Rejection & It's Consequences

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Chapter 13

Luke POV

Taking Edie to our hideout in no man’s land is the only way it seems for Ian to mate her. Apparently he hasn’t wooed her to where she will mate him willingly. So Jenny went and talked to her and managed to sedate her so I could bring her here. Ian hasn’t left pack land as to not draw suspicion to him when it is realized Edie is not there. Jessica and I chained her to the bed, stripping her to her underwear. Now I am a mated wolf, but seeing Edie undressed is making me randy. I look at Jessica and mate her in the corner, feeling renewed stamina after seeing a young ripe she wolf. Jessica looks at me and groans “Is that what it takes to be satisfied anymore? A young naked she wolf? Maybe Edie needs to stay that way for a little while”. I nod and feel my little wolf stir again. Jessica looks at me and we go at it yet again.

Jessica and I are talking quietly in the corner when we hear Edie make some noise and walk towards her. Jessica and I move towards her and smile “Finally she is awake. What is this I hear you will not mate with your mate? He is most anxious to have his mate”. Edie looks at Jessica “I don’t care; he can have my slut sister or the other sluts he is with. I will not mate him”. I slap her face “Who said you have the choice”? She looks me dead in the eyes “I do”. I laugh “We shall see” as I injecther with a serum that will bring her HEAT “The scent in the room is your arousal Kennedy, Ian will not be able to resist. He should be here in a day or so, so marinate in it”. I also inject her with a fertility solution so that when she mates the first time she will be with pup.

We keep her restrained over 24 hours, I make sure to inject her constantly with both solutions, as she comes around we walk back, laughing at her “Pissed off little Edie”? Something happens as Edie’s eyes change color to a violet color and I hear a strong commanding voice “RELEASE ME NOW”. Jessica and I automatically do as stated and Edie gets us as she continues “PUT THE KEYS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BED AND CHAIN YOURSELVES TO IT”. We have no option but to obey, as Edie grabs the keys and runs from the room. I look at Jessica “I think her wolf knows who she is supposed to be”. Jessica nods as we both need to admit defeat and prepare for our punishment.

Gianni POV

Too much has happened in a short time, Edie apparently kidnapped by her parent who may not be her parents, being pursued by her mate who wasn’t her mate. Being stabbed and finding out Ian has been hiding much from me. Then hearing as I went to check on my beta, that my eldest may have a pup on the way, way too much. I walk into Edie’s room and hear the doctor growl then realize who it is and submits to me “Excuse me doctor, I need to get the chain from Edie before others come looking for it”. He nods and hands it to me. I place it around my neck and suddenly smell like mate and I know she is not. I quickly take it off, and go lock it up as to make sure no one uses it and I find a way to destroy it. As I walk from the room, I see guards taking Alana, it think her name is, to an exam room with a couple of nurses and a doctor following.

I go to my office and lock the necklace in my safe; it required a drop of my blood to open, so no one will get in. As I walk out, Lara comes to me and hits me; I look at her in astonishment “What did I do”? She cries “For a moment my wolf cried that I lost my mate. What happened Gianni; I did not enjoy that feeling. I felt empty”. I take her into my arms and console her “Ian tricked Edie into believing he was her mate by casting a spell on a necklace. I placed it around my neck to see if that was indeed how it worked and it was. I took it off immediately. I meant you no harm my love”. She hits me again “I don’t want to lose my mate, I love you, you stubborn old wolf”. I look at her “Old? I am not an old wolf and tonight I will remind you of this Mrs. Moretti”. She nods her head and we head back to the hospital. I run into Nico as he is outside Alana’s room waiting for the doctor to come out. I look at him “Anything yet”? He shakes his head “I don’t believe the pup could be mine”. I nod and head towards Edie’s room and see the doctor finishing up. He looks at me and bows and reports “She will be fine, she has extremely high levels of a serum that makes a she wolf go into HEAT. It will be there for a few days but I was about to call warriors to take her to her home, as she will rest better there”. I nod and exit the room as Nico finishes with the doctor. He looks pissed “It’s too young to determine if its mine or not, so I will go check on Edie and Alana is not to leave this room. I want round the clock guards until the end of week. Then we can determine the pups’ lineage”. I nod “Edie is being taken to her house; she will be experiencing HEAT symptoms so I will have guards around her house at all times”. Nolo comes forward and I move Lara behind me “NO ONE AROUND MATE BUT ME….I WILL PROTECT MATE”. I nod and Nico comes back and looks at me “I will take my mate to her house and when she comes to, we will discuss what is to happen”. I nod again as Nico goes to take Edie away from warriors and medical professionals. Lara looks at me “Seems someone loves his mate already. I am glad though, Edie will be a good Luna not like this chit he brought. She wants to be a trophy mate. I don’t understand she wolves nowadays”. “I know what you mean my dear”.

Domenico POV

Hearing wolves were going to touch his mate, made Nolo come forward to protect her. Since he smelt her, feeling her HEAT when we touched her, he has not wanted to be separated from her. But this nonsense about Alana and her supposed pup is wreaking havoc on the whole situation. As I think of Ian and his looks earlier, I mind link Brant to place Jenny in holding until I can deal with them. She has to be a part of this, Ian and her are too close not to be. I go into Edie’s room and lift her off the mattress and walk her towards her house, seeing the occasional wolf sniff the air and a smell of arousal come from them. I growl at them and they look away, submitting as I walk past them. I continue to the house, placing my mate on her bed, locking the house and sitting beside her bed, determined not to move until she wakes.

