Rejection & It's Consequences

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Chapter 11

Domenico POV

The last couple of weeks have been exceedingly hard for me, knowing Edie has found her mate and it isn’t me, her thinking it was me cheating that caused the issues she experienced with my Beta hurt me more than words can say. So I threw myself into the remerging of the packs, informing my pack and the elders as well. The meeting with them led down a path I am not sure I want to go down. They have a female who has yet to meet her mate, who is a couple of years younger than me who they would like us to mate. Her name is Alana and she is a good looking she wolf, yet my wolf is not speaking with me because of this development.

Alana has come in and started to become familiar with the pack and how I run things here, apparently her father, who was a Beta, held very little responsibility and the Luna of her pack was more of a show mate than a help mate. So trying to educate her has been an act of patience for me, especially since I am not able to shift. This is Nolo’s punishment to me for refusing to wait for my mate. Brant has also been distant with me and I am unsure as to why. From what he’s told me, Edie did not meet her mate that evening, but the fact she had side effects of a cheating mate means I am not him. Brant has been working almost nonstop on making sure his part of the merger is ready to go.

It has almost been 2 weeks since the party and since Alana has come to stay and begin the mating process and I haven’t spent time with my Beta and best friend. I go to his office and I hear an ‘enter’ as I walk in the room is ready to be moved in a few days. I see Brant finishing a conversation and see a suitcase packed by the door but I wait until I can have his full attention. As he finishes he looks to me and takes a whiff and his smiles dies away. “How can I help you Alpha”? “I wanted to catch up, we haven’t hung out or really spoken since Edie’s party and I miss my friend”. He shrugs “I have been busy, but it’s good that you came because I am leaving until the merger. The office and my room are good to go; the movers can just load and go”. I look at him strangely “Where would you be heading or is that a secret”? Brant shakes his head “I am heading to your fathers pack to help Edie finish up her part. Her paperwork is mounting up as well as her usual stuff. Andre has been assisting the Alpha, no one has been there for her”. I shake my head “That just doesn’t sound like the Kennedy I know, she never asks for help, she endures on her own”. He sighs “She hasn’t asked for the help, your father has for her. He wants her to rest as well. She injured herself and is slower than usual. I understand her plight, so I am willing to help my fellow Beta”.

I nod at this “Maybe I should head over as well, make sure things are in order for the merger”. “Would you be taking your fake mate as well”? I groan “Of course Alana would be coming, she needs to learn the ways I expect a Luna to act”. Brant groans “And you think this is the best time? Your fathers pack is making ready for all of us to descend upon them within the week and you are coming early as well to handle this business with your brother challenging you for the title”.

I sigh “Look I know you don’t approve of the council arranging this mating, but you need to learn Brant. She will be your Luna if thing work with the other pack. The Goddess hasn’t sent me my Luna and I am not getting any younger. I want pups to leave my pack to”. He shakes his head “She will never be the Luna you are imagining. You or my mate will be picking up the slack. Do what you wish, just make sure she knows there is no option, she needs to be a hands on Luna. When the Goddess blesses me with my mate, she will perform her duties, not that of Beta female and Luna”. I look at Brant in shock “You truly feel this way? That you think I would make your mate step into the Luna role”? He shakes his head “But I think that Alana will, as she will essentially be Alpha Female, where would my mate stand a chance”? I nod and get up to leave “So me thinking of taking Alana as mate will cause friction between us”? Brant sighs “I hope not, but as of right now, how she pawns her very few duties on lesser wolves makes me wonder. You know her upbringing and yet you wish her to be mate. I don’t understand you”. I look at him “She doesn’t do the few meager things I ask of her”? “That is correct, she has asked others to step in, planning menus how the flowers are arranged. The schedules of the housekeeping and grounds keeping she passes it to others. It’s embarrassing, all she does is worry about her appearance”. “I will take care of that today, it will not happen again, but Alana and I will follow in a few days to prepare for the challenges”. Brant nods and walks from the office.

After leaving Brant’s office, the feeling of rage overwhelms me and I go for a run, then I will confront Alana. She is to be my helpmate not a trophy in a case. After running, I shower in my office en suite and I call Alana on her phone as she doesn’t have pack link yet. She comes into my office, coming to hug me and kiss me. I move my face away and motion for her to sit. She frowns at me but does as indicated. “What can I do for you baby”? I shudder “Alana it has come to my attention that the few duties I have assigned you, have been passed to others. I want to know why”. Alana sighs “What does it matter how it gets done, as long as it does. I am trained as my Luna and mother trained me. There will be no changing me, you will accept it because I lend credibility as well as heirs. Isn’t that what you truly want”? I get up and pace my office “I want a true Luna, not a pretty face who knows what you do with others. I want you to be what I grew up, I want a help mate I want a Luna. If you are unable to do the minor tasks that I am giving you now, how will you run the pack household? Will wolves feel they can come to you in a moment of need for advice or council? Will you even make time aside from your dinner parties and shopping and beauty appointments”? Alana looks at me and laughs “Those are not a Luna’s taskthat is for the Beta female and she will do all that and whatever I ask of her. You will accept it because you are in need of a mate, not me”. I move to tower over her and her bravado starts to fade “You will do as I say, or there will be no beauty appointments, no dinner parties and certainly no shopping. How your pack does things is different than others. You will do as I instruct of there will be no alliance. How will your father or Alpha take that? You need the mate as much as I do. When we get to my father pack, you will mimic my mother or you can go back home. Understand”? She nods her head and comes to rub on me, I smell her arousal and it makes me nauseous.

