Death Saved Me

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Chapter 6

I parked my car a block away, not wanting wasted kids crashing into it when the party was over. Walking up to the house the music was blasting, with drunk teens all over the front lawn. There was one guy throwing up in a bush, while a couple made out not too far away. I cringed. Did I really want to be here right now?

Walking into the house I realized it wasn’t much better than outside. I made my way into the kitchen to get a drink. Filling a red cup up with liquor, I leaned against the kitchen counter surveying the living room. This house was huge. I’m not shocked that Crystal’s parents are loaded. You can tell she’s spoiled by the way she acts.

“Hey babe, you want to dance?” Some guy slurred next to me. I slowly slid my eyes over to him, checking him out. He was cute. Dirty blonde hair and dimples. I think I’ve seen him around school before, hanging with Duff. He’s clearly too drunk to know who I am. “No, she already has a dancing buddy.” Sydney declared walking over to us. I let out a sigh of relief, where did she even come from?

“Lesbians? I’m ok with that,” The guy smirked. I rolled my eyes, what an idiot. Sydney ignored him, grabbing my arm pulling me towards the living room. I held tightly onto my drink trying not to spill it.

“What was that guy’s name?” I asked her.

“Mark, I think.” she led us to the middle of the room, which was currently being used as a dance floor. They pushed all the furniture up against the wall.

I swayed my hips as beautiful liar started playing, taking a sip of my drink. Whatever this stuff was, it was delicious. During my dancing some guy came up behind me placing his hands on my hips, moving along with me. Usually I’d move away since I’m dating Duff, but he stood me up. So I was going to have some fun tonight. Tonight, I was single.

I looked up at Sydney raising an eyebrow, silently asking her if he was cute or not. She giggled and gave me a thumbs up, before moving to dance with some guy.

As the music changed to something more upbeat the guy started grinding into me. I stiffened when I felt something hard being pressed into my butt. Oh my gosh, does he have a Boner? My cheeks started burning as I pulled away from him, quickly going towards the kitchen. I didn’t want to have that much fun.

As I walked toward the kitchen, I could feel eyes on me, which was expected considering I was at a party. But this stare felt different from the others. I can’t explain it, but it felt sinister, like whoever was watching wanted to harm me. It stood out from the other stares of lust and curiosity. I looked over my shoulder, only to see drunk teens dancing. Maybe I was just being paranoid, like at the movie theater. I doubted any one wanted to harm me here at this party. Besides the host.

Once I made it to the kitchen, I filled my cup up halfway before downing it. Before filling it back up again.

“Don’t you think you’ve had enough?” A deep voice asked from behind me.

I spun around stumbling slightly as I looked at the stranger. Leaning against the wall was a guy dressed in all black, a cigarette dangling from his luscious lips. He was hot! He was wearing a black motor bike jacket, black jeans, and black high tops. His black hair was cut short and a little spikey. His skin was tan which made his red lips stand out. The only bad thing about him was the cigarette he was currently inhaling.

“What?” I asked confused. Why’d he have to be so perfect? “Do I know you?”Maybe he’s a relative of Crystal? I don’t remember ever seeing him at school.

“Do I know you?” he countered smirking. Was he flirting with me? I didn’t have much experience with guys hitting on me. The moment Duff and I started dating he warned all the guys at school to stay away from me.

“I don’t think so....” I trailed off. My brain was feeling clouded and my eyesight was getting a bit unclear. The alcohol was definitely kicking in.

“How much of that did you drink? Do you even know what you’re drinking idiot?” My eyes widened at his insult, what the hell?

“I’m not an idiot! And I’m drinking, uh vodka?” I answered lamely. His eyes got hard as he narrowed them at me.

“You’ve had enough, don’t get any more drinks.” He ordered, taking the cup out of my hand and walking away. What just happened? I growled grabbing another cup starting to fill it up, when some idiot bumped into me, making me spill it all over myself.

“Watch yourself!” I yelled at the kid. Thank god I wasn’t wearing white.

“Sorry, didn’t see you there,” He said before grabbing a beer. I growled, dropping my cup making my way to the bathroom. Can’t a girl drink away her problems in peace?

Having no idea where the bathroom was, I randomly started opening doors once I got upstairs. I got a nasty surprise on the third door I opened. Seeing the guy from earlier who asked me to dance getting it on with some cheerleader. I quickly mumbled an apology closing the door, my cheeks burning. I don’t know how I’ll ever get that image out of my head.

Sighing I put my ear on the next door listening before just busting in. I heard moans and was moving away when I heard something that made my heart drop to my stomach.

“Oh Duff...” A female voice moaned. A voice I knew belonged to the owner of this party.

I pushed the door open, freezing at the scene before me. There on the bed was Duff, with Crystal underneath him.

“What the hell is this?” I screamed, walking fully in. I didn’t care that they were naked. Duff’s head snapped in my direction, eyes widening. Apparently they hadn’t heard me come in, too busy focusing on each other.

I felt tears building up behind my eyes. Before he could respond I turned around running for the steps. Pushing people out of my way, I wiped my tears as I made my way to the door. How could he!?

I jumped in my car letting the tears fall more freely as I repeatedly smacked the steering wheel. Not only did he ditch our date, but he was cheating too! How could I have been so blind? He ditched me to have sex with her! Who knows how long he’s been going behind my back? Now I understood her words held a double meaning earlier.

I saw Sydney coming out of the house and quickly started my car up, not wanting to recap to her what I just seen. I wasn’t ready to talk about it. Wasn't ready to accept it.

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