Death Saved Me

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Chapter 41

I shot up in a panic, where the hell am I? My head felt like an elephant danced on it. Taking in my surroundings my eyes widened. What the hell am I doing in a jungle? Then suddenly it all came back to me.


“What’s the new plan?” I asked Hades as I watched him take a seat on the bed.

“I’ll be right back.” Before I could ask where he was going, he disappeared.

“Ugh! Why can’t you guys use a door like normal people?” I cried out in frustration. Ares who was leaning against the wall shrugged to my question, not that I was asking him. Once Artemis got over the anger of me burning her face, she got angry about Ares helping her. Being the drama queen she is, she pushed him away from her and disappeared. I got to learn that disappearing act.

I took another look at Ares realizing we haven’t talked much since all this happened. Maybe he can give me more information about our parents, if he knows anything. Didn’t Artemis say they gave him up for adoption?

“Can I-” I was cut off as Hades suddenly flashed in front of me, jabbing a syringe in my arm. Seconds later everything went black as I crumbled to the ground.

Flashback over

“I’m so going to kill him.” He drugged me and dumped me god knows where! God he’s just like his brother. Dumping people wherever they want with no cash. “You hear that psycho! I’m going to kill you!” I called out into the open air. I patted my pockets for my phone but came up empty. Huffing I took in my surrounds once more. All I saw were trees.

Deciding that I was getting nowhere standing here, I started making my way forward. “People are out to kill you so I’m going to dump you in the middle of nowhere, with no protection.” I mocked out loud to myself, shaking my head frowning. Clearly he’s not as smart as he looks. Just like his brother.

I cursed as my hair got caught on a branch. Well this just keeps getting better. Grabbing the end of my hair, I tugged as hard as I could. Finally, the branch showed me mercy and released me. I groaned, I wasn’t gifted with a sense of direction, so I didn’t know if I was walking closer to or further away from my destination. Which I also didn’t know, not like I could just go home. Thinking of home gave me an idea.

“Thanatos! Death! Whoever you are I need you! We can put the whole killing me countless times behind us!” I screamed up at the trees. I waited a few seconds thinking he’d show up. A few minutes passed and still no appearance. Guess I really am on my own.

Sighing I continued blindly walking through the jungle, smacking bugs off me along the way. While I was distracted smacking yet another mosquito off me, I tripped over a log. Great. Getting to my knees I dusted off my arms.

“I always knew I’d have you on your knees in front of me. Though I must admit even for me this is a weird place to pick.” I looked up as Thanatos stood over me with a smirk on his face. How can you be glad to see someone and disgusted at the same time?

“Can it pervert, just get me out of here.” I stood looking around us. It was starting to get dark. How long was I out? What time was it? Now would be a good time to be wearing a watch since my phone was nowhere to be found. Did Hades take it?

“Where is here exactly? And since when did you take up hiking?” He cocked his head to the side studying me. I rolled my eyes at him. I feel like scar with the hyenas right now, I’m surrounded by idiots.

“I don’t know how I got here, now can we go?” I asked. Why was he dragging this out?

“What do you mean ‘you don’t know how you got here’?” Now he seemed a little alarmed.

“As in I woke up here.” His eyebrows drew together as if he was trying to figure something out. “Look we can figure out the how-“I stopped as I saw something huge coming our way. I squinted trying to get a good look at it. “Oh my god!” I turned and started running in the opposite direction, not even caring if Thanatos followed.

There was a freaking three headed dog running towards us! It was huge, looked like a Pitbull on steroids. First the jungle and now this?

My breath was coming out in short pants as I tried to get as much distance as I could between me and the beast. Where was Thanatos? I dared to take a glance behind me, which was my first mistake. Losing sight of what’s in front of me I once again tripped over a log. I officially hate the jungle.

Tumbling down a small hill I screamed. When I finally stopped rolling, I tried to stand up. Only to feel a sharp pain in my left ankle. No no no no why me? I looked around to see if there was some place to hide. Anything is better than sitting here like a waiting duck. Seeing a huge fallen tree, I quickly hopped over to it. I tried to quiet my breathing as I hid inside it. I didn’t see the beast behind me when I looked back, now I have no idea where it’s at.

I jumped when I felt something touch my arm. Getting ready to let out a scream before a hand covered my mouth.

“It’s just me.” Thanatos whispered in my ear.

“Did you see it? Where did it go?” I asked him as soon as he removed his hand.

He nodded, “Yes that’s Cerberus, and I think I know why he’s here.” My eyes widened.

“As in the hound of all hounds? Dog of the Underworld? What’s he doing here? Shouldn’t he be in I don’t know the Underworld or something?” I don’t know if I was having a panic attack or just rambling.

“I’m guessing Hades is the last person you saw before you got dumped here? Which means he’s also the one that released Cerberus from his post.” He said calmly like stuff like this happened every day.

“Why? Why is he here?” I demanded answers. I froze as I heard a loud growl come from right outside the fallen tree. I rose up slowly to peek through one of the holes, jumping back with a scream as I looked right into one of its eyes. It growled as it began digging into the tree. Tearing it apart bit by bit. “Do something before it kills us!” I screamed at Thanatos.

“There’s nothing I can do, Hades picked him for a reason.” Still in that calm voice, does he not see the huge beast trying to kill us? How could he be so calm?

“The only reason being is because he’s psycho! Now’s a good time for you to zap us out of here!” I screamed some more as the tree started cracking from under its weight.

“I can’t, he’ll just follow us.” He cringed at the thought. You have got to be kidding me. “You have to go out there and calm him down.”

“You must be crazier than I thought if you think I’m going out there.” I glared at him. He sighed.

“You’re the only one that can tame him.”

“He’s not some house dog that needs taming! We need guns, or a miracle.” I’m surprised he hasn’t gotten to us already. Tree must be thicker than I thought. Thank god.

Thanatos grabbed me by the shoulders forcing me to face him. “Isabel you need to listen to me! It’s one of your powers, you have always been able to persuade anything including Cerberus. Now get out there and do it.” He was annoyed now I could tell.

“There’s no way in he-“I screamed as he shot his foot out, kicking me out the log. I landed hard on my butt in nothing but dirt. I squeezed my eyes shut as it suddenly got quiet. I felt something wet land on my fingers. I peeked one eye open looking down at my hand. I knew my life was over as I saw a glob of spit. Looking up slowly I came face to face with a snarling mouth.

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