Death Saved Me

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Chapter 48

We jumped apart, I was surprised to see Persephone standing at the door. “Aren’t you carrying Hades child? Yet you’re here kissing him? Hmm?” she smirked.

“What are you doing here?” Thanatos asked.

She walked more into the room, watching us. “I was simply looking for Hades.”

“Why?” I asked. What did she want with Hades? How did she know where to look for him?

“I don’t think that’s any of your business. Maybe you should just focus on one brother.” She glared.

“How did you know about this place?” Thanatos asked.

She laughed. “Are you joking? I lived here once upon a time. I know every part of the Underworld.” she looked over at me now. “Plus, this is where Hades and I had our honeymoon.” I felt my heart drop to my stomach. Their honeymoon? He brought me to the place they had their honeymoon? Ew, I slept on that bed!

“Thanks for that bit of information I didn’t care to know. Now as you can see Hades isn’t here, why don’t you run along.” He said.

“Leave? Why not just wait till he comes back? Unless you guys are wanting privacy?” She smiled. Why was she so creepy? What did Hades ever see in her? I really hope it wasn’t the same thing he saw in me.

“Suit yourself.” He walked towards the bed leaving me standing by the bathroom door. I stood there as Persephone watched me. I cupped my belly on instinct and her eyes focused on my movement. I did not want to sit here with her, who knew when Hades was coming back? I took a seat next to Thanatos on the bed. At least if she tried anything he was here.

“How cute, she looks to you for protection. Does Hades know you two make out behind his back?” she asked. How did she know I was sitting next to him for protection? Was it that obvious I didn’t trust her?

“You’re beyond annoying.” Thanatos sighed.

“Why don’t you leave? I’m sure I can watch after her for you?” she suggested.

Was she serious Thanatos would never- “Great, I’ll be back in ten minutes.” My eyes widened as he got up from the bed, heading to the door.

“I hope you’re joking! Do not leave me here with her!” I yelled after him.

“What’s wrong Isabel? Do you not trust me?” she said. Hell to the no.

“Relax Isabel, she knows better than to try anything. I won’t be gone that long, take a nap or something.” He slammed the door shut behind him. I’m going to kill him, if she doesn’t kill me first.

“Oh nice we can have some girl time.” She took a seat on the bed next to me. I tried to call up my powers, but nothing happened. There was no buzz or vibration. Great I can’t even protect myself. “Can I touch your stomach?”

I stared at her. She couldn’t be serious right now. “No.”

Her eyes flashed as she stood up from the bed. “Can’t be nice to whores these days! No matter,” she got a sinister look in her eyes. “you won’t have a belly to touch soon anyways.”

“What are you talking about?” I moved back across the bed as she stepped forward. Once again, I tried calling on my powers. Why weren’t they working when I needed them the most?

“Foolish of Thanatos to leave you alone, I guess he doesn’t care about you as much as I thought.” Fear gripped me as she pulled a sharp blade from her pants. It was covered in weird symbols with a curved end. Where had she been keeping that thing in there? I need to get out of here! I looked at the distance to the door form the bed. I had no choice but to go around her to get there. “How did you like the little notes I sent you? Too bad you didn’t listen to them.” She sent the notes? It was her threatening me?

“You sent those? Why?” What did I ever do to her? I didn’t even know her then.

“Because Hades belongs to me! The moment I heard you were back I knew I needed to get rid of you, before Hades found out. Every time you’re reborn he turns into a love sick fool over you! But you just couldn’t stay away, could you? Just had to come along and get yourself knocked up by him! Well now, I’m going to make you wish you stayed away!” She let out a growl as she suddenly launched herself at me. I jumped from the bed to avoid her blade. A hiss left my lips as it slid across the middle section of my stomach. I watched a wisp of purple went from my stomach and into the blade. Oh god! What the hell kind of blade was that? “The less you fight the quicker this can go.” She smiled up at me from the bed.

I backed against the wall. “Hades doesn’t want me!”

