Death Saved Me

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Chapter 32

When I woke up, I was moving. My eyes snapped open looking up at the ceiling of a car. What the hell? What’s going on? I shot up in a panic. I was seated behind the driver’s seat, so I couldn’t make out the driver. Did I get kid napped? I called on my powers, but nothing happened. That’s not good.

“Calm down.” A voice spoke calmly from the front. Wait I knew that voice. I leaned slightly around the seat to see Thor sitting there.

“Thor? What the hell are you doing!? Where are you taking me? Where is Ares?” I wouldn’t be surprised if Ares gave me away to him after what happened at the gym. That still didn’t explain where he came from. Last thing I remembered was being at the gym. Why did I pass out? And why aren’t my powers working? Why was Thor suddenly here?

“You ask too many questions.” He sighed.

I sat back in my seat to glare at the back of his head. “Well sorry for waking up in the backseat of your car not knowing how I got here!” by the time I finished my voice had risen.

He sighed again, like I was annoying him. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him this serious before. “Thanatos will explain everything when you see him.”

“Why can’t you just tell me?”

“Because I don’t feel like it.” He answered in a “duh” tone.

What crawled up his butt and died? Leaning my head against the window I stared out at the scenery. We definitely weren’t in New York anymore. How long was I out? All I saw was trees. Why is he even driving? Couldn’t Thanatos just zap me there?

“Why didn’t Thanatos just come get me? Could’ve saved the car trip.”

“He has something to take care of.” He reached down to flick on the radio, I assume it was to drown out any other questions I had. A-hole

I wonder what Ares was doing right now, did he know I was gone? Or does he think someone stole me? What happened after I passed out? Just then I remembered he gave me his number. I quickly pulled out my phone and scrolled down to “crazy #3” before clicking call. It went straight to voicemail. Weird.

“Who are you calling?” I ignored his question, choosing to look out the window instead.

I was jolted awake when I heard a door slam. I looked out the window noticing we were parked in front of Sydney’s house. I quickly got out the car, running to the front door hoping to see my best friend.

“Sydney!” I could hear footsteps upstairs, so I followed them. When I opened her bedroom door, I stopped short.

“Lovely to see you again Isabel.” Jeremy was sitting on her bed with a warm smile on his face. I made a move to turn back and run out the door. Only to bump into Thor.

“Relax chicken it’s actually him.”

“How can I be sure? For all I know you could be working with him! Where’s Thanatos? Get out of my way.” I pushed him, but he didn’t budge.

“I’m right here.” I ran in the direction of his voice, jumping into his arms. I should’ve known better. Thanatos dropped me, causing my face to heat up. He was looking down at me with a ‘wtf’ look.

“What? I was scared.” I crossed my arms defensively.

A smirk appeared on his face as he reached down pulling me up, extremely close to him. I could smell his cologne. “Or did you just really miss me and couldn’t help but throw yourself at me?” He whispered huskily in my ear. I felt my toes curl and cursed my traitorous body. This was not the time to fall for this self-absorbed maniac.

“As if.” Using all my will power I pushed him away. Jeremy had an extremely uncomfortable look on his face while Thor looked smug. “Where is Sydney?”

“That annoying human friend of yours? I sent her far away from me.” Thanatos casually leaned against the wall.

“You mean like you did with me? Is that how you solve all your problems? Send them “far away”.” For some reason I could feel the rage building up. Thanatos cocked an eyebrow at me, almost like he knew what I was feeling.

“I didn’t send you away, I put you there for safe keeping. But you decided to run off with some god! Just like you decided not to tell me about the notes you were receiving.” He snarled at me. I’m ashamed to admit that I found that insanely attractive. My cheeks warmed at the thought.

My body stiffened when I fully processed his words. Oh no, how does he know about the notes? “Um what?”

“Don’t play dumb with me.” He crossed his arms.

“I didn’t think it was something you needed to know…” I was hoping he never found out. I knew I shouldn’t have told Sydney.

“I’m responsible for you, what don’t you understand about that? It is my job to keep you safe. Rather its from my brother or any other threat. When I took your life, you officially became my responsibility. When someone threatens you, they threaten me.” He raged.

“Jeez I’m sorry ok? Its not like I know who they were from. I don’t think it was hades though.”

“Thor is looking into that. If you would’ve came to me earlier, we could’ve been found out.”

“She’s with Erebus.” I looked at Jeremy who answered. I completely forget about him until he spoke. I was glad he intervened though. Thanatos was a very scary guy when he was angry.

I was still a little hesitant to be around Jeremy. I mean if Hades got inside him once who’s to say it won’t happen again? “Where are they?” I directed my question to Thanatos once again.

“You’ll know soon enough, since you’ll be going there too.” He answered.

“Does Ares know I’m gone?” I didn’t want to worry him into thinking I was kidnapped. Thanatos eyes flashed, he didn’t bother to answer my question. Instead he grabbed my arm -rather roughly I might add- and prepared to teleport us. I closed my eyes.

When I opened them, I knew exactly where I was. It’s the room I woke up in the first day I changed. I was in Mortem once again. Does that mean I’m dead again? I really wish there was a way to tell.

“Why am I here? Am I dead?” I turned to ask Thanatos but realized I was alone. “Great.” I dragged my feet across the room, planting myself face first on to the bed. Back to square one.

Just then my phone started vibrating in my pocket. I quickly dug around for it before digging it out. Crazy #3 was flashing across the screen. “Ares? Where are you?” I asked into the phone. All I could hear was harsh breathing on the other end, it was starting to freak me out.

“They got me.”

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