Death Saved Me

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Chapter 36

“Are you sure we’re at the right place?” I stared out the window at the magnificent hotel we were at. He’s holding them captive here? I should’ve gone with him a long time ago! And to think he also owns this place.

“Let me guess, he’s torturing them in the presidential suite?” Thor joked, I giggled.

“This is no time for jokes guys. Most likely the place is full of his people. It’ll be challenging to get in and out.” When did Erebus turn into such a party pooper? Never mind he’s always been that way.

“Well how are we going to get in?” I asked.

“We’ll need disguises.” Thanatos announced. Oh boy.

“Do I really have to wear this?” I complained as I looked myself over in the mirror. We were currently in a motel down the street from our target.

“You look great.” Artemis said with a smirk on her face.

Of course she’d compliment me, why was she even here? I’m much more comfortable with just Erebus and Thor. But she begged Thanatos to tag along for some reason.

I ignored her as I looked back at my reflection. I was wearing a long blonde wig (that itched like crazy) with overalls and a black shirt. This was Thanatos idea of “going in disguise”. The gods could alter their appearance, so they didn’t need fake wigs. Lucky bastards. Why couldn’t that be a power of mine?

“I say we’re ready.” Erebus started making his way to the door just as it opened. My eyes widened as I saw Poseidon and Eris standing there.

“You guys hosting a party and didn’t invite us? But we’re loads of fun, right Eris?” He nudged her.

“So much fun it’ll kill you.” She grinned wickedly. I would never want to play barbies with her.

“No one invited you two. How’d you find us?” Thanatos didn’t seem mad just really curious.

“We have our ways old pal. Love the new look by the way.” He winked. Thanatos had disguised himself as a hardcore rock band member. He even went so far as to adding the dark eye makeup.

“If you guys aren’t here to help us then we’ll be on our way.” Thor announced.

“Ay I see you guys have wildfire with you.” He was now staring at me in amusement.

“How did you know it was me?”

“Whoa, you guys met before?” Thor paused at the door.

“What? She never told you about us? I’m hurt. After all we’ve been through Isabel.” I rolled my eyes.

“Ares introduced me to them.” Which reminded me, where was the quiet one?

“We’ll get the story later, we must go.” Thanatos said walking out the room. Everyone followed closely behind.

We decided to walk instead of getting back in the car with our uninvited guests. No way would there be enough room. When we arrived at the hotel, I started to get nervous. Our plan was fool proof. Sure we’ll get in unnoticed but how will we find them? “Ok when we get in everybody break off in teams of three.” Thor said.

“But there’s seven of us.” Eris pointed out.

“The girls will go one way and we’ll go the other.” Thanatos said. Great alone with Artemis and Eris? Not my idea of girl’s night out.

I walked up to the front desk behind Artemis as she booked a room. Eris (clearly not one for being ordered) took off the moment the guys left. I regret not following her.

Artemis passed me a room key as we got in the elevator. Room 666. “Is this really our room number?”

“I thought it would be booked.” She stated.

I doubt Hades would be that obvious. Soon as the elevator opened, I stepped out first making my way down the hall. When I reached the door with our room number a cloth was put over my mouth. I struggled as I smelled chloroform. This can’t be good.

“Lights out precious Isabel.” Artemis growled in my ear. The last thing I thought before blacking out was how much I regretted not going with Eris.

“Isabel! Isabel!” I faintly heard someone calling my name.

I slowly opened my eyes taking a look at my surroundings. I was still in the hotel thank god, in what I’m guessing is Hades room.

“Great she’s woke, the talking is really going to be endless now.” My head shot to the side to see Ares tied up with metal chains against a bed leg.

“Oh my god Isabel.” Next to him was Sydney, not tied up at all. She ran over to me and I frowned.

“You’re free? Why didn’t you just leave?” I was confused.

“I tried! The moment I walked out the door I was tossed back inside. Only reason I’m not tied is because I’m human. Therefore, not a threat to them.” Clearly they didn’t know my best friend as well as I did. She was most definitely a threat if she wanted to be. Maybe she didn’t want to leave Ares behind.

I wiggled my hands behind my back. Yup definitely tied. I looked behind me to see I was also tied to a bed leg. There were two beds in the room.

“Why didn’t you untie Ares then?”

She frowned. “They said they’ll cut my hands off if I even thought about freeing him.”

“Don’t worry Thanatos and the others will find us.” I had a lot of faith in them, hope they won’t let me down.

“Oh good, Thanatos our knight in shining armor to the rescue!” Ares cried dramatically batting his eyelashes. It seems the removal of his hoodie made him immature.

“Unless you can get yourself out.” I said. He only glared at me, that’s what I thought.

“Where are they?” Sydney asked.

“Well we all split up when we came in. I was with Artemis and Eris, that worked out well.”

“Eris is here?” Ares asked, now seeming interested in the conversation. Did he have a thing for Eris or something?

“Yeah and so is Poseidon. The guys are with Thanatos. I’m not exactly sure where Eris is.”

“Knowing her she’s probably at the bar.” He laughed quietly to himself.

“How long has Artemis been working with Hades?” I really wanted to know how long she’s been plotting against us. Or more specifically me. I’m sure she would’ve never done this if I wasn’t the target.

“As far as we know this is her third time visiting. I don’t think she’s really working with him, I think she just hates you.” Sydney shrugged.

“She’s right I do hate you. Thanatos thinks you’re the only female with powers,” Artemis stood in the doorway as she taunted me, “his sweet little Isabel.”

“He trusted you Artemis, how could you do this? All because you’re jealous?” Maybe calling a crazy girl jealous in her face wasn’t such a good idea. Artemis walked across the room grabbing me by my hair. I winched in pain. She bent my head at an odd angle to look up at her.

“As if I’d be jealous of a low life human like yourself! You mean nothing to me.” She growled in my face. Human? She can’t really still think I’m a simple human, does she?

“But she means a lot more to Thanatos than you do.” Ares chuckled. Sometimes I think he likes seeing me get hurt. Artemis let go of me and turned on him.

“And Isabel means a lot more to you than you’re letting on. Why don’t I shed more light on the situation?” Now she was smirking. What did she know that I didn’t? “You see Isabel the whole reason Ares was kidnapped was because Hades thought it’d make you come to him faster. You know with him being your brother and all.” I froze as she said this. My brother? Is she crazy? Everyone knows I’m an only child.

I started laughing. “You really are crazy!” I giggled.

“It’s true.” My eyes darted to Ares as he admitted this.

“How?” Actually, now that I think about it his eyes were glowing blue the day he fought that demon, and mine glow purple. Could that be a family thing? “Oh my god!”

“I wanted to tell you...actually I never wanted you to know. It’s better that way.”

“Does that mean she’s part god?” Sydney asked amazed.

“Yes.” I’m part god? And the Phoenix?

“Ares here is your moms second born, who she ended up giving away.” Artemis snickered.

I looked over at Ares to see him shrug. Not like he was missing out on a loving mother anyways. Wish she gave me away too.

“You came two years later and for some reason she kept you. Only Hades knows this, not even Thanatos knows. It’s one of the reasons why he wants you. But definitely not the main.” He wants me for more than one reason?

“You have powers like me?” I asked him.

“That’s the part that Hades can’t figure out. He doesn’t have your powers, no one does.” Artemis answered for him.

“I’m sure I can take it from here.” I looked towards the door and my eyes widened.


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