Death Saved Me

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Chapter 45

I stomped over to Hades pulling the phone from his hand. “I am not going to the Underworld! I refuse.”

He let out a big dramatic sigh, holding his hand out. “Give me my phone back.”

“Did you not just hear me?”

“You don’t really have a say in this anymore.” I gasped. What does he mean I have no say in this?

“As long as I’m breathing, I believe I do.” I was two seconds away from stomping my feet, he’s so frustrating.

“As long as you’re carrying my baby, I believe you don’t.” He snatched the phone from my hand, going back to his conversation. What an a-hole. I walked back over to Sydney flopping on the couch next to her.

“You’ll be ok babe, I mean your life sucks already anyways what’s one more thing?” I glared at her.

“Not helping.”

“I’ve never been to the Underworld, but I hear the weather is nice.” Thor spoke up making Sydney laugh. I’m surrounded by idiots.

Hades closed his phone and made his way back over to us. Frowning when he noticed I wasn’t packing. “Isabel don’t fight me on this, it’s what’s best.” He snapped his fingers and in seconds my stuff was laying packed at my feet. So, he was going to make me do all that work when all he had to do was snap his fingers? He smirked as if he knew what I was thinking.

“Does it look like I’m fighting? I’m clearly just sitting here waiting to leave against my will.” I said crossing my arms.

“Sydney’s coming too if it makes you feel any better.”

“Whoa what? I didn’t sign up for that. I love you and all Isabel but that’s not happening.” She started making her way to the door. Just as she got it open it slammed shut.

“I wasn’t asking.” Hades stated. Hmm force my friend to the Underworld with me or go alone with a psycho?

“Isabel! This isn’t right, don’t let him force me.” She looked truly frightened. I sighed, she doesn’t deserve to get tortured with me.

“I’m fine going by myself.” He cocked an eyebrow at me.

“Are you sure?” I don’t know if I should be impressed that he’d force someone to the Underworld with me or disturbed at the fact.

“I know it’s your thing making people suffer and all, but I actually have a heart.” He rolled his eyes.

“Very well then, our ride will be here shortly.” I grabbed the one suitcase I had and made my way to the door.

“Are there malls in the Underworld? There’s no way I’ll still be fitting these clothes soon.” I sighed as I finally saw what I assume was our ride, a long black limo. So, we’re riding to the Underworld in style then? Hades opened the door for me and I silently slid in. At least the seats were comfortable. I moved over slightly when he slid in next to me.

“Relax, I don’t bite.” He grinned, I rolled my eyes. Something I’ve been doing a lot of when I’m around him. “Unless you want me to.”

“Just stay on your side of the car sir.”

“Since this is my car, every side is mine.” He finished his statement scooting closer to me. I could tell this was going to be a long ride.

“92 bottles of beer in the Underworld, 92 bottles of beer, take one down pass it around now there’s 91 bottles of beer.” I was two seconds from stabbing myself in the ears. This was the third time he has sang that song, and he doesn’t even know the lyrics!

“For god’s sake would you shut up.” I growled.

“Why don’t you just join me? It’ll make the trip much more fun.”

“You’re annoying.”

“And your baby daddy.” He winked.

“No, you’re just a sperm donor that I didn’t ask for.”

“Oh, you asked for it alright.” Kill me now. “We’re here, get out.” Such a gentleman. I opened the car door and frowned.

“We drove hours for us to be in the middle of nowhere?” All I saw was sand. There wasn’t any sign of civilization.

He ignored me and started walking straight ahead. I watched as he waved his hand and a red door appeared out of nowhere. Very fitting for where it’s taking us. I looked back to see if the limo driver was coming only to see the limo was gone. Hades beckoned me with his hand to come over, I sighed before following.

The door led to a long set of stairs. “Do we really have to walk down all of these? This is going to take forever.”

He looked me up and down. “You could use the exercise.” I glared at him. He chuckled as he started descending the stairs, that went on for miles. It was completely dark too, who knows what would happen if I lean to the side a little bit. Were there even bars? Against my better judgement I gripped the back of Hades shirt. “I knew you wanted me.” I ignored him trying to watch my steps.

“How much further?” It wasn’t fun walking down steps in the dark.

“Maybe like thirty more steps.” I groaned.

When we finally reached the end there was another door, this time it was black. “Ladies first.” He moved to the side gesturing me forward. I swear if there’s more steps behind this door I’m teleporting back to the hotel.

“No thanks, no need to be a gentleman right now.” He smirked before pushing the door open. My eyes widened at the view on the other side. Was this heaven or hell?

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