Death Saved Me

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Chapter 37

I stared in shock as Duff/Hades walked into the room.

“I go by many names dear but not that one. I’m afraid your ex boy toy here just let me borrow his body suit. Since he’ll be joining me eventually, he didn’t really have a choice. It’s much easier to posse someone that will be going to the underworld rather than trying to posse an angel. At least this one doesn’t fight back.”

“This day just keeps getting better.” I said dryly.

“The fun hasn’t even begun yet my dear.” He grinned evilly at me. I shivered a little. Is it just me or did it get cold in here?

“Just let them go, you can do whatever you want with me.”

“Oh I plan to, but not until our other guests arrive.” He nodded towards Artemis who quickly left the room.


“Of course, I can’t start my fun without my little brothers present and their annoying gang of gods.” He stated as if I should’ve already known. Which I guess I should’ve. No way Thanatos wasn’t going to look for me. But why does he want to wait until he’s here?

“Sorry to burst your bubble but they won’t be joining us. We all agreed if we couldn’t find you then we’ll just leave no matter who we lost.” I was lying through my teeth. The things I was saying didn’t even make sense.

He walked up to me. I shrunk back against the bed as he bent down in front of me. He brought a finger to my face, letting it trail down my cheek. Every time he is within reach of me, he touches my face. Was it a fetish of his or something? “At last I have you, there’s so much we need to discuss.” Discuss what? I don’t even know him!

Just then we heard a bang and a swear before Artemis was dragging Poseidon in. My eyes widened, how did she capture him? He looked up and saw us, giving a lazy grin.

“I see Eris didn’t make it to the party.” Artemis shushed him before pushing him in the room with us. His hands were tied together just like mine.

I rolled my eyes, great he’s useless as well. “Where are the guys?” how wasn’t he with them?

“Still looking, I went to go pee before this crazy smut tackled me from behind and threw these chains on me.” I almost giggled at Artemis face when he called her a smut.

“Glad you could join us brother. But enough with the chitchat they’re on their way here.” Hades got up and walked out the room with no further words. Artemis following behind him like a lost puppy dog.

“Ok what’s the plan?” Poseidon turned to me looking serious.

“What?” There was a plan?

“You got us into this, so you need to get us out of it.” He practically growled at me, no more playfulness in his eyes.

“It’s not her fault Poseidon.” Ares finally spoke up. Poseidon turned to him a smirk forming on his lips. Was this guy bipolar? Were all gods bi-polar?

“Then whose fault is it? Last I checked Hades only wanted her.”

“No one told you to come.” Ares shrugged. Poseidon put a hand to his heart faking hurt.

“I came to save you, and this is how you repay me?” I rolled my eyes.

“You’re doing a great job so far.” I murmured.

“I heard that.” He said.

“Well you’re two inches away of course you heard it.” I said. Then something finally occurred to me. “Oh my god you’re only two inches away!”

“Yes, you already mentioned that you annoying little tw-”

“Untie me!” I cut him off mid-sentence. His eyes widened as he finally realized what I was getting at. I turned as much as I could showing him my hands, he did the same. It took a couple of tries but he finally got it. I sighed in relief as I rubbed my wrist, before untying him. He quickly moved to free Ares.

“See? Like I said I’m here to rescue you.” He held his arms out as if he was expecting a hug. Only thing he got was shoved.

“Enough guys we need to get out of here!” Artemis and Hades were still in the living room. We weren’t getting pass them without a fight.

“No reason to keep wasting time, let’s go alert them.” Ares started heading for the door.

“Wait! What about Sydney?” I looked over at her, we all had powers and she didn’t. Sure I barely knew how to use mine but at least I had something. She had nothing to defend herself with.

“I’ll just stay in here until you guys put them down. Then I’ll run out.” She calmly took a seat on the bed. I nodded before running over and giving her a hug. I turned to follow Poseidon and Ares out.

Ares stepped out first then me. Artemis was sat on the couch and her eyes widened when she saw us. “I’ll deal with her.” Poseidon smiled as he walked by. Hades was nowhere to be seen.

“How are we going to fight our way out of here if he’s not here?” I whispered in Ares ear. It’s still weird to think that he’s my brother. Especially after I called him hot. Ew.

“Just grab Sydney and let’s go.” I nodded before running back to the room

“Syd its-“I stopped short as I realized who was in the room.

“Leaving so soon?” Hades had his arms wrapped tightly around Sydney’s neck as she struggled. We should’ve never left her alone! He was no longer possessing Duff, he was now in what I assume was his true form. Any other time I would have taken the time to drool over him, but he had Sydney.

“Let her go.” I growled. I was starting to see a purple haze and I knew my powers were with me.

“Aww but we’re bonding.” He smiled down at her struggling in his arms. Without thinking I shot out my hands. She flew to the other side of the room landing on a small chair, knocked out from the blast. Hades got up and I could’ve sworn I saw smoke come out of his ears. Why is it every time I use my powers something different happens? I really needed to explore my powers more.

Just then Ares ran in the room. Before he could do or say anything, Hades flicked his fingers and he flew out. The door closing behind him. This was a one on one fight.

“You shouldn’t have done that girl.” He charged me before I could respond, tackling me to the ground. I winched as my head smacked against the floor. His fist shot out connecting with my face.

My head jerked to the side from the force. Gaining strength, I lifted my knee hitting him where the sun doesn’t shine. He groaned in pain and I use that as a distraction to gain the upper hand. I quickly smashed my fist into his jaw causing his head to snap to the back. I scrambled from under him getting into a fighting stance. He stood up smiling. “You’re a little tougher than I thought. I’m glad.” How I wish I had that sword right now. I focused on my powers and sighed in relief when I felt the vibrations.

He watched me, not making a move to attack. Guess I’ll be making the first move. I focused all the vibrations on going to my hands. I smiled when I saw them lit up in purple flames. I felt like the human torch form Fantastic Four. I let out a battle cry as I rushed him. I leaped up pulling my fist back preparing to hit him. Without even touching me he waved his hands to the side and I went flying. I crashed into the wall behind me. Before I had to time to get up, he jumped on me.

He wrapped both hands around my neck before squeezing. I gasped trying to get air in. I latched on to his hands trying to pry them off me. It was no use as I started seeing black spots cover my vision.

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