Death Saved Me

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Chapter 39

What was going on here? “Oh, I’m sorry did you not want her to know?” Hades asked a fuming Thanatos.

“Why would you kill me?” I asked him quietly.

“He’s death girl, it’s what he does.” Hades rolled his eyes. I really wish he would just disappear.

“I didn’t really know you back then, and your parents hired me to assassinate you.” I don’t know what was worse. My parents paying someone to kill me or it just so happen to be Thanatos. Both can scar a person for life. I’ve grown close to him recently and hated the thought this isn’t the first time he has killed me. That my parents paid him to kill me.

“But he did know you. Let’s not forget the part in your sick twisted game to kill her you made her fall in love with you first. Then betrayed her of course.” Hades took a seat on the bed. Looking very calm about this situation.

“What?” This just keeps getting worse.

“I was going to tell you when I was ready.” Thanatos sighed. Really? Because he just lied in my face when he had an opportunity to tell me. I don’t think he ever planned to tell me. How do you tell the person you’ve been trying to keep safe that you’ve killed them in the past? Not the type of conversation you have over a cup of tea.

“I can’t deal with this right now.” I massaged my head as I felt a headache approaching.

“Good no one wants to deal with a killer relationship.” Hades laughed to himself. I was getting tired of him and his jokes.

“I’m leaving.” I walked towards the door yanking on the handle. I let out a groan when it didn’t budge. Hades still had us locked in.

“I’m still in need of your help.” Now he was serious once again.

“Why should I help you?” I demanded to know.

“I’m the only one that has been truthful with you brat! It’s the least you could do.” I don’t think he’s used to asking for help. Otherwise he’d know not to insult the person you need.

“You’re also the one that just tried to kill me!” I pointed out.

“Well Thanatos did kill you, but you still listen to him.” He had a point there. Maybe I should just help him? Then all this drama can end.

I sighed walking back into the room, taking a stand in front of him. “What do you need me to do?”

“That’s what I like to hear.”

“You don’t have to help him Isabel.” Thanatos said.

“I think it’s a good idea that she does, our parents have done nothing but tried to kill her. Maybe this time she should make the move first. Before they send someone in your place.” Ares looked at me, showing he supported my decision.

“Make my move first?”

“Yes, every lifetime your parents have come to kill you eventually. Now you’ll be making the first move. They wouldn’t expect that.” Hades was very proud of his plan for some reason. I can’t believe I loved someone like this.

Suddenly I remembered the threatening notes I had been receiving. Could they be from my parents? It never made sense for Hades to send them. “Um, in my past lives have they ever sent me notes?”

“You mean the notes you didn’t bother to tell me about?” Thanatos raised an eyebrow at me. How did he know about them? I shrugged. I didn’t have to answer to him, not like he’s been honest with me.

Hades shook his head. “No, maybe they’re trying something new. What did the notes say?”

“To stay away. Could they have meant stay away from you?” Maybe they were warning me to not help him.

He thought about it for a minute. “Maybe, it would make sense. Unless you have other enemies we don’t know about.”

I sighed. “Well what do you need me to do? How do we go about attacking them first?” I finally asked.

“Well first I need you to get in control of your powers. You think you have control of them, but the amount of time it took you to summon those flames tells me otherwise.” He crossed his arms.

“I’ve tried! I can’t.” I thought I was in control, but I guess I was wrong.

“You can, you’ve done it plenty of times before. With my help of course.” He said.

“What?” I looked to Thanatos for confirmation only to notice he was gone. Thanks for sticking around.

“Yes, every time we dated I have helped you control your powers once I discovered them.”

“How do I control them?”

“You need to learn how to fight first. That part Ares will help with.” My eyes widened as I looked at Ares.

“I have to fight you?” I squeaked. It was bad enough they made me fight Poseidon. No way was I going to win a match against him. He’s built for fighting!

“No, you’ll be fighting me.” I was surprised to see Artemis step in the room. I completely forgot about her, and everyone else. Now fighting Ares didn’t sound so bad. At least I knew he didn’t want to kill me.

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