I stay all night as Edie sleeps peacefully, when I get a mind link from Brant that Alana is requesting my presence and I groan. I have him send my mother to sit with Edie as she is female and mated and will protect her with her life. As I go to leave mate, I kiss her forehead and feel the tingles and sparks from the mate bond. Mom is at the door as I open it to walk out “She is still sleeping but others may try to mate her, her scent is still very strong”. Mom nods and kisses my cheek “Hurry back Edie needs to take precedence, not that chit in the hospital”. I nod and take off, want this over with. I get to her room and see her livid “You cannot keep me locked in the room Nico, I am your mate I demand to be treated with respect”. I groan “You are not mate and you will remain here until I know if that is my pup. I don’t trust you, plus Edie is mate. I will have no more interruptions until it’s time to find out about that pup your carrying. I have the royal physician coming as well as his assistants so you can’t claim I set up something to change the DNA. They have no reason to lie”. She shudders “Just because you can’t accept we made a pup it’s nonsense, I should just go home then”. I nod “When I know for certain, then you can go. If you press me, I will have my father probe your mind. Could do it now, but all your secrets will be exposed”. She shakes her head “I can wait for the tests; I know I am not lying. I expect an apology when this is done as well as my Luna ceremony”. Alana comes up to me and kisses me, rubbing herself all over me and I move from her “Do that again and I will have your mind probed. I’ve told you about that”. She smirks “Just marking my territory lover”. I leave the room not wanting to fight and head back to my mate.

Kennedy POV

Not knowing what has happened or how you got somewhere is very disturbing. I remember leaving my parents locked up and running towards to battle to stop it, and getting stabbed by Ian who did not help me and I accidentally grabbed the necklace around his neck. I remember Niecy saying something but I forget what she said and now I am home with an amazing scent besides me. I look up and see Nico besides me as Niecy whispers ‘mate’. I look at Nico and see happiness flash in his eyes as I smell that scent I got the night on the porch, my mate is aroused and from what I can smell I am as well. Nico replies “How are you feeling mate”? I groan and stretch “Sore but good, I would like to know how and why Ian did what he did. But I glad my instincts were not wrong. I thought you were mate, I am happy about that”. Nico nods and his arousal becomes more potent and I whine in need.

Nico sniffs the air and my scent becomes stronger and I lose control and launch myself at him, kissing him and touching him where I can. Nico responds in turn, kissing me rubbing my breasts, pulling my nipples to make them hard points “God Nico that feels amazing, don’t stop”. He growls and pins me to the mattress “I want you mate” as I growl in agreement. I am pinned and somehow I am naked, this man who is as inexperienced as me, sure knows what he is doing. I don’t need the foreplay, neither does he as he sinks into my moist heat, feeling the full length of him. He stops and looks into my eyes and I nod for him to continue. Nico thrusts into me, I feel myself grow tight around his big hard cock, feeling the beginnings of an explosion and I hear his growl knowing he is losing control himself. I feel him explode inside of me, his cock pumping inside of me for almost a minute.

As I come down from the high of being with my mate, I smell another female on him, more than just casual brush, like someone rubbing on him to imprint her scent. I push away from him and looking at the hurt in his eyes he asks “What’s wrong Edie”? I look at him “Who is she”? He looks confused but I don’t blink as he realizes what I mean “It’s not what you think. The elders of my pack were arranging a mating for me, as I hadn’t found my mate. She is constantly touching me and rubbing on me, I tell her to stop but she has her own mind about it”. I look away hurt “Did you mate her”? He sighs and comes behind me “I don’t believe so, she says yes, I woke up with her in my bed and naked. But I think she is trying to make me think it”. I shudder at this “While I am maintaining my virtue and your brothers constant attacks to rape me, and when I didn’t allow it, I was beaten, you are playing house with a thirsty she whore”? He looks at me “I didn’t know you were mate, I thought she had died and when I heard from Brant when you left early about the vomiting blood and such I was broken. I knew I wasn’t with others, so you could not be mate”. I turn out of his grasp “That’s why you didn’t come, because of Brant and what he said? Maybe if you had showed the bond would have announced itself. But you decided to replace me”. He shakes his head “Never replace you; never I have always wanted you as my mate Edie. Please know this I love you my mate”. I shake my head “Please leave I need time to process this”. He shakes his head “You will go into HEAT soon since we mated and not marked each other”. I look at him “I will take that chance, respect my wishes. Once that whore is gone, I will consider what has been said”.

He looks away “It will be a little while, she is claiming to be with my pup”. I fall to the floor and cry “Your pup? I am supposed to carry your pup”. Nico comes to me but I move away “I do not think it is mine, I am waiting for the time to check. End of the week and I will know”. I look at him “If you really wanted to know, you would have Gianni probe her memories, you are enjoying 2 she wolves wanting you. Well this she wolf is taking her hat out of the ring. Leave now or I will reject you this moment”. Nico comes to me and lays a mate command “YOU WILL NOT REJECT ME EDIE. WE ARE MATE WE BELONG TOGETHER. YOU WILL NOT REJECT ME”. I cry “No I wont, but you apparently have. Please leave me to heal Nico”. He nods “I will be back tomorrow. We will discuss this later”. Nico takes off slamming the door behind him as I fall into a heap on the floor.

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