Death Saved Me

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Chapter 38

I couldn’t breathe and was starting to give up. Thanatos was right. I couldn’t beat Hades in a fight by myself, I was too weak. My life slowly started flashing before my eyes. I was so close to dying. Maybe Thanatos can just bring me back again?

Suddenly the weight was lifted off me and I could breathe again. I gulped in as much air as I could. “Sadly I can’t kill you yet, well I could but where would be the fun in that? I’m just kidding I never wanted to kill you.” I glared at him from the floor as he stood there thinking. ” But don’t even think about attacking again, it’s clear who will have the upper hand.”

“You caught me by surprise.” I spat. Complete lie since I did see him coming.

“Oh really? Do you really want to challenge me again?” He asked.

I slowly got up from the floor, finally gaining some of my strength back. I stood as straight and as tall as I could. Right when I opened my mouth to indeed challenge him again, someone beat me to it.

“She’s not going to challenge you, I am.” My eyes snapped to the door as I saw Ares standing there, with a determined look on his face.

“Stay out of this Ares! I can handle it myself.” I crossed my arms. What the hell was he thinking?

“You’re barely standing, you wouldn’t win.” He said as if I was stupid. Which I guess I was.

“Neither one of you will be fighting him.” I looked behind Ares to see Thanatos standing there. My heart skipped a beat at the sight of him.

“Well well well if it isn’t my dearest brother.” Hades grinned at him.

“You lost that title a long time ago.”

“Aww you wound me.” He placed a hand over his heart faking hurt. I’m really starting to wonder who’s the oldest here.

“I’ll be taking Isabel with me now, you’ve had your fun.” He started making his way towards me.

“Fun!? He almost killed me!” I yelled. Thanatos eyes widened before he turned to Hades.

“What did you do?” He growled.

“She started it.” There was a big goofy grin on his face. Why does he smile so much? Shouldn’t the god of the underworld be all dark and what not?

“I’m finishing it right now. Ares take Isabel home.” Ares nodded before grabbing my arm. I thought they didn’t get along? And he’s just going to take orders from him?

“No! I’m not going anywhere, this is my fight too.” I yanked my arm, but Ares had a strong grip. Stupid gods and their unhealthy amount of power.

“She’s right I’m not letting her leave.” As if to prove a point every window and door slammed shut, locking.

“This isn’t her fight.” Thanatos was getting angry.

“Actually it is, but it’s not yours so you’re free to leave.” Hades stated calmly.

“What do you want from her?” He asked slowly.

“I know she’s the Phoenix. You know what that means.”

“Yeah so you also know she’s going to die soon. So she’s useless.” Well dang way to spare my feelings. It sounded so harsh when someone else said it.

Hades started laughing, like someone had whispered a joke in his ear. “Do you know nothing about the Phoenix boy? She’s not dying anytime soon!”

Thanatos smirked. “I already went to Loki about this.”

“You went to get information from a trickster that enjoys chaos? You really are as dumb as you look.” Thanatos frowned as if he finally realized his mistake. I had also trusted Loki words, well kind of. Had he been lying to us the whole time? That’d be a relief.

“What do you want with her?” He finally asked.

“Besides the obvious, I need her help with revenge.” I burst out laughing.

“You really think I’d help after you just tried to kill me?” I giggled, how stupid was he?

“Let’s not forget I could have killed you, but I spared your life.”

“Because you’re delusional and think I’m going to help you with anything.” I rolled my eyes.

“Funny you think you actually have a choice. You’re going to help me.” He said.

I glared at him. “You’re going to kis- ”

“Help with what?” Thanatos asked. Why was he feeding into this? There was no way I was helping him with anything. We’ve been trying to stay away from him for a reason. Even if I didn’t know what that reason was.

“Against the elders.” His eyes turned red when he said elders.

“Who are the elders?” I asked confused. Thanatos seemed to be deep in thought, so Ares answered.

“Our parents.”

“Our parents? What are you talking about?” My mom wasn’t the best parent but why would Hades want to kill her? And why does he need my help to kill a human?

“Our real parents, not foster.” Ares rolled his eyes as if he knew what I was thinking. Foster? Wait I’m adopted? That would explain the lack of love I received.

“Why do you want them dead? And what makes you think I’m going to help?”

“Oh that’s right, little Phoenix here doesn’t know her whole story.” He seemed smug about something and I didn’t like it.

“What story?” I looked to Thanatos for answers, but he avoided eye contact. Did he know my story?

“Your precious parents that you don’t want to help me kill. Has killed you many lifetimes.”

“You’re lying!” No way my birth parents would kill me.

“He’s not Isabel.” Ares said.

I gasped, “Did they kill you too?” What kind of parents just go around killing their kids?

“No.” What? So not only were they murderers but also sexists.

“Why did they kill me then?” I was so confused.

“Because you loved me,” Hades stated in all seriousness. My eyes went wide. “and I loved you.” That couldn’t have been the reason. There’s got to be more to the story. Killing your child over someone they love? That doesn’t seem right.

“That’s enough!” Thanatos yelled.

“Why? Because she’s finally learning the truth? Or you’re just jealous? Are you crushing on my girl little brother?” Hades smirked.

“I’m not your girl.” What was wrong with this guy? He just gave me a heated look. I felt my cheeks start to get warm.

“She’s not helping you on your vengeance quest.” Thanatos spat.

“But you tried to kill me. If you needed my help why would you try to kill me? Why not just ask? Without all the kidnapping.” I stated dumbly. I was still processing all this information. Did he know who I was all along and that’s why he’s been wanting me? So we could get revenge on parents I didn’t even know?

“Again, no I did not.” He rolled his eyes. How could I have ever loved someone like him? He had to be lying.

“Is this true Ares? Did I really uh, love him?” My eyes flicked to Hades.

“Yes, he was your husband.”

“I said enough! I’m taking Isabel with me.” Thanatos grabbed my arm, pulling me towards the door.

“But she hasn’t heard the best part. Of how she was killed.” Thanatos froze at Hades words. “Who wants to do the honors of telling her? Maybe you little brother?”

“Drop it!” He hissed.

“Fine, guess I will.” Hades looked at me and I could tell whatever he was about to say wasn’t a lie. “My dearest brother helped them, or should I just say, killed you himself?”

My heart felt like it dropped. Thanatos has been killing me for lifetimes? Is that why he knew when I was going to die? Nothing made sense anymore. Hades had to be lying. Trying to confuse me from the truth. “Y-you’re lying.”

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