Rejection & It's Consequences

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Chapter 9

Domenico POV

The next day, after I brought Edie, I didn’t sleep well the night before and was told I was surly and grouchy. It may well be, but the feelings I have started to realize I am feeling will not just go away that easily. So I lock myself in my office, hoping drowning myself in work will help. I get lost in my work when I feel a ping, meaning someone left pack grounds and I am unaware of who it could be. I mind link border patrol and they tell me it was my car that left, which means its Brant or Edie or both. I was under the impression she would be here another day, she may have had to go back or maybe it’s as hard for her to be near me as it is for me to know she’s not far away.

I resume my work when I get a loud forceful knock on my office door, instead of bidding entrance I go and find out who it could be. I open the door and its Brant, looking pissed and ready to kill. He tosses me my keys and goes to sit in front of my desk. I am confused and go to find out what is bothering my friend and Beta. “I felt you leave a while ago, what happened”? He looks at me “I got a call from Edie that she needed to get home, so as per your instructions, I took her home”. I nod “How was she”? He scoffs “Do you actually care”? I look at him “Of course I do, why would you think I don’t. I care very much for Edie”. Brant looks me dead in the eyes “Is Edie your mate”? I look at him and sigh “I am not sure, I have suspicions she is but won’t know until her birthday”. He shakes his head “I thought you were saving yourself for your mate? How could you hurt her like that man? She could become very sick if you continue to be this selfish”. I look at him beyond confused “I haven’t been with any she wolves, the closest I have ever come is yesterday. I am still pure for my mate. Why would you think otherwise”?

He shakes his head “Then Edie isn’t your mate man. She left because she was feeling sick. She was vomiting a lot and crashed the rest of the way home”. I shake my head “That means nothing, could have been a stomach bug for all we know”. Brant shakes his head again “Not this man, remember my aunt Bernice that got sick then my uncle left and she got better”? I nod remembering how concerned he was for her. He continues “My mom explained the reason she was sick is because my uncle was cheating on her and her wolf was unable to protect her from it, she was vomiting blood and losing weight like you couldn’t believe. Well today Edie was having the same symptoms and she believes that you are mate and you are causing the issues. She told me in so many words”.

I collapse in the chair besides him “She thinks I was dishonest and sleeping with she wolves? I have never been attracted to she wolves but her. Are you sure Brant”? He shrugs “I can only go by what I am familiar with, Alpha Gianni said your mom would check up on her make sure she was OK. I wanted them aware she wasn’t well but I left some details from the discussion because he would kill the pup no questions asked”. I nod in agreement but am broken hearted she isn’t meant for me after all.

I look at Brant “Would you go in my place to her party, I don’t think I can handle seeing her with another wolf. I will adjust, but it’s not something that can happen right away. I need the time to adjust, the time it will take to rejoin the packs”. He looks at me “You know that will hurt her more than anything. She wants you there to celebrate her coming of age”. I nod get up and look out the window, feeling a tear slide down my face but my voice stays the same “She will understand. The pack comes before our wants and desires. Dad has said at her party it will be announced that the packs are merging and having you there will help”. He nods “For what its worth Nico, I am sorry it didn’t work out how you guys wanted it. You would have been an amazing duo”. I stay looking out the window until I hear the door shut. The tears flow freely now, feeling like I have lost a part of me. Maybe I should consider an arranged mating like the elders have suggested. The only reason for not having found my mate is that she has died. I need pups to leave the pack to, so now comes the thoughts of how to make this pack strong.

Kennedy POV

I don’t remember how I got home, but I look at my phone, which is surprisingly on the charger, I notice it has been over 24 hours that I have slept. Which means that today is my birthday, the day that I can now meet my mate. I am very nervous about this, I am hoping Brant was wrong and that Nico wasn’t cheating and he is my mate. It would be perfect and I know he would never hurt me. I get up, take a shower and get ready for the day. I don’t expect anyone to visit me, as they will see me at the party so I have the day for quiet reflection. If not Nico, what kind of mate will I have. Will he be kind, loving, true, and supportive? Will he just want my title, or will he be the help mate like Luna Lara is to Alpha Gianni? All these questions and such are running through my head as I look I see the time is 5:30 and my party starts in 30 minutes. I sigh and go get ready, actually dressing up as to make a good impression should he be there this evening.

