Death Saved Me

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Chapter 35

There’s a possibility I could be dying in two days. Every time the thought passes my mind I cringe. How did my life take such a turn? First cheated on, then going to some kind of hell gate and getting weird powers. Now this? What’s the point of my powers anyways? They can’t even save me. To be gifted with something that just kills me in the end. This had to be some kind of curse.

“Why are you making that ugly face?” I frowned as I looked over at Thanatos. He seemed calm about the whole thing, but I guess I shouldn’t have expected much from him. He’s not the one dying.

“This is how I naturally look, sorry to disappoint.” I said.

“Death has really turned you into a mean person Isabel. Even after letting you live, you’re still bitter. You know not everyone down here is allowed to be alive. You should be honored.” He grinned.

“And your true age is starting to show old man. I’ll be honored when my life goes back to normal.” He glared at this. My phone started ringing on the bed side table and I just stared at it. What’s the point of even answering it? I’ll be dead again soon anyways, might as well start cutting ties to people. How will I break this news to Sydney?

“Hello? You again? Do your kidnappers give you one phone call a day or something? Are you sure you’re not in jail? She must not want to talk to you if she didn’t answer.” I rolled my eyes snatching the phone from him.

“I’m dying soon.” Were the first words I spoke.

“Bit dramatic are we? I’m the one being held hostage.” He sighed.

“I can’t help you Ares. I don’t know how to find you on my own, plus I’ll be too dead to help.”

“I know where I’m at.”

“Then why haven’t you left?” I was confused.

“Obviously I must be tied up to something and can’t move.”

“Then how are you using a phone?”

“My jail mate is holding it; did I forget to mention it’s someone very close to you?” He sounded smug and I didn’t like that.

“Who?” Who could it be? Thanatos has everyone locked down here with me. Expect Jeremy but I’m sure he can take care of himself. Although I was also sure Ares could too and look how that turned out.

“Isabel? Oh my god we need your help!” I froze at the voice. No no no no! Thanatos said she was safe!

“Sydney?” Thanatos eyes shot to mine when I said that, then he disappeared.


“How did this happen? I thought you were with Erebus?” I was starting to panic. If I can’t find Ares how will I find her?

“I was, we were getting coffee when a group of guys attacked us. Erebus tried to fight them off but there was too many.” Her voice sounded a little scratchy and I could tell she had been crying. She must be really scared.

“Don’t worry Sydney we’ll find you.” I promised.

“What about me?” I heard Ares ask in the background.

“You’re a god you can handle yourself. I have to go find Thanatos you guys keep the phone close.” I quickly ran out the room and down the hall. I decided to check the office first when I heard a commotion coming from it.

“I left her in your possession! How did she get captured?” Thanatos was yelling at someone, who I’m assuming was Erebus.

My guess was correct when I walked in to see Thanatos holding Erebus by the throat against the wall. He looked like he was going to pass out at any minute. He clearly needed help. I focused on Erebus, picturing my shield protecting him. Thanatos flew back as it appeared between them.

He got up glaring at me. “Stay out of this Isabel!”

“You’re hurting him for no reason! He tried his best to protect her.” I defended him.

“Stop defending him! It’s his fault they have your dumb friend. Now I have to deal with finding her.”

“It’s your fault she’s even in danger! You could’ve left her out of this.”

“I didn’t bring her into this! She wouldn’t mind her own business.” He glared.

“Ares says he knows where they are. I need you to talk to him and get the location, so we can zap there.”

“Zap?” Lifting an eyebrow at me.

“Whatever it is that you do.”

“Give me the phone idiot.” He snatched the phone away from me walking to the other side of the room.

“Are you ok?” I asked Erebus walking over to him.

“Yeah, he wasn’t trying to kill me. Just needed to take his frustration out on someone.” Did he miss the part where he was getting choked to death? No pun intended.

“I’m pretty sure he was trying to kill you.” I looked at him like he was crazy.

“Listen Isabel, I’m sorry about Sydney. I did all I could do but there was just too many of them. I didn’t know how to tell you guys I failed.” He hung his head in shame.

“I know you did, and I thank you for that.”

“We’ll get her back though I promise. If it’s the last thing I do.” He had this determined look on his face making me believe him. There was something else in his eyes too, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

“Alright I know where they’re at, Erebus gather the others. We leave in an hour.” Thanatos walked behind his desk and sat down while Erebus ran off to do as he was told.

“Where are they?” I took a seat across from him, but he didn’t look up from his paper work.

“It doesn’t matter, you’re not going.” I frowned.

“What do you mean I’m not going? She’s my friend!” He finally looked up at me with this tired look in his eyes.

“Hades has her, and I’m sure he’s just using her as bait to get to you. For me to bring you along I’d just be handing you over.”

“So, it’s my fault she’s locked up?” I should’ve known, why else would anyone kidnap her? “Doesn’t he know I’m dying soon? There’s nothing he can do with me. Are you even sure it’s him?”

“The location Ares gave me is one of his hotels. I’d be foolish to bring you along. He doesn’t want you for your powers Isabel.”

“What does he want me for then?” he ignored me, “I’m supposed to just sit in safety while everyone risks their lives for a dying girl?”

“Yup.” He said popping the ‘P’.

“That’s not going to happen. Even if you don’t take me, I’ll follow.”

“I’ll tie you to the bed if I have to.” He was no longer looking at me but something on his desk.

“As much as I know you’re into things like that, I wouldn’t go down without a fight.”

He let out a low growl. “You’re annoying me.”

“Then just say I can go! I literally have nothing to lose.”

“Fine if you want to send yourself to an early grave be my guest.” I hopped up from the chair with a huge smile on my face.

Isabel -1 Thanatos-0

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