Death Saved Me

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Chapter 46

I was not expecting this, there was actual sunlight here? Or was that flames from not so innocent people burning? Either way it was a sight to see. I watched as someone drove by on a hover car. There were tall buildings everywhere and people walking around with no care in the world. This is the Underworld?

“Shouldn’t they be getting tortured or something? Why are they just chilling? Aren’t these bad people?” I turned to him for answers.

He grinned at me. “Those aren’t people at all Isabel, they’re demons. The real victims are somewhere a lot more...fitting.” My eyes widened when he said demons. I looked back towards the crowd wondering how something so evil could look so innocent. “Come along now before they realize you’re not a demon and try to feast on you.” I quickly followed behind him as he started walking again. Wait what?

“They’ll try to eat me? And you think it’s safe to bring me here?”

“Key word try, they’re not dumb enough to attack while I’m here. Well not all of them.” He shrugged. We walked up to a small Chinese restaurant and Hades causally walked in. The smell inside made my mouth water. When was the last time I ate?

“Are we getting food?” I asked a little too eagerly.

“Are you hungry? I can send someone to pick some up later.” I nodded. I followed him as he went through a back door, the owner completely ignoring us. Did he know who Hades was? Once again, we entered another dark staircase.

“If no one ever told you, you’re creepy as heck.” I commented.

“If no one ever told you, you never shut up.” He fired back.

“Nah I’ve been told that plenty of times.”

“I bet.” He scoffed. The next door we opened led to a bedroom. I don’t know what shocked me more, a bedroom under a restaurant or that Thanatos was in it?

“What are you doing here? Were you kidnapped too?” He rolled his eyes.

“I’m sure you weren’t kidnapped, you probably came willingly. Like how you willingly jumped in his bed.” Ouch, where did that come from?

“Ignore him, he’s mad I knocked up his could’ve been girl. Though I was never going to let that happen.” I was confused on what was going on here. When did they start getting along? “You’re going to be sharing a room with him.”

“Wait what? I can’t share a room with him! Are you crazy? He’ll probably try to kill me in my sleep.” I argued.

“Tsk tsk, Isabel I thought we were pass that?” Thanatos smirked at me.

“He’s the only one down here I trust more than myself.” Hades walked over to the dresser and started unpacking my stuff. “I’ll send someone to bring you more clothes soon.”

“Trust him? Didn’t you say he killed me in my past life? Now he’s my body guard? What sense does that make?” Now I was really confused. Usually I had no problem being left alone with Thanatos, but his mood has been all over the place lately.

“He also l- ”

“You don’t have to explain anything to her, she has no choice.” Thanatos cut him off, I glared at him.

“I don’t have time for this, I’ll be back.” Hades announced before leaving. Nice to know he has my back.

“I don’t need you to babysit me.” I said.

“Who said I was babysitting you?”

“Then why don’t you just leave?”

“Why would I do that sweet Isabel?” He laid back on the bed getting comfortable. I rolled my eyes as I took a look around the room for the first time. There was a 60" flat screen TV hanging on the wall. Under that was a Ps4 and Wii U. There were two dressers and a huge king-sized bed. This would be a nice place to hide out, if I didn’t have to share it.

I cautiously made my way to the bed and sat on the edge of it. I pulled out my phone to see a text from Sydney.

Sydney: Is it hot or is it hot?

I decided not to reply. I jumped when I felt my pony tail get tugged. I looked back at Thanatos who was trying to get my attention.

“Should we play a game? Or do you want to play an adult game that involves less clothes?” He wiggled his eyebrows at me.

“I don’t want to do anything with you pervert.” He laughed before throwing a controller at me. I barely caught it, stopping it from smacking me in the face. I looked at the TV to see he started fortnite. “You do know this is a one player game, right?”

“Do I look dumb to you? Don’t answer that.” I smirked as I closed my mouth. He snapped his fingers and a TV just as big as mine appeared across the room, along with a ps4.

“Since when do gods even play video games.” You learn something new every day.

An hour later....

“Are you dumb!? He’s right there idiot! I said North East!”

I groaned in frustration as I once again got sniped from 122 miles. How was that even possible? “Stop yelling at me! It’s your fault I’m dying. Dead people shouldn’t be giving advice anyways.” I growled. We placed top 9 in duos because somebody liked rushing teams without giving me a heads up. He was never taught there’s no I in team clearly.

“I give up! You’re hopeless.”

“I know you are but what I am,” I smirked at him, he just rolled his eyes. “Where did Hades go?”

“Why would I know?”

“Aren’t you guys working together or something?” I’m sure he knows but just don’t want to tell me.

“Didn’t you just tell me I don’t work well with others?” Why was he always so frustrating?

“Whatever.” I yawned, I could really use a nap right now. “Do you mind sitting on the floor?”

“Why?” He raised an eyebrow at me.

“Because I want to take a nap.” He scooted over, patting the spot next to him. Was he serious?

“Not like you haven’t been in the bed with me before.” He winked at me. I sighed, I didn’t feel like arguing with him right now. I made my way to the bed kicking my shoes off. I laid as far away from him as I could. “Playing hard to get I see.”

“Just don’t touch me while I’m sleep, pervert.” I pulled the covers over my head, getting comfortable.

“First time a girl has said those words to me.” I ignored him as I tried to sleep.

“Can I ask you something?” I spoke up after several failed attempts at sleeping.

He sighed, “What?”

“What’s a Penumbra?

Why are you asking?”

“Logan tried explaining it to me a little, but I want to know more of how it works. He said he’s like your shadow? Or a part of your shadow? Does that mean he’s always with you? It doesn’t make sense.” I turned around to face him. He was laying on his back looking up at the ceiling.

“A penumbra is one of my powers I guess you could say. Being the god of Death I’m able to create them. But in order to do that I must give them a part of my soul, which is why I don’t have many. Logan was the first one I made, and my strongest. I guess the human term for you would be he’s a demi-god. They are able to survive on their own, in fact I have few left on earth.”

“Logan is a demi-god? But wait back at school when he was upset, he was flashing back and forth from him to you.” Which still creeped me out. Probably was the creepiest thing I’ve seen since meeting the gods.

“He was siphoning power from me. Being a part of me that’s how they get their powers. You made him really mad and I’m sure he wanted to use that power to hurt you. Which is why you got punished.” I rolled my eyes. ‘Punished’ like I’m a kid or something.

“Does it hurt when they siphon from you?” I asked.

He shook his head. “I don’t feel it.” I thought over what he told me, so Logan was a demi-god. How cool was that? I wonder what powers he had. It also makes sense why I don’t always see him around.

“Why does he come when you call him?” I was thinking back to when he made me drink that liquid which I found out was his saliva. One call and Logan was there.

“That is one of the cons of being a Penumbra, they can’t ignore my calls. No matter what they’re doing if I call them, they will come.” I yawned as I processed this information. I wonder what other cons they had, but I was too tired to ask any more questions.

“Hmm.” I rolled back over on my side, feeling sleep starting to take over again.

I woke up to something heavy draped over me. I opened one eye looking down. I frowned when I saw a lump under my shirt. That’s when I realized someone was spooning me from behind. I could feel them breathing in my hair. I turned slightly to see Thanatos in deep sleep behind me. Oh my god he’s cuddling me! When did he get so close? Can’t say it was uncomfortable, we fit perfectly together like a puzzle. His hand was resting under my shirt across my belly, I blushed.

Should I wake him? I was still pretty tired myself. I decided to just go back to sleep. Hopefully he woke before me so I could avoid any awkward moments.

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