Rejection & It's Consequences

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Chapter 10


Seeing Edie’s face when she saw that I her ‘mate’ was priceless and not being with a she wolf over the last couple of days has been hard, but I will begin again tonight to remind her of who her mate is and how she will do as I say no matter what. Jenny was perfect with her sister and as I walked into the party, I notice that her parents aren’t there. I move Jenny and I to a quiet corner “Where are your parents at”? She looks at me “I can’t say, they don’t want you knowing all aspects of the plan, just your part”. I groan at this and notice my father going to his office. I let Jenny go “I need to speak with father. I will be back”. She nods and goes to join the party. I follow my father; knocking on his door and hearing him state ‘enter’. I enter and see the surprised look on his face. “Ian where have you been, you missed my announcement as well as most of Edie’s party”. I nod “I know I am sorry but I have wonderful news father, I found my mate so I am ready to take my place as alpha”. Dad shakes his head “Ian Nico and I are rejoining the packs. He will take over as alpha. The papers are signed and finalized. I can’t hand the pack over to an alpha that refuses to train to make sure this pack will survive”. I look at him in disbelief “But with my mate, I will be powerful and no one will mess with our pack. I am meant to be alpha, gene or not. It has always been in the plan”.

Dad nods “Yes it was.....when you were willing to put in the work. Hard work comes with rewards; laziness comes with consequences and disappointment. Being an Alpha isn’t about thinking about what is best for is about what is best for the pack. Nico is what is best for this pack”. I growl at this “Then I will simply challenge you for Alpha as well as Nico himself if I have to”. Dad shakes his head “Be careful with those words that kind of challenge is to the death. Do you honestly believe you could best me let alone Nico”? I nod “Especially now that I have my mate, she will make me strong and powerful”. He groans “Strength and power is one thing, but you have not trained for years. No way you can take on not one but 2 Alphas that train and run a pack. No matter your mate....whom is she by the way. You haven’t mentioned her name”. I hesitate and I can feel him begin to probe my mind. I lock down my barriers and go to walk out “If this is what you are planning my mate and I will leave, make a stronger pack and destroy this one and take possession that way”. Dad looks at me “WHO IS YOUR MATE”? I shake it off “No one you know. Don’t worry about it”. I storm out of the office and go to my ‘mates’ home to complete this shit now.

Kennedy POV

I reach my house and ease myself towards my room, wanting to cover myself and hope this has been a bad dream. I get into my usual night clothes when I hear pounding on my front door. I go to see who it is and its Ian. I open the door part way “What do you want Ian”? He motions for me to open the door and I refuse. Ian loses patients and shoves the door and I stumble back and he comes in. “Ian I am tired and want to sleep. What could you possibly want from me right now”? Ian looks at me, I see his wolf rising and the beginnings of his smell of arousal. Now for mates this is supposed to be intoxicating but for me makes me sick. “No Ian it is not happening, go see Jenny or one of your numerous whores. We are not mating”. He chuckles “You make it sound like you have a choice. We are mates, so it isn’t rape; it’s me claiming my property”. I stumble backwards and he follows me, making sure the door doesn’t close on my bedroom. I look around and am starting to get scared as I walk backwards and fall back onto the bed. Ian jumps on top of me and starts kissing me, touching me trying to mark me. I knee him in the groin and he groans but manages to punch me hard in the stomach, landing blows anywhere he could to make a point. After a while he gets up and spits on me “You little bitch, eventually I will have you whether you want it or not. We are mate and that’s the end of it”.

Ian leaves and I groan in pain not wanting to believe that a mate could do this to another. But it is true and I go to clean myself up, noticing the bruising is at least where it could be hidden. I need to wait him out; I will reject him sooner than later even if it kills my wolf to do it. I will not suffer another night like tonight. I manage to avoid seeing Alpha or Luna for a couple of days but as I get back to work I am seeing the work for the merging and am grateful for the distraction when I see Ian come into my office very much the same as the night of my birthday. Now he has been with others, I have felt it and trying to push that down so it doesn’t affect my wolf, but seeing him here and knowing what he wants bothers me. “Ian we have had this discussion. Please leave I have work to do”. He chuckles “Kennedy we are doing this, get used to the idea. Why would you deny your wolf her mate, yourself as well”? I look him dead in the eyes “Because the thought of you touching me like Jenny or any of the others makes me sick to my stomach. I would rather be with a female than you Ian. I will reject you and I will be free to find my own mate”. He growls at this and launches at me “I don’t think so mate” as he begins to rip at my blouse and jeans. I fight but get nowhere, until he gets near where my mark will rest and I feel his canines elongate. Once again I knee him in the groin and he punches my ribs that weren’t quite healed yet. He goes for a little while longer then leaves with a smirk on his face. “Soon mate I promise”. I shudder because one of these times I may not be able to stop him.