She ran the blade across her finger, hatred covering her features. I watched as she studied my blood that came from it. “I wish that were true, but soon he’ll be forgetting all about you. You see, this is no ordinary blade. One stab through the heart from this, and you can forget about coming back. Your soul will be lost in the void forever, never to be reborn again.” She stood up on the bed, advancing on me once more. How was I supposed to fight her with no powers? I guess I was going to have to do this the old-fashioned way. Time to make Jeremy proud. I took a fighting stance as I faced her, she laughed. Well that’s a punch to the ego. “You really think you can take me?” All I had to do was hold her off and make sure she doesn’t stab me with the blade. No pressure, right?

“Maybe, maybe not. You bring that blade anywhere near my belly again and you’re going to find out.” I grinned. She jumped form the bed, landing two feet away from me. I braced myself.

“Your confidence is cute, but you’re going against a goddess honey. You stand no chance.” She circled me, blade resting casually in her hand.

“And you’re going against Isabel. No I’m not a goddess,” My grin widened. “but I apparently I stole your man.”

A loud screech left her as she launched herself at me again. I didn’t have time to move as she landed on top of me. I fell hard to the ground, knocking the wind out of me. She hovered over my body bringing the blade down towards my face. I veered left at the last second, barely avoiding losing my eye. I tried to buck her off me, but she was stronger than I thought. And my huge belly was no help in this fight. I needed to fight smart, use her strength against her. I knew what I had to do, this was going to hurt. I hope I don’t lose my soul in the process. But she did say it had to be through the heart, right?

As she brought the blade towards me again, I held my right hand out blocking it. I screamed as the blade went through it, sucking in wisps of purple smoke. Was that my essence? Balling up my left fist, I used all the strength I had slamming it into the side of her head. Catching her by surprise she rolled off me. I quickly rolled over to my knees, clutching my hand. I reached for the hilt of the blade, yanking it out of my palm. I screamed at the burning sensation. I cradled my hand to my chest as blood gushed from it. I needed a doctor asap. “Why can’t you just die!” I looked up at Persephone. She had a crazed look in her eye as she stood from the floor. I gripped the blade in my left hand, standing as well. If this could take my soul then I pray to god it will take hers too.

I shrunk back as a green glow started around her. Lucky me, she’s going to use her powers. I focused hard on calling mine, but still nothing. I’m so dead.

Her eyes turned completely green as she floated slightly off the ground. Her blonde hair turning into different colors of pink, yellow and orange. Showing why she was the goddess of spring. Yup, so dead.

I held the blade out in front of me. Looking to the side I was still too far from the door. I had to fight.

She let out a loud roar, extending her hands out. Green vines shot out towards me from the palm of her hands. I slashed at them with the blade as they tried to connect with me. Where the hell was Thanatos? I’m sure it’s been ten minutes. I could really use some help right now.

A yelp left my mouth as one of the vines wrapped around my ankle. I bent to cut it, only to be yanked down to the floor. My head smacked off the ground. Tears blurred my eyes as I lost my vision. Another vine wrapped around my other ankle and both started pulling me. That’s when I got my focus again. My vision cleared as I saw myself getting closer to Persephone. I reached out behind me, trying to grab ahold of anything to stop me. My nails dragged across the wooden floor as I tried desperately to grip something. “You’re mine now little girl.” I screamed and struggled as more vines wrapped around my arms and legs, pulling them apart. I laid star fished in front of her, my belly exposed. Tears started spilling out of my eyes. I can’t protect myself, I can’t protect my kid. Where was Thanatos? Where was my powers? I would die here all alone with this crazy goddess. So much for this being a safe place.

She stopped floating, taking a knee in front of me. “I almost feel bad about killing you. How about this, I’ll give you an option. I kill the baby and let you live, or I just kill you both.” She said.

I raised my head as high as I could facing her. “Go to hell.” I spat.

She laughed. “Oh honey, I’m already there.” She raised her hand and I prepared myself for the pain. Instead of feeling a stab through my stomach, I felt a blunt object hit me in the side of my head.

