Rejection & It's Consequences

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Chapter 14

Domenico POV

Leaving Edie after we mated was one of the hardest things I have ever done. Seeing her in tears because of me and my impatience, knowing that she is right, if I truly want to know if I mated Alana, I would have father probe her mind. But after everything today, with Alana and now Edie, I want everything to sit and begin again tomorrow. I link Brant that I am not to be disturbed unless it is regarding Kennedy. I hope the morning will find Edie in a better frame of mind where we can figure things out, not acting on rash emotions.

The following morning, I feel better rested and satisfied as I dreamt of my life with Edie and pups. We were happy and loving towards each other, each of us being a balance for the other. Nolo was beyond happy to finally know what it was like to be with our mate. He was humming the entire night and we kept our walls up to ensure peace. As I leave the room, going to the hospital to figure out what is going on with Alana, my mother comes from my father’s office in tears, Andre and Brant looking forlorn and not looking me in the eyes. I walk towards them and into my fathers office. He looks at me with anger and pain “