Death Saved Me

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Chapter 44

The way they made it sound I would’ve never thought “getting my results” would just be peeing on a stick. I rolled my eyes when Thor first handed it to me. I could’ve done this a long time ago!

I tried to steady my hand as I peed, this was a little harder than I thought. A few minutes later I sat on the toilet and waited. The box said it should take twenty minutes to get the best results. What if I am pregnant? So much would change. For one I probably wouldn’t be able to go after my parents, and secondly what if it’s a demon? I mean it is Hades baby. Do I really want to bring something like that in the world?

I jumped as someone knocked on the door. “Come in,” surprisingly it was Thanatos that walked in. “since when do you knock?” I asked. It felt awkward having him here while I’m waiting to know if I’m pregnant with Hades baby, aka his brother.

“You could’ve been naked.” He shrugged.

“As if that would stop you.”

He smirked “I came to tell you something important,” I nodded waiting for him to finish. “Do you trust Hades?”

“Um, I’m not sure actually.”

“Everyone knew you were going to sleep together, its why I stayed away.” My eyes widened at his confession. That’s why he disappeared after the hounds? He knew what was going to happen when we got back? That’s disturbing. He could’ve at least warned me.

“What are you taking about?”

“It strengthens your powers.”

“So, this was all a setup? He only slept with me to make me stronger?” I never felt so used in my life.

He sighed as if what he was about to say next pained him. “It’s physically impossible for you guys to have sex, unless you’re both in love. With each other.”

I burst out laughing as he said this. “I’m not in love with him! It was just casual sex, or should I say a mistake.”

Thanatos shook his head. “You may not know it now, but you are. I’ve seen it happen many times.”

“Well then, it’s different this time.” I glared at him. He can’t tell me who I’m in love with. I don’t care what happened in my past lives.

“Isabel this is much bigger than what you think. You think it was a coincidence that I found you on that bridge? Well it wasn’t.”

“What are you talking about?”

“It’ll all make sense soon,” I watched as he opened the bathroom door but paused looking back at me. “Congratulations by the way.” Was the last thing he said before disappearing. That was weird, I’ve never seen Thanatos be that serious, ever. What does he mean bigger than I think? What else could possibly be going on? I picked up the pregnancy test and frowned.

I walked out of the bathroom and heading to the living room where everyone was waiting. Thor sat on the floor while Sydney and Erebus sat on the couch. Ares was staring out the window. I didn’t see Thanatos or Hades.

“Well? Are you Hades baby momma or not?” I cringed at his words.

I sighed. “Yes, I’m pregnant.” Before I could stop myself, I started crying. Sydney ran over to me, pulling me in a tight hug. “I can’t do this, I can’t have this baby.”

“Shh shh everything will be ok.” She patted my back.

“What if It’s evil? What if it tries to kill me? What if they both kill me?” I cried more nonsense into her shoulder. I was kind of glad that Hades wasn’t here. I can’t face him right now. It was embarrassing enough everybody else was witnessing me have a break down.

Sydney grabbed me by the shoulders gently pushing me back so I could face her. “Isabel listen to me, I don’t care who the father of your baby is. You are too nice and too sweet to have an evil baby! Don’t you ever think that.” I nodded, maybe she was right. A baby can’t be born evil, right?

Just then the front door opened and Hades walked in. In his hand was a jar of pickles, pack of Kool-Aid and a box of tissues. He frowned when he saw Sydney and I standing in the middle of the floor with tears on my face.

“What’s going on here?” He asked no one in particular. I was speechless, I couldn’t believe he was holding what I’ve been craving. I never told him what I was going to get that night. So how did he know?

“What’s that?” I asked him. He looked confused at what I was talking about, then realized I meant the snacks.

“Oh, these are for you.” He started walking towards me, causing me to take a step back.

“How did you know?”

“When you passed out you were mumbling in your sleep about it.” He said. He heard me talking about it and decided to go get it?

“Um, thanks.”

“She’s pregnant.” Thor announced getting up from the floor.

“Shit.” That wasn’t the reaction I was expecting from him. Hades started pacing, making me nervous.

“What’s wrong?”

“Do you know how much danger you’re in now? It’s not just your parents we need to worry about. We need to keep this on the down low for as long as possible. Only people that will know about it are the ones in this room.” He said.

“Who else is there to worry about?” I asked.

“Demons, angels, anything else supernatural.” I felt fear grip me. Angels? We can’t defeat angels!

“Should we tell Jeremy?” Erebus asked.

“No, I’ve been in his mind. He’s only loyal to one person and it’s not Isabel.” I forgot that he once took over Jeremys body, and Duffs. He’s literally been in all of my exs. I shuddered at the thought.

“Should she just get an abortion?” Sydney suggested. I was never one to consider that option but with everything going on she had a point.

Hades glared daggers at her. “No one is killing my kid.” He growled out. Sydney took several steps back, fear clear as day in her eyes.

“She was just making a suggestion.” I glared at him for scaring her.

“I suggest you shut up.” He rolled his eyes at me. Did he just tell me to shut up?

“Eat dirt.” He laughed.

“Start packing Isabel, we can’t stay here any longer.” He pulled out his phone and started making calls.

“As if I have anything to pack.” I rolled my eyes. I decided to just grab whatever I considered to be mine now.

“Where are they going to go?” Sydney asked Erebus.

“To the Underworld.” I stopped what I was doing staring at Thor in shock.

“What!?” No way was that happening.

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