Death Saved Me

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Chapter 40

“Why her?” I pointed towards Artemis, not even bothering to face her. Are we just going to just dismiss her betrayal? She clearly wanted me dead. I don’t think fighting her is a good idea.

“Because you both already seem to dislike each other. I thought you’d enjoy inflicting pain on one another.” Hades answered. I still can’t believe we dated. What the hell was I thinking?

“I don’t want to fight her.” I knew I was whining but I didn’t care. I genuinely feared for my life. I still didn’t trust Artemis, or Hades either really if I’m being honest. I mean not moments ago he was trying to kill me.

“Is the little baby scared?” I knew she was purposely trying to rile me up, but her words still got to me.

“No, I just want you to live to see another day.” I gave her a lazy grin. Her eyes blazed with fury, letting me know I hit a nerve. This is why I didn’t want to fight her. What if she “accidentally” killed me mid battle? I’m too young to die, again.

“Enough with this! You are going to fight her Isabel. You are no match for Ares, so your only other option is her. Unless you want to fight me again, and we both know how that will turn out.” Hades crossed his arms glaring at me. I could fight Poseidon again, but who knows maybe he was holding back the first time? I guess Artemis was my best bet.

“Or maybe I just won’t help.” I said.

“Whatever it’s your life on the line, not mine.”

“Why can’t Ares just kill them? He’s strong enough.” I sighed. If he can beat me then he can beat my parents, right?

“This isn’t Ares fight!” He growled.

“It’s not mine either! They don’t have to kill me, it’s not like I’m in love with you now. Maybe they’ll leave me alone this time.” It was sick discussing if my parents would kill me or not.

“It doesn’t matter, they’re not going to take that chance.” I sighed again, clearly this was a lost fight. I might as well just suck it up and help the guy, so he’ll leave me alone. Hell, so they’ll all leave me alone. I just wanted to go back to my old life. I even missed dealing with Crystal and her clones.

“Alright let’s do it.” I stretched my muscles as I faced Artemis, who was currently grinning at me like a hyena.

“Ok there’s only one rule, don’t kill each other. But if you do make it swift.” He laughed. I hope he was joking.

“What’s the safe word?”

“Safe word?” He looked confused. I guess he never used safe words.

“Like if I’m dying and want to stop the fight?” I rolled my eyes.

“Oh babe, the safe word is when your eyes are rolling to the back of your head,” My eyes widened as he said this, “Now fight!”

I didn’t get a chance to protest before Artemis launched herself at me. Wow, eager much? I barely had enough time to dodge, but that didn’t stop her. She recovered quickly, launching herself at me again. For a while this is how the fight went on. She’d attack me, and I’d evade.

“Ok Isabel we see you know how to dodge, how about trying to fight back now?” Hades called from the sideline, nothing but boredom lacing his tone. Clearly this was meant to be entertainment for him. Fine I’ll give him a show.

When she moved to attack me again, I threw a punch. Hitting her square in the chest. I was surprised to see her fly back. “That’s what I’m talking about!” He grinned.

Artemis glared at me as she got back up. I balled my fist standing in what I hope was a fighting stance. She swung at me, I easily dodged it. I threw out my fist hitting her in the jaw. I winched as I pulled my hand back. God that hurt.

I was so caught up in acknowledging the pain that I didn’t see the fist flying towards my face. I groaned when she made contact. But she didn’t stop there. She threw another one hitting me on the other side of my face. Is it too early to quit now? No, I won’t until I can’t fight anymore. The next fist I saw coming and moved out of the way just in time. She wasn’t tired yet?

“Fight back Isabel!”

“I am!” I was getting real tired of him. Something in me roared to life. I knew it was my powers, even though I tried to keep them at bay. Orange flames instantly surrounded my fist. I didn’t think about my next move as I swung towards Artemis. Her eyes widened when she saw my hand. She didn’t have time to move as it made contact. I heard her screams before I saw the damage. Her face was burning were I hit her, like someone threw acid on her. Huh, so that’s what happens when I hit someone up close?

“Oh my god!” I didn’t know what to do as I watched her wither in agony.

“Why did you use your powers?” Ares asked as he tried to calm down Artemis. The burning had finally stopped but it looked bad. Half her face was burnt off.

“Good job Isabel, wasn’t expecting that.” Was that pride I heard in Hades voice? Only he would be proud of me burning someone’s face off.

“Good job? What the hell was that!? I didn’t try to use my powers.” I sat on the bed, too exhausted to stand anymore. I was surprised when Hades came and sat next to me.

“I believe you can control this, I’ve seen you do it. It may take some time, but you can. You will control it.” I was shocked by how soft his voice was. When he talked like that, I could almost believe that I loved him once. That there was a man under there capable of loving.

“I don’t even know what it is. I know I’m the Phoenix and that’s it. What does that truly mean?” Why couldn’t I have been born normal?

“You’re perfect just the way you are.” My eyes widened at his words. What the? I looked over to see him staring intently at me. What was going on? Did he just read my mind?

I jumped up from the bed going to check on Artemis to distract myself. I was starting to feel weird sitting with him, and not in a bad way. She glared as I approached. “Stay away from me freak.” Really? Now we’re name calling?

“You’re the one that wanted to fight.” I calmly told her. There was no reason to get her riled up again.

“If I’d known what a freak you truly were, then maybe my approach would’ve been different.” She was still glaring at me. What could she have possibly done different? I rolled my eyes giving up on her. When I turned around Hades was standing looking over at us.

“So, what now genius? I can’t fight her anymore.”

He nodded, “I don’t think you need any training, your powers show themselves when you’re angered or in danger.”

“I could’ve told you that without the fight.”

The grin on his face made me pause. “That’s why I have a new idea.”

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