I have a beautiful sapphire gown that drops to just about my knees, with matching shoes my hair in soft curls and soft makeup to make me feel more feminine. I use some of my love spell perfume and look at the clock and notice I have a few minutes to spare. I grab my keys and walk to the pack house and notice Luna Lara went all out, more so than I would have, but I appreciate the effort. I see her as she is directing the last of the party issues and she notices me, smiling as she does. “How are you feeling dear? Brant mentioned you were unwell and came home early. I went by but got no answer”. I look at her “I was asleep, apparently that was what I needed, sleep. I feel much better and am excited and nervous to see who my mate may be. Has Nico arrived yet”? Lara looks at me “He isn’t able to come, he is getting things together for the packs merging together, and he is sending Brant though. He will be along in a couple of weeks to finalize everything”. I nod like I understand but I don’t. I guess the others are better than the idea of me after all, I was hoping he was mate, maybe he wouldn’t like that after all. “Of course pack business comes first, I would have liked him here, but I will have Andre who will dance with me tonight”.

Lara smiles and the room begins to fill with were’s who are looking to party and have a good time. As soon as most everyone is here, Alpha Gianni calls everyone to attention, the room becomes very silent. He begins “As you all know Ian, my youngest, was not born with the Alpha gene. We still had great hopes he could lead the pack with the right training, yet we are not sure this is the best course. About 4 years ago, you remember we split the pack into 2 for my son Domenico to have his own pack to grow. As Ian is unable to be Alpha, Domenico and I have arranged that in 2 weeks time, the packs will rejoin under his leadership as Alpha, I will step down at that time. Alpha Domenico and Beta Brant will make sure this pack prospers the way it has for generations”.

The pack starts to cheer and applaud except for the few who follow Ian and will more than likely cause an issue and since he isn’t here, neither is any of my family, come to think of it they will inform him and I expect a major temper tantrum. Alpha raises his arms again and the room quiets “Now with that news the actual reason we have gather together this evening is to celebrate our Beta Kennedy’s birthday this evening. Now everyone enjoy yourselves and make sure to wish our Beta a happy birthday”. I blush at his words but they make me feel loved and cherished by someone at least. Andre comes over and hugs me and whisks me onto the dance floor, dancing with me for a few songs. Then comes Brant to keep me dancing as well as a few others in the pack. I am saddened that Nico couldn’t come; it would have answered the question for me once and for all.

As I start to get tired, Andre and Brant escort me outside for some air, hoping it would help me cool off from all the dancing. Nothing needing to be said, we are all comfortable with the silence that surrounds us, until 2 wolves make their presence known. Jenny and Ian come in through the back and as I catch his scent my wolf whimpers sadly mate. Ian looks at me in surprise and walks over to me and states “Mate”. I look at him and nod in acknowledgement. Jenny comes up did beginning to kiss Ian and he did nothing to stop it. I look at him in shock and he chuckles “You didn’t think anything would change did you”? Jenny laughs and says “She did Ian, she thought you would be true to her”. I regain myself and begin “I Kennedy Harding rej...” as Ian closes the distance “You will not reject me mate. You will be my mate, carry my pups and I will have my she wolves. YOU WILL NOT REJECT ME”. I feel the weight of the command on my wolf and she won’t relent because it’s a mate command. I swallow as Ian and Jenny go inside I look to Brant and Andre and they begin to get upset and theres mutterings about informing the Alpha. I reach deep inside of me and command “NO ONE IT TO MENTION WHO MY MATE IS.....I MEAN NO ONE. I will handle this development like everything own way”. I see Andre and Brant struggle but my command came from somewhere inside of me, and both are trying to ignore it but are unable to. Brant looks at me “You are more than a Beta if I can’t shrug off this command. It will be hard but its not like I can ignore you”. Andre nods in agreement “I am an alpha and I am not supposed to be unable to shrug off a command. I am feeling a bit impotent right now”. I nod “I am glad, I do not need this embarrassing news spread around. As soon as I can shrug off my own command it will be dealt with”. I leave the boys and head towards my house to ponder these new developments.

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