I woke up to a throbbing pain in my head. The crazy witch knocked me out! I opened my eyes putting my hand to my head, only to let out a scream. It felt like my hand was on fire. I looked at it to see a few pieces of tissue wrapped around it. The tissue was now turning red with my blood. I winched as I pulled my hand to my chest. Looking around I felt like Alice in the rabbit hole. I had no idea where I was.

I was in a badly lit room with no window, the walls were a dull rusty gray and the wallpaper was pealing from it. I looked down to see what I was sitting on and cringed, it was a gurney. I had been changed into a patient gown. Which meant this was a hospital, an abandoned hospital by the looks of it. I made a move to get off the gurney and froze from the pain in my hand. I needed to get out of here. The cut on my belly was still open as well. I took a deep breath, I had to push through the pain.

I placed one bare foot on the floor. God I hope my powers worked against diseases. Walking out of the room I held my hand close to me. The hallway wasn’t any better than the bedroom. On the plus side though, there was a window. I rushed over to it, only to be disappointed. There was nothing but trees on the other side, blocking my view from seeing anything. Where was I?

Further down the hall there was another room. I decided to check it out. I slowly made my way down the hall making sure to keep close to the wall. The closer I got to the room the more I could hear sounds coming from it. When I reached the door, I hesitantly peeked my head around it.

“Isabel?” My eyes widened as they landed on a restrained Ares. I rushed into the room over to him. “Whoa you’re pregnant?” He was chained to a gurney in his armor.

“Ares! What happened to you? Where are we?” I crouched on the floor next to him.

“The crazy witch Persephone jumped me on my way home. I underestimated how strong she was.” You and me both brother.

“How do I unchain you? Where’s the key?” I searched around him but found nothing.

“How are you pregnant? Don’t tell me Thanatos is the father?” I blushed at his questions.

“Now is not the time! I need to free you before she comes back.” I found a hard rock on the floor that I could use to break the chain. I picked it up, banging it against the chains repeatedly. After six tries it finally gave away, I quickly went to work on the other ones.

Once Ares was free, he stood stretching out his muscles. “This is the second time I’ve been captured since meeting you.” He pointed out.

“Hey! I’ve been in the same boat too.” I said. “So what’s the plan?” I asked when his eyes kept dropping to my belly. Even though I didn’t grow up with him, it was still awkward to be locked up with a brother that didn’t know I was pregnant.

“I think I know how to get us out of here.” I followed him as he walked towards the door. I felt much better knowing I had the god of war with me.

“Do you know where we are?” At least when Hades kidnapped him, he was taken to a nice hotel. This place sucked.

“No, but she’s nearby. So stay close.” I grabbed ahold of any piece of cloth hanging from him as we moved silently down the hall.

We turned a corner ending up in front of too big double doors. There was soft music coming from the other side. It almost sounded like someone was playing the piano. “I really hope that’s Beethoven on the other side.” I mumbled. Ares rolled his eyes, before pushing the door open.

“How lovely for you to finally join me,” Persephone looked up at him from the piano she was sitting at. “and I see you found your brother.”

“What is going on here Persephone? What do you want?” Ares stepped more into the room. There was no one else in here besides Persephone. She didn’t have any back up? After what I witnessed while fighting her, I guess she didn’t need it.

“I want that bastard child inside of your sister dead. Then I want her soul gone.” She growled.

“Why didn’t you just kill me then?” I said.

She stood from the piano, walking over to us. “Well there was no one around to see it, how boring. I want someone close to you to witness your death.” Her hair was no longer colorful and her eyes were back to normal. But I still felt uneasy. She could goddess out at any moment.

“You’re not putting a finger on Isabel.” Ares placed himself in front of me.

She cocked her head to the side, amusement in her eyes. With a flick of her wrist he went flying across the room, and out of a window. Well so much for feeling safe with him.

I rushed over to the window looking out. Two stories below he was being held to the ground by thick tree roots. I gulped, guess I’m on my own again. “I guess he won’t truly be a witness since he wont actually see you die. But no worries, we have another guest.” I turned around to face her. She was standing in the middle of the room watching me.

Suddenly the door opened and Logan walked in. I stared in shock as he went and stood next to her. She wrapped an arm around his shoulder grinning. “You remember Logan, right? You see Logan here has been helping me. Do you remember those free drinks you received at the theater? You can thank Logan for them.” It was Logan that day? The worker hadn’t been playing a prank on me. Someone really was watching me. They’ve been working together that long?

“Logan, why are you doing this! Why are you helping her!?” He gave me a sinister smile. He was being the cold-hearted Logan I grew to know. I can’t believe he’s been working with Persephone. I would’ve never thought he’d turn against Thanatos. Does Thanatos know about this? Was this all a setup?

“I’m only completing the cycle, something Thanatos failed to do.” He shrugged. So Thanatos doesn’t know about this. Thank god, I don’t think I could take another betrayal.

“What cycle?” I was out numbered and out powered. Since Logan could siphon Thanatos powers there’s no telling what he could do to me. Or what the full extent of his powers were.

“The cycle where he comes to kill you. I’ve never liked you Isabel, and I can’t stand the thought of him keeping you alive. When Persephone came to me with an offer to get rid of you, I couldn’t refuse.” He didn’t like me? What the hell did I ever do to him?

I glared at him. “Thanatos is going to kill you if you touch me.”

He smirked. “That’s why I won’t be the one touching you. I’m just here to deliver your dead body to him. That I just so happened to stumble upon of course.”

Persephone stepped forward. “Let’s get on with this shall we?”

He stepped back grinning. “Have at her.”

The floorboards started to move, lifting and cracking underneath me. I took a step back as a vine shot up through the floor. Oh no not these things again. When I looked back up her eyes had gone green again. I turned around looking back out the window. The drop was pretty high up, but it was better than being up here. I made a move to climb out the window, only for a vine to wrap around my leg and pull me back in. “Don’t tell me you were about to jump? Although I did hear that was something you liked to do.” The vine jerked harder and I fell to the floor on my knees.

“Why are you doing this? If you care about Hades at all you wouldn’t be tying to kill his kid.” More vines wrapped around my arms and hand, pulling them towards the floor. I screamed out as they yanked on my hurt one.

“The only one that will be carrying Hades child is me!” She grabbed my chin, forcing me to look up at her. I said a silent prayer as she once again raised the blade over my head. Can’t believe I have to go through this all over again.

Suddenly the room door flew open again. I couldn’t turn to see who it was, but her eyes widened in alarm. The room started to shake as a murderous voice rang out. “Get Isabel somewhere safe.”

I felt hands grab for me, knocking the vines away. I watched as Persephone shakily moved away from me. “Hades, I didn’t-“ the person holding me dragged me from the room. But not before I saw the horns protruding from Hades head as he advanced on Persephone and Logan.

I started to cry again as the pain from my hand started to flare up. “Shh shh you’re ok.” That voice belonged to Erebus. Before I could respond, I passed out in his arms.

“Why would you leave her alone! With Persephone of all people!?” I heard yelling as I woke up.

“What’s going on?” My throat was scratchy and low. I needed some water. I opened my eyes to see the room full of people. Hades and Thanatos stood at the end of my bed, with Erebus and Thor on the side of the room. I looked around the room realizing it was a hospital. “Why am I in a hospital?” Hades was at my side in a matter of seconds, holding a glass of water out to me. I reached for it and cringed. Looking at my hand I saw it was wrapped in a bandage. My eyes widened as I remembered Persephone. “Where is she!? Where’s Logan?”

“You’re not at the hospital, and she’s…taken care of. And as for Logan, you don’t need to worry about him ever again.” Hades held the glass of water to my lips. I lifted my head slightly taking big gulps. When I was done, he moved back watching me.

“My powers…they didn’t…she almost killed me! Twice!” I cried.

“I know.” He watched me.

“Why didn’t they work!?”

“You’re too far along now, if you used your powers the heat would’ve cooked the baby inside you. The Phoenix did it to protect our baby.” He explained.

“Where’s Ares?”

“Poseidon came to get him earlier.”

I leaned back against the pillow, exhausted. My eyes landed on Thanatos, who was avoiding eye contact with me. “Why did you leave me? Did you know Logan was working with her? He wanted to kill me because you didn’t.” I asked softly. I felt betrayed that he would leave me alone with her. And even more upset that his Penumbra was going to help her kill me. How didn’t he know what Logan was planning?

He finally looked at me, regret in his eyes. “I’m sorry Isabel, if I’d have known what Logan was planning, I would’ve stopped him. I never would’ve left you alone with Persephone.” I’ve never heard him sound so broken.

There was a sound next to me and I looked over at Hades again. He was gripping the bed bar with all his might. I placed my bandaged hand over his, and he looked down at me. I shook my head at him. I knew he wanted to attack Thanatos, but there was no point.

“Everyone leave.” He demanded, still looking at me. I watched as everyone shuffled out of the room. Suddenly I was lifted up from the bed. Hades leaned over the bed bar wrapping his arms around me. He squeezed me tightly against him. I rested my head on his shoulder, feeling safe in his arms. “I thought I lost you both.” He said.

“You had horns.”

“I couldn’t control myself, I never wanted you to see that.” He pulled back so he could look me in the eyes.

“She had this blade, she said it would’ve killed me.”

He nodded. “The blade of Kronos. It was a gift your parents had given to Thanatos to get rid of you many lifetimes ago. It wouldn’t have killed you, only hid your soul from me. There is no weapon that I know of that can kill you. But I fear your parents have found something.”

“Thanks for saving me.” I felt tears threaten to spill. If it wasn’t for him, we’d be dead right now. He showed up when I needed him the most. Hades frowned, reaching up he wiped one that escaped from under my eye.

“I will always save you, even from myself.” He whispered. I watched as his eyes focused on my lips. I started leaning in, wanting the comfort I knew he had to offer. When I was a breath away, the door flew open.

“Hate to interrupt but we need to check on the baby, see why she’s so big.” Thor walked into the room. Hades let out a low growl, then placed a kiss on my forehead before getting up and standing by the wall. I could see the frustration in his eyes. Thor took his spot in the chair next to the bed, reaching for my belly. I stiffened when his hand made contact. I wanted to knock it away. After dealing with Persephone and Logan I didn’t trust anyone. “Mhm.” He stood up from the chair, Hades took his spot again. “Have a feel.” He told Hades. I flinched as he laid his hand flat across my belly, and that’s when I felt a hard kick.

“Whoa!” I said, “did you feel that too?”

He nodded. “Thor do you know the gender?”

“Yes, would you like to know it?” How did he know? From just placing his hand on my stomach he knew the gender?

“Do you want to know? If you don’t want to, we can wait.” Hades turned to me, waiting for my answer. Did I want to? Was I ready to know? Would knowing change anything? Would it make it safer? I guess it wouldn’t hurt to know.

“Yes, I’d like to know.”

Thor grinned. “Well then, you’re having a-”

A blinding pain shot through my body. I screamed out. “What’s happening?” Hades asked.

“I think the baby is coming earlier than expected.” Thor answered.

“It can’t be! This is something else.”

I screamed again as sweat rolled down my forehead. What was happening to me? Why was I so hot? I felt a hand get placed on my forehead. “She’s burning up!” I could no longer make out who was talking. My body started to spasm as I arched up off the bed. “Give me something to cool her off with!”

I moaned and screamed as my body kept getting hotter. It felt like someone had placed me into an oven and turned the heat on high. I couldn’t take any more of this! My body started to thrash against the bed. Hades got up holding my arms down on either side of me. “Isabel! What is it? Tell me what’s wrong?” I wanted so badly to answer him, but I couldn’t speak through the pain. I gave out one last scream as I collapsed on the bed. Passed out.

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