Alana POV

Leaving Nico after he decreed I am to be as he calls a ‘true Luna’ I go to my room and make a call to my father. This has gone on long enough. He answers “Have you mated the Alpha yet”? I sigh “No he is resisting, he wants me to be what he calls a ‘true Luna’. He wants me to actually take part in the running of the pack; he has tasks daily for me to do, actually expecting me to do them. I was not trained for this father”. He sighs “You need to grow up; he needs to mate you so he doesn’t question the legitimacy of that bastard you are carrying. You should have never mated with that boy”. Tears fill my eyes “He is mate, not Nico. I had every right; I never asked for any of this, I just wanted a life with Ryan, not all this intrigue and lies”. My father growls at me “This is a favor for a friend, you know Luke and Jessica and this is their favor. What would you like for them to kill me and your mother because you want your mate? That is extremely selfish of you. Get him to mate you tonight or we will have issue Alana. I will not lose my life because of some spoilt she wolf”.

Father hangs up and I curl up on my bed. He has the shadiest friends and for once, I am called in for the favor. I have a mate, his name is Ryan and he was demoted when my father found out. He was the Gamma’s son and we had always had a thing for each other, but we waited until we were sure we were mate. The night we found out, we mated but didn’t mark the other yet. Ryan wanted to ask my father’s permission and when we went to him he was livid. He had Ryan demoted to an Omega, I was locked into my room and this arranged mating was set into motion. Apparently my father had a drinking problem around the time I was born, and killed a family of were’s on the road. Jessica and Luke were there and witnessed the entire thing. They agreed to keep it to themselves as long as when they needed a favor, my father delivers. After so long he began to think they never would claim the favor, yet three weeks ago, he gets a call and now my life is being used to repay for his mistakes. So I think back and know there is a natural extract that will make Nico very tired and I can make him think we mated and have him claim my mates pup. As I think this, Lala my wolf whimpers at her mate being denied his pup. I push her back and go to make my ‘mate’ his dinner.

I see the looks of shock and dismay that I am in the kitchen, as I have made these people do my chores that I am assigned and I tell them to leave. I do not need anyone questioning me on what I am doing or how it’s done. I finish, cooking is something I actually do enjoy, but Nico will never know that, as he is not someone I want to please. I take his plate and mine as well to the table and set it before him and I take my place at his right. He looks at me and I smile “I decided to make you dinner as an apology for my errors. I hope you enjoy it”. He looks at the beef stew and bread suspiciously when he passes it to the Gamma and he samples a bite. I look at Nico in shock, and when he takes the plate back and watches his Gamma for a minute before he eats it himself. He looks at me with a blank look “My beta or gamma always taste the food made by people not in the circle of trust. It’s for my protection”. I look at him in shock “So you assumed I poisoned you”? He looks at me again “I don’t know you well enough yet to tell. Once you earn my trust, it will be different. You will learn to accept it”. I nod not wanting to fight knowing I have indeed poisoned him. His gamma excuses himself as does his mate, Nico looks like he is ready to fall over. “Nico dear you look exhausted. Would you like me to assist you to your room”? He shakes his head “I am fine to get there myself. But I will retire for the evening”. I nod and he goes up the stairs.

I retire to my room and call my mate, father does not know he can come and go from his cell and has his phone as well. I tell him to come and use the spray to mask his scent. He comes, as we are not that far apart and I make my way, with Ryan to the alphas bedroom. He is asleep, barely managed to get naked before he collapsed. Ryan walks in with me and growls at the idea I am seeing another naked. I silence him and spray him with Nico’s scent and we go to the opposite side of the bed and make love all night. I did this so that it will smell like Nico and I mated as well as me having been satisfied by the love of my life. Ryan left very early, after respraying himself with the scent cloaking spray and I promised him we would be together soon. I curl up to Nico, throwing my naked leg over his as well as having taken some of my arousal and rubbed it over his cock. Amazingly he did not arouse at all. Major insult to me, but I can handle it as he does not arouse me either. I go to sleep and wait for the fireworks that are bound to happen soon.

Domenico POV

I groan as I begin to wake after a very heavy sleep, feeling warmth besides me that is unfamiliar to me. I raise my head and see Alana naked in my bed, the scent of sex in the air as well as stickiness being on my penis. I try to recall if I mated her and I can not remember. I ask Nolo “Did we mate Alana last night”? He sighs “My human I don’t think so, I think someone is setting us up. I do not feel satisfied as if I had mated and you do not remember. Check with gamma….see how he is today”. I nod and move Alana off of me and question “What are you doing here”? Alana looks at me and smiles “Morning baby that was a long night. I’m surprised you are up so early”. I growl at her “Are you saying we mated, because I have no memory of that occurring”. She giggles “Well it was your first time, maybe the power of it made you black out”. I growl “It was not my first time ejaculating girl, just because I am not a fast piece of baggage doesn’t mean I would black out. Leave this room and stay away from me. I don’t trust you right now Alana”. She gathers her clothes which are mixed with mine and leaves but before she does “When will my Luna ceremony be? Since we have mated, it’s only natural I will be your Luna now, we just need to mark each other”. I growl “OUT” as she runs from the room. Why oh why did I ask the elders to match me with a she wolf?

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