid between the ropes before standing up in position.

“Do you want a weapon?” Ares asked. I looked at the wall looking over the weapons. They all seemed too big and would probably weigh me down in the fight. My eyes spotted something tossed to the side on the floor, a sword. It didn’t look too heavy and something in my gut was telling me to use it.

“I’ll take that sword.” Ares went in the direction I was pointing and picked up the sword. He walked halfway up to the ring before tossing it through the air. I reached out catching it by the handle. The metal was cool against my hand.

“Ok! Take your positions!” I watched Poseidon as he stood there with an arrogant smirk on his face, leaning against the huge pitchfork. He didn’t think I could beat him. And maybe I couldn’t, but I wasn’t giving up without giving it my all. “Let the battle begin!”

I rushed him, sword over my head just like I seen Ares do. I took a swing only for him to block it with his pitchfork. His hand shot out and a blast of water hit me, making my fly across the ring and into the rope. Ok wasn’t expecting that. The front of my shirt was soaked as I stood up to face him again. “Come on Isabel this is almost too easy. I thought you had powers? I feel kind of bad fighting a weak human.” He taunted. He knew I had powers that’s the whole point of this training.

Suddenly he took off towards me. I brought my sword up much like he did, hoping to block his blow. Our weapons clashed together as I blocked him. He walked back to his original spot across the ring.

I tried focusing on the vibration I usually feel when using my powers. Maybe if I start from that I could bring them forth. The vibration started slowly at my fingertips, then traveled up my arm. Within seconds my whole body was vibrating, even the sword I held tightly in my hand. I cocked my head at Poseidon. “Oh shit.” he mumbled.

I charged for him once again. At the last second I slid my leg out, sliding through his leg. I stood up behind him and before he could turn around, I kicked him with all my might. His back bent as he flew across the ring, a trail of purple flames behind him. He dropped his pitchfork and I picked it up, tossing my sword to the side. I focused on the vibration and pitchfork at the same time. I watched as purple flames made their way from my hand and spread across the pitchfork. I grinned as I faced Poseidon. “Put that- “I held the pitchfork out pointing it at him. A blaze of purple and orange flames blasted towards him. This time he flew out the ring and through the wall.

I dropped the pitchfork as my powers whooshed out of me. I tried walking forward to check on Poseidon when my knees gave out. I fell to the ring as my body started to feel weak. “Isabel!” I looked up as Ares rushed towards me. My eyes rolled to the back of my head before I passed out.

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