Death Saved Me

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Chapter 43

I swore once again as I made a wrong turn. This was a very expensive car and I was afraid to damage it at all. I found it outside the hotel after stealing Hades keys from the kitchen counter. Everyone was distracted and talking so I snagged them when no one was paying attention. Who knew he’d have a car this nice? Who knew he even drove a car?

Where am I going you ask? Well it’s currently midnight and I have a weird craving for pickle and Kool-Aid. So I’m trying to find a nearby store which is proving to be harder than it should be. Everyone back at the hotel thinks I went to the bathroom, but I really snuck out. I received lots of funny looks from randoms when they saw me shimmying out the window.

I looked down at the GPS and swore again as I missed another turn. I slammed on the breaks making a very illegal U-turn.

My phone started ringing, I looked down to see it was from an unknown number. I reached over pushing answer, bringing the phone to my ear. “Hello?” I answered while also trying to drive. Don’t do this at home kids.

“Please tell me you haven’t damaged my car.” I knew he’d eventually realize I was gone. But how did he get my number? And did the others know?

“The car is fine and so am I thanks for asking.” I rolled my eyes even though he couldn’t see me.

“Where the hell are you?”

“GPS says I’m three miles from my destination.”

“I’m not playing games troll, tell me where you are.” He was starting to get angry. I couldn’t blame him though, I did steal his keys and snuck out. Yes I Isabel snuck pass a bunch of gods all on my own.

“You’re not my dad.” I made another left turn, my eyes lit up when I saw a corner store.

“Didn’t stop you from calling me daddy though.” Even though he couldn’t see me my cheeks still heated up. That was not the reply I was expecting. I would never call him daddy!

“Shut up.” All I heard was laughing on the other end. I pulled into a parking spot hesitating for a moment. There was a group of guys hanging out in front of the store and they did not look friendly. My instincts were telling me to not get out the car and just drive away, but then my belly growled and hunger beats fear.

“Tell me where you are Isabel.” He suddenly sounded very serious, which meant it was time to hang up. I ended the call as I opened my door and got out. I quickly made my way into the store, trying not to make eye contact with any of the guys as they made cat calls at me. I breathed a sigh of relief as I made my way to the front register. There was a girl there with dark hair and just as dark makeup. Did everyone at this store just seem sketchy?

“Where are your pickles?” I asked. She just stared. Um ok? I guess she’s not going to be any help. I walked around the store until I finally found them. “Yes! Victory is mine.” I started making my way up to the counter just as the door opened and the group of guys walked in. Oh great.

“You buying something for all of us cutie?” One guy asked as they started to approach me. There were three of them in total.

“What’s up with the purple hair sexy?” I ignored them as I sat my stuff on the counter. I was digging out my wallet when I felt someone grab my wrist.

“Didn’t you hear my man’s compliment you?” He growled in my ear. God has he ever heard of toothpaste?

“Get your hands off me.” I looked him dead in the eye. Thanatos taught me to always look my enemies in the eye, because it intimidates them.

“Or what?” He yanked me hard towards him. Well I guess the eye thing didn’t work. Now I was scared.

“Let go of me!” I screamed in his face. Couldn’t a girl go to the store without getting attacked now days?

Not surprising he started dragging me out the store, with his group of friends following close behind. The girl behind the counter did nothing but watch. This must happen often since she’s not even batting an eye at the situation. Guess I’m on my own.

I tried getting out of his grip, but it was no use. They dragged me around to the back of the store and that’s when I really got scared. If I didn’t get away now who knows what will happen. I felt my body starting to get hot as I started shaking uncontrollably. It wasn’t simple vibrations this time.

“What’s going on with her?” One of the dudes asked. I looked at him and he took a step back. Suddenly the guy holding me let out a scream, releasing my wrist. I looked down at my hands to see they were once again on fire. I felt my power surging through me stronger than ever. Looking at the group of guys I cocked my head to the side with a smile on my face.

“So, who wants to play?”

One of the guys started running away, in the blink of an eye I stood right in front of him. I shot my arm out grabbing him by the neck, before tossing him into a nearby fence. Wow I can teleport! I wonder what else I got up my sleeve. Time to find out.

After that the other two guys took off as well. “Where’s everybody going? I thought you wanted to hang?” I laughed humorously. I sat my eyes on my next target. Looking at my hand I willed the flames to form a ball. I tossed it at the running guy and he instantly burst into flames. I felt myself frown as the guy who grabbed my wrist was getting further away. Tilting my head to the side I appeared in front of him.

“Going somewhere?” His eyes widened as he turned to run in the other direction. I once again appeared in front of him. Before he could turn away I grabbed him by his collar. “You think you can just prey on innocent girls with no consequences? Huh? I’m going to make you regret ever meeting me.” He screamed as I held him close, his body getting engulfed in flames. Somewhere deep inside me I knew this was bad and I should be regretting it. But something else told me these guys deserved it and so much more.

“Isabel put him down now!” My eyes shifted behind him to see Hades standing there. I ignored him as I continued torturing the guy. He let out a loud sigh and seconds later my body went flying backwards. I landed on the ground glaring hard at Hades.

“Mind your own business for once old man.” I stood up as he started circling me, studying me. The flames had gotten bigger and brighter, they were now up to my elbow.

“You need to calm down.” He said, not getting any closer.

“You need to get out of my way.” Suddenly I felt myself starting to get weak, the flames on my body went out. I cast one last look at Hades before my eyes rolled to the back of my head. What just happened? Why do I always pass out around him?

I groaned as I rolled over in the soft bed. Wait bed? I cracked an eye open before quickly closing it again. Why was the sun so bright? I tried opening my eyes again and this time the sunlight was bearable.

First thing I noticed was Hades lying next to me sound asleep. I quickly scanned my body to make sure I was still dressed. “Don’t worry we didn’t do anything. Not saying you didn’t try to seduce me though.” I looked back up to see him smirking at me. Like a slap in the face I remembered everything that happened last night, and to my horror I burst out in tears. “Whoa what the hell Isabel?”

“I killed three people! Three people!” The tears wouldn’t stop coming. Hades shifted around until he was leaning against the headboard. He reached out pulling me up against his chest.

“Those guys got what they deserved.” He awkwardly patted my head. If this were any other situation I would be dying of laughter at his attempt at comforting.

“No one deserves to get burned alive.”

“True I would’ve taken a different approach.” Did he think he was really helping?

“You’re not helping.” I sniffed as I moved my head off his chest. Lucky for me he had a shirt on, that was now soaked with my tears.

“Great, this was one of my favorite shirts.” He sighed.

“What happened to me last night? It- it’s like I enjoyed causing them pain.” I shuddered at the thought.

“You tapped into a new part of your powers.”

“I teleported last night.” The one time I teleport is the one time I want to forget I did.

“Yes, do you think you could do it again?” He asked gently. Since when did Hades do gentle? That’s when I realized I was still laying in bed with him. My face flushed, I quickly got out the bed.

“You know next time you could put me on the couch or something.” I awkwardly scratched the back of my neck.

“Then I wouldn’t be able to see you blush when you notice I’m next to you.” He gave me a lazy grin.

“Hate to break up this little love nest you two got going on, but it’s time.” Thor was leaning against the door. I didn’t even hear it open.

“Time for what?” I asked him.

“To get your results.”

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