Death Saved Me

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Chapter 4

“So, are you coming to watch me play later?” It was Friday, and like every other high school we had a baseball game today. We’re going against our long-time rivals that live on the other side of town, the Panthers.

I usually didn’t go to the games because they were extremely boring. But since our relationship has been on the rocks lately, I thought maybe it’d be a good idea to show my support. “Of course.” I smiled at him. Now I needed to convince Sydney to go with me. He pecked my cheek before turning to Chad. Chad was a friend of his that also played on the team. I sighed using my fork to push the mashed potatoes around on my plate. For the first time in four years I wasn’t sitting at my normal table, much to Sydney’s annoyance. I was at the popular table with Duff and his friends. The whole table was buzzing about the game.

“Hey Duff,” Crystal walked up taking a seat across from him. “can’t wait to see you play later.” She winked at him. Hello? Did she not see me sitting here? Or did she just not care? He ignored her, reaching over to steal one of my fries. I smiled. She finally turned her attention to me. “Oh hi Courtney, didn’t see you there.” She said. Really? Courtney? I’ve been going to school with her for four years. I’m sure she knows my name.

I gave her a polite smile. “It’s Isabel, and hey.” Her attention was already on her friend. Obviously my response wasn’t that important to her.

I looked over at Duff. “I’m going to go talk to Sydney.” I grabbed my tray, getting up from the table.

His hand on my wrist stopped me. “Meet me at my locker later, ok?” I nodded, making my way to my original table.

Sydney glared at me the closer I got. “Look who decided to finally grace us with her presence.”

I sighed, I deserved that. “I’m sorry Syd, you know a lot’s been going on.”

She rolled her eyes. “Just don’t let it happen again. You could at least have taken your best friend with you.”

“Trust me, you don’t want to sit at that table.” I looked back over as Crystal laughed loudly at something.

“Well, you could’ve definitely invited me.” Jessica glared.

“I don’t even like you.” Sydney gasped, trying to hold in her laughter. “Duff wants me to go to the game later.”

“Good for you.”

Now time to convince her. “I was hoping you’d come too, you know to see all the cute boys from the rivaling team.” I rushed out as she opened her mouth to reject.

“Oh, you’re good.” I smiled.

I shrugged. “Thanks, I try.”

“Just so you know I’m only going for the boys, not for you.” She says, flipping her hair.

“Trust me, I didn't think it was for any other reason.”

I walked up to Duff’s locker after school dreading the next three hours. I was not a fan of sitting on a metal bench all day like other students. Not to mention our team wasn’t that good. Sure we won a few games, but honestly? They were pretty trash.

“Hey babe,” He closed his locker, pulling out a team jersey with his number on it. Que the cliché scene where he asks me to wear it. “I was hoping you’d wear my jersey during the game. I’m sure the support of my girlfriend will help me play better.” He grinned. It was very hard for me not to roll my eyes.

“I’d love to Duff.” He handed me the shirt and I brought it up to my nose. For some reason he always had this nice fruity smell. I guess having his smell wrapped around me will make the game a little enjoyable.

“You're so weird.” He laughed as he watched me sniff it.

“Oh, sorry for liking the smell of my boyfriend.” I pouted. He pulled me into his chest, placing a kiss on my forehead.

“You like me just as much though, right?” I wrapped my arms around his waist, snuggling more into him.

“That’s up for debate.”

“Yo Duff! Come on man we have to go.” Chad called from the other end of the hall.

He pulled away from me. “I better see you in the stands.” He warned, I watched as he caught up with Chad. Time to go hunt down Sydney.

“Where do you think you’re going?” I crossed my arms as she paused. It took me twenty minutes to find her, only to catch her in the parking lot at her car.

“Oh Isabel! I was just looking for you.” She turned to face me.

I raised an eyebrow at her. “Looking for me inside your car, huh?”

She looked back at the car. “Oh, you thought I was getting into my car? To try and leave? You’re so silly! I came out here for my um, jacket.” She laughed. It’s always easy to tell when she’s lying. She can never make eye contact, and right now she was looking everywhere else but at me. Not to mention it was 80 degrees today. What would she need a jacket for?

“So, where’s your jacket? “I asked her, hand on my hip.

“Turns out I left it at home. Silly me, right?” I growled reaching out for her arm. I pulled her along towards the baseball field. “Come on Isabel! Baseball games are so boring. We can go see cute boys at the local café or something.” She complained, pouting.

“Syd you know I’m going to support Duff, and I want my best friend there with me.” I stopped, pulling her to face me. “Plus, you owe me.”

“For what?”

“Third grade in Mr.Pittsman class. When you- “

“Ok I get it.” She cut me off glaring. I smiled innocently at her. I take it she knew exactly what I was going to say.

“Glad we have an understanding.” I continued walking. I tried not to laugh as she mumbled insults under her breath behind me.

We found some seats on the second row in the stands. A perfect spot for Duff to see me, and sadly Crystal too who sat in front of us.

“Should I get some snacks?” Sydney asked, taking a seat next to me.

“I’m not hungry, just ready for this to be over.” Suddenly everyone shot to their feet as the team came running out. I spotted Duff in the far back, waving his bat at me. I stood up waving back. He’s so lucky I love him.

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