Gianni POV

Since Edie’s birthday she has become withdrawn. She doesn’t participate in activities like she used to. She locks herself in her office working on paperwork, which I know is a lot because I have as much or more than she does. She hasn’t said if she met her mate, or what she has been up to. I enter her office and notice it doesn’t look the same. Furniture is broken and papers are scattered everywhere. No sign of Edie but the smell of blood is bothersome. I try to see if there is another scent and I am not smelling one and I go in search for my Beta. I open my link to find her and sense she is at home. I head there and knock on her door. It takes a minute and I see Edie and she looks gaunt and pale as well as in pain. “Yes Alpha Gianni how can I help you”?

I motion for her to open the door and she does so grudgingly. “I came to see how you are doing? It has been a while since I have seen you”. She sighs “I know sir I hurt myself training so I have been recovering. I apologize for not informing you sooner”. Edie doesn’t look into my eyes so I know she isn’t being truthful but I don’t want to call her out too soon. “Is this merger too much? I can ask Brant to come and help with the transition paperwork and such. I know its only a few days away as well as Andre’s party tomorrow”. She sighs “Has it really been that long since my party? Feels like it was only yesterday”. I nod “Probably because you haven’t been around my dear. You know if something is bothering you or you need to talk, you can to me or Lara. We will always be here for you”. She nods “I know Gianni I know but this is something I need to handle alone”. I look at her “Has your mate done this to you Edie? That is unacceptable if its true”. She shakes her head but once again I don’t completely believe her “I haven’t met him yet. I hope to its just I injured myself training. I will be OK in a day or so. If you don’t mind Alpha I’d like to rest to be ready for Andres party tomorrow”. I nod and take my leave making sure to keep more of an eye on her.

Andre POV

Since Edie placed that command on me it has been hell. I have seen her, on the rare times she shows herself, limping, in pain, with the scent of blood on her. I know Ian hasn’t marked her or mated her as her scent hasn’t and changed so I imagine that is why Edie looks the way she does. I never imagined that Ian would hurt a female, much less his mate. It just shows you can never truly know a person. I see him with other wolves as Jenny is off visiting family, which means her mother has arranged for her to service the alphas in the area for a tidy sum. How I found out about this, is funny. I was invited by an acquaintance and stayed in the corner to see the female in question. It was Edie’s sister jenny, her mother there collecting the money the alphas part with to enjoy the female. I snuck out no one knowing I was there and my friend mentioned this happens every other month or so and it’s always the same female.

I begged off, saying I was waiting for my mate, but something about seeing Jenny lower herself in that way upsets me. We have never been close but I have a respect for females no matter who they are. I also notice Jenny is leaving Edie alone for the most part which is strange as well. Normally she takes all the shots she can especially since she is screwing her sisters mate. Maybe Jenny is finally maturing into a mature she wolf.

Knowing the merger is coming in a few days and I leave just after to go to my pack in Greece has me worried for Edie. I know Ian and how determined he is to be alpha of this pack, Theío has mentioned that Ian was talking of challenging Nico and himself. It is ludicrous but that’s not to say he won’t fight dirty or have a sneak shot in there somewhere. I would hate for something to happen to the pack and I am not here, so I have sent word to my Theío in Greece that I would need another 2 weeks before I could head back. I want to be here should Ian try something and I can try and help as best as I can.

Helping Theio get ready for the merger, there is a lot of paperwork and logistics, a new pack house needed to be built in between the packs, reassignment of duties and such for all wolves between the two. Normally Edie would be here instead of me, but she hasn’t been having the best time with her own work, she is always on top of everything. No one has really seen Ian since her party, which isn’t unusual, he claims he is working on a business project, yet Edie runs all his business interests. The Goddess only knows what is going on with my godbrother.

As I am leaving my Theios office, I run into Ian and a she wolf names Lina. They are looking cozy and I scoff as I walk by. Ian stops and looks at me “What is your problem Andre? You are going back to your pack in a few days and I will take over this one and everything will be perfect”. I shake my head as Lina asks “Will I be your Luna baby”? Ian scoffs “You know the drill Lina we are together when we are together, otherwise I am a free agent. I will have the Luna that is strong enough to be one, and baby you are not her”. Lina looks angry but Ian nuzzles her neck and she is aroused again. I shake my head at Ian and his foolishness “You might want to consider your mate instead of these thirsty sluts”. He looks at me “I don’t have a mate yet and I don’t need one….mind your own pack Andre and leave this one to me”. He walks off and I wonder how 2 pups could be raised so differently.

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