The Prince and HIs Consort

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A story of a girl who tries to seek revenge to the royal family but got married to one. She was once the strongest fighter of them all. Praised by many and curse by enemies. She died in the hands of the royal family and in the hands of her trusted friend. Her soul transmigrate and she has given a chance to take revenge. She has married to a Prince which came from a different royal family. Will she put her trust to this prince or will she loaths him like how she felt to any other royal family member?

Fantasy / Romance
Yue Azhmarhia
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Chapter 1

The Long Xi Kingdom,

A woman with ink-black hair stood straight with her eyes shone with vengeance. A cold silver dagger was plunged into her chest. Fresh red blood oozes out from her wound as she laughs scornfully, scaring the mobs before her.

"That's right. Fear me. For this great one will come back and collect the debts that you owed me." Sooner or later this kingdom will perish in my hands and no one could save you. She thought.

The sun has long gone as if it was scared of her. The clouds turn dark and the wind blew harshly. Her hair swayed with it, with a final laugh, her body swayed and fell into the depths of the cliff behind her.

Right before her body fell, lightning erupted illuminating her falling body, followed by an angry roar from the sky which renders them fall to their knees.

With thunder roaring in a clear blue sky, The priests stationed at the divination Temple of Kilin Kingdom look at each other with confusion.

Is this a bad omen or a Good?

The same question flashes into their heads.

The Emperor of Kilin frowned, feeling slightly conflicted. One of the priests came in to report about the movements of the stars. And these movements were related to the start of his fourth imperial son.

The fourth Prince, given the title of Prince Yang, has kept himself shut in his palace and no matter what he does, the prince won't budge and go out of his gate.

"How about we send him someone. If the prince has a woman by his side and cares for him, Your Majesty doesn't have to worry every time." Eunuch Chen suggests, catching the Emperor's attention.

"Eunuch Chen, You are right, then We shall find the fourth Prince a worthy woman to marry. Do you suggest anyone?"

"How about the second Miss of General Yen. The deceased general would be glad if his precious granddaughter would be wed to our royal family."

The emperor's eyes lit up upon hearing the general's name. He got excited and a bright smile was shown on his old face.

"We shall decree second Miss Yin to marry Our fourth Prince Yang then. Eunuch Chen, Will you right the decree and send it personally to the Yin household."

"Right away your majesty. This servant will go for now and will be back to report."

Yin Residence.

"Father, how could the second sister say that to me?" Yin Ye Rong asks, her tear-stained face makes the present General Yin's heart hurts. "Ye Rong only wants to see if the second sister was doing well after being poisoned." she continued to weep as she leans her body to his father.

General Yin Jumong glared at his unfilial second daughter. Yin Yue couldn't help but smirk as she watches the father and daughter in such a drama. How could she care for them? She was not his daughter and her sister. The former Yin Yue died of poison.

Her pure yet sharp eyes look at them like they were the biggest joke she had seen in her life. She, who shares the same name as the former owner of the body, lived her life being the most abnormal existence in the Long Xi Kingdom. After being sought after by the masters, enemies coveted her life. If they can't use and control her, then she will have to die for the sake of humanity.

They formed forces and push her to death on a cliff after being stabbed by the person she thought was loyal to her. After she regained her consciousness, she found herself in a body that does not belong to her and a memory that was so unfamiliar.

The former owner lived her life extravagantly but was never happy. She had an elder brother that loves her dearly but she hasn't seen him for so many years and an older step-sister who despises her a lot.

After Yin Yue's mother died, Her father married another woman and that woman already had Yin Ye Rong. Yin Ye Rong like her mother was born with a face that could overturn a country but had a malicious and ill mind.

"My father spoiled you rotten to the core, Is this how you treat your younger sister?"

"She is not my sister. She is just your daughter. I only have one sibling and that is brother Chun." Yin Yue said firmly as if this matter doesn't concern her.

General Yin raised his hand and slap Yin Yue hard much to Ye Rong's glee. Due to her weak and scrawny features, Yin Yue couldn't withhold with the force and was thrown backward hitting her head on the wall.

This scene was seen by Eunuch Chen and stumble to help the second Miss on the ground.

"Eunuch Chen?" General Yin Panicked as he saw the Emperor's Eunuch came.

"General Yin, Greetings." Eunuch Chen was disgusted by this man. he couldn't bring himself to like this man before until now. He was a disgrace for the former General's name and prestige. With a straight face and royal aura, Eunuch Chen stood firmly as he opens the scroll and read its content clearly for everyone to hear.

"General Yin, Second Miss YIn, and all members of the Yin family receive this imperial Decree. His Imperial grace has decreed Second Miss Yin, Yin Yue to marry Prince Yang, the fourth Prince of the Royal Family. Does Second Miss Yin agree?" Eunuch Chen looks at Yue with calm and kind eyes.

Yin Yue cough and spat out blood before kneeling with one knee on the ground. Marrying a Prince with an emperor's decree was not a bad idea. She doesn't want to linger any longer in the Yin household as she felt her life would be in jeopardy if she stays here.

"This Miss will accept the decree. Thanks to his royal majesty for his imperial grace." Yin Yue said with a firm and clear voice.

"Do you have any requests?"

"This miss wants to know when will the wedding be?"

"Hmm. This servant hasn't thought of it. Since you have asked, This servant will ask his Majesty for you." Eunuch Chen smile at her.

"General Yin, His Majesty has placed great importance on your family because of your father. Witnessing this harsh act towards his precious granddaughter and future Princess Yang, this servant will not turn blind. This servant will report this to his majesty. I hope General to have answers before We send you for questioning. This servant will go for now."

Eunuch Chen didn't linger anymore as he strode back to the waiting carriage outside the manor. Yin Yue did the same. without turning back she walks past them and returns to her room.

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