Rejection & It's Consequences

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Chapter 12

Kennedy POV

Yesterday Brant came from his pack to help me finish the paperwork necessary for the merger to go off without a hitch. He kept looking at me, and I sigh knowing what he is seeing. I am weaker than I was, having lost weight but I have still been working out as to maintain my strength. It is the only reason Ian has not been successful in mating me. He has backed off the last couple of days and I am thankful for it, but it makes me think he has ulterior motives.

I actually saw my sister the other day and she looked at me with the usual scorn and hatred, probably because I am Ian’s mate and she isn’t. My mother and father have been strangely absent with is nice as I don’t have to deal with their issues as well. I am getting ready for the day when I get a knock from my door and I look and see Jenny there. I sigh and answer the door “Hello Jenny what can I do for you”? She sighs “I just wanted to see if Ian has been successful in mating you yet. Why do you resist, he is a wonderful lover, he will not disappoint”. I look at her “The fact you know the kind of lover my mate is, that is why I won’t mate him. The Goddess made a mistake with this pairing and I will correct it”. Jenny laughs “That’s what you think Edie”. As I go to shut the door, a rag is placed over my nose and mouth and my world goes black.

When I come to, I am tied to a bed, where I don’t know, and only in my bra and panties. I look around and see my mother and father in the room talking about finally making sure their plan is followed. I must have made a noise because they turn to me and smile “Finally she is awake. What is this I hear you will not mate with your mate? He is most anxious to have his mate”. I look at my mother “I don’t care; he can have my slut sister or the other sluts he is with. I will not mate him”. My father slaps my face “Who said you have the choice”? I look him dead in the eyes “I do”. He chuckles “We shall see” as he injects me with something that makes me feel like I did when I was with Nico. He injects something else into me and chuckles “The scent in the room is your arousal Kennedy, Ian will not be able to resist. He should be here in a day or so, so marinate in it”.

I am restrained for the next day or so, as there is no window to know for sure and I am constantly injected with whatever is making me horny as well as something else. I have tried mind linking anyone who could help me, but I must be off pack land if no one is hearing me. I listen in the background the conversation he is having with my mother, how today is the challenge and how I will be his victory prize and I am angry over this. I growl and they come back, laughing at me “Pissed off little Edie”? My wolf rises inside of me and commands “RELEASE ME NOW”. My parents look stunned but comply with my request, as they do she commands “PUT THE KEYS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BED AND CHAIN YOURSELVES TO IT”. They obey yet again and I take the keys, get dressed and leave the room to handle them later.

I run in human form, as my wolf is weak and is trying to dampen the smell of HEAT on me. I make it to pack land and see a gathering of wolves as well as Nico and his brother in the middle, battling for the title of Alpha. I push wolves aside and I reach Ian, Nico seeing me stops and Ian being the dirty wolf he is, pulls a silver dagger from his watch. I call to him and try to stop him when he stabs me instead of Nico. Ian realizes im there and groans “What are you doing here”? He pulls the dagger out and I begin to fall, grabbing for help from him but he doesn’t help. I manage to grab his necklace and it rips off his neck and my wolf whispers ‘not mate’ as I pass out, grasping the necklace tight in my fist before I pass out.

Domenico POV

Since the morning I found Alana in my bed, I have kept her at arms length. She is still demanding her ‘Luna Ceremony’ and I am not sure what is truth. I spoke with my Gamma and he doesn’t remember leaving the table from dinner and I have no memory either. The kitchen staff held my left overs and preserved them for me, I am having my doctors run tests on them, but they take time. I told Alana to get herself ready, as we were going to my father’s pack and she will learn to be the mate I need. She is not happy about it, but has no say in the matter.

We arrived the following day and I introduced her to my family, and my mother and father were not happy with me. Mom took Alana and began to explain what a Luna does in our pack as my father takes me to his office. “What are you thinking Domenico? Taking an arranged mate instead of waiting to see if Edie is mate or if your mate is near”? I look at my father “Edie has met her mate, if not again, but she is having effects from the mate bond. She isn’t mate, believe me it hurts me to say this. I wanted Edie to be my mate, but I have to accept my mate is dead, otherwise where is she”? Dad looks stunned “Edie has met her mate? She told me she hadn’t yet. Call Brant and I’ll call Andre”. I nod and mind link Brant to father office as I see him do the same to Andre. I hear a knock and father yell “Enter”. Both Brant and Andre are there and come into the office. Father begins “You both were with Edie the entire night of her party. Did she meet her mate”? Brant looks at Andre and both don’t say a word “Answer my father both of you”. Brant looks at me “Alpha I honestly can not answer the question. I have a command on me and Andre as well. It cannot be shaken, we both have tried”. I look at father and he probes their minds “He is correct, he has a strong command that will not allow me to even see the memories. For Andre not to be able to shake the command off means it’s a Royal command”. Andre and Brant look at each other and are stunned and say at the same time “She is a royal”? I look at them and gage their words “Who is a royal”? Brant starts to talk “The she wolf who commanded us…..we had no idea she was royal. Explains her strength. The she wolf is”. The name never comes and Andre tried as well with no result. I grow restless and turn to my father “Where any royals invited to Edie’s party”? He shakes his head and I continue “Then the only she wolf who would even think of commanding them would have been Kennedy. Maybe the rumors are true after all and she is not a Beta”.

Father looks at me “What rumors? She is Jessica and Luke’s child, she was a baby when they came. Who’s child could she have been because they are not royals, not even sure they were beta’s but they did an adequate job”. Andre and I laugh “They were horrible and there are a few rumors about that family. First off that they killed our beta’s to take over here, that Edie wasn’t their child, especially since she shifted so early. I know dad you don’t listen to gossip, but keeping an ear out would be a benefit”. Father collapses into his chair “So you mean to say I have harbored kidnappers for 20 years”. I sigh “Didn’t say it was true, we need Edie here to confirm”. Brant speaks up “She hasn’t shown up today and isn’t home either. I figured she went for a run, but I was going to speak with you Alpha Gianni about this”. He nods and mind links to his warriors “We should know something soon. Nico you need to prepare for the challenges tomorrow as do I because Ian will not stop at just one of us. Brant and Andre you need to figure a way around that command. I need answers”. I nod at the dismissal and leave with Andre and Brant. As I leave the office Alana comes to me and rubs on me again and I shrug her off “Alana what have I told you about this? It needs to stop”. She looks at me angry “So you fuck me then ignore me? Some wolf you are Nico. You need to accept we will mate and I will be Luna. You mated me you suffer the repercussions”. I look at her “I don’t believe I mated you, I think you want me to think it. Now stop or I send you back to your pack in disgrace”. Alana nods and walks to the guest wing as I move to the family wing of the house.

The following day and I am ready for whatever my brother throws my way. He wants Alpha, he needs to earn it. My father is upset that Edie is still nowhere to be found, but I am thinking she will come back when she is ready, there were no scents from her place so she may have taken a day for herself, which is unusual but you never know. Alana has been right on me since this morning, making sure she is always touching me, rubbing me, kissing on me. I throw her glares but she knows I don’t want my family knowing I am having an issue with this pushy she wolf. I go to dress for the contest as is my father, Alana and my mother will be there as well, a showing of strength. We go to the battle grounds, the elders from this pack acting as referee I see my brother and his little piece of baggage with him. Jenny looks at me as does Ian and they smirk like they know something I don’t. I walk into the middle of the circle and wait for Ian to join me. He walks towards me with a watch on his wrist I have never seen before. Need to watch his movements there, and I hear the elders giving the rules, fight to the death yada yada. Alana comes to me and rubs herself on me again “Be careful Nico I don’t want anything to happen to you”. I growl at her “I know Alana, this is uncalled for. Go back with mother”. She pouts and does what she is told as Ian comes and jeers at me “Mate giving you issues brother”? I growl “None of your concern, just try to stay alive. I don’t want to kill you but I will if I have to. You are not fit to be Alpha”.

Ian growls “I will be Alpha and I will kill you. You won’t get what you want either”. The elders signal the battle to begin and I watch to see how Ian will begin. He runs towards me kicking and punching and I dodge them easily and I snap his arm. He screams in pain and continues to come for me. We spar and he manages to get a punch or kick in there somewhere, when I see his hand go towards his watch. As he does this a strong scent of strawberries and cherries comes into the area and I see Edie run into the battle ground. I stop not wanting her hurt in any way but my brother does not notice and takes the hidden dagger and stabs Edie. She grasps out for him to help her, as he states “What are you doing here”? She grabs his necklace and falls to the ground, taking it with her. As she does a scent wafts the air and Nolo is shouting ’Mate Mate Niecy mate’ I look at Edie and realize she is indeed my mate. Ian looks at me then touches his neck and makes to get the chain from Edie. I stop him with my hand around his throat and shoving him into a tree. “How brother how did you do it”? He coughs “I don’t know what you are talking about? Edie is my mate. I need the necklace back though”. I growl “EDIE IS NOT YOUR MATE SHE IS MINE…..HOW DID YOU HIDE IT IAN”? Ian refuses to speak as my father comes to break us apart. He has no luck, I look to Brant and call “Take him to the silver cells, I want him in isolation”. Brant nods and with a few warriors leave and I have my father to contend with.

Dad begins talking to me as I walk towards Edie instead. I bend down and smell her HEAT and wonder how she is in this state as we have not met or mated or marked each other. I look to her wounds and see it’s not so bad, but I smell wolvesbane on the dagger. I growl “Get Edie to the pack hospital now”. I see warriors take my injured mate to the hospital and I go to follow but I father stops me. I growl and my father is unfazed “What is going on Nico”? “Ian managed to hide my mate from me, Edie is my mate. Ian was claiming she was his mate. He kept her from me dad. It has something to do with the necklace in her hand”. He nods and follows the warriors. I go to follow when Alana grabs me “Where are you going Nico? You need to focus on us not on some mate if she truly is your mate. I am now your mate”. I growl “Don’t tell me what to do Alana. Edie is mate, not you”. I turn to walk towards the hospital as she calls out “She may be mate but I am carrying your pup. Maybe that will help you decide who is more important”. I look at Alana and a smirk is on her face and I motion for warriors to take her “I want her taken to the hospital and tests done to prove the pup is mine”.

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