Death Saved Me

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Chapter 7

I drove for hours, having no destination in mind. I just wanted to get away from the image burned into my brain. After crying for half of those hours my body became numb. The hurt and betrayal I felt was too much, what did I do to deserve this? I was nothing but faithful to him, and this is how he repays me? Have sex with someone that hates me?

I pulled my car over, not wanting to waste anymore gas. I looked out my window realizing I was at Delton Bridge. It was old and hadn’t been used in years since the terrible car accident that happened here. Just thrown to the side and forgotten, something we had in common.

I opened my car door slowly, getting out. Making my way over to the bridge I leaned against the railing, staring down at the murky waters below. Seeing the water flowing so carefree with no worries brought tears to my eyes once again. Just when I thought I was all out.

Was I bad girlfriend? Did I deserve this? Was this punishment for not putting out like the rest of the high school girls?

I wish this pain would go away. I wanted to be carefree like this water. Maybe I should just throw myself over the bridge, become one with the water and just let myself flow downstream. Not many people would miss me besides Sydney. My parents probably wouldn’t even notice I was gone. I didn’t matter, no one loved me. I thought Duff did but clearly I was wrong. Making up my mind I decided to do just that. I was a good enough swimmer, as long as I avoided strong currents I'd be fine.

I slowly took one leg over the railing, then the other as I stood on the bridge. Staring down at the river below me I took a deep breath.

“Are you sure that’s what you want to do?” The voice was dark, like the waters below me, and as cold as the night air whipping through my hair. Causing a chill to go through me. The voice was male.

Snapping my head to the side I saw a figure standing there. Wearing a dark hood. Or was it more like a robe with a hood on it? What caught my attention though was the long weapon in his hand. It stood as tall as him and looked deadly. The end looked like a personalized knife, curving slightly. There was something eerie about it, and the sinister vibe I was getting from the owner didn’t calm my nerves at all.

“What?” The voice that came from me sounded foreign to my ears. Gone was the natural happy sound that always seemed to flow from it. Now, it was hollow and void of emotion. I guess being cheated on and threatened does that to a person.

“I said… Are you sure that’s a good idea?” He asked again, more slowly. As if I was an escaped patient from rehab and I was too crazy to process his words.

“Yes, I am.” Before I could blink, he appeared next to me. Gripping my arm in a tight hold, he forced me forward off the bridge. A scream tore through my throat as I started plummeting towards the dark river below. To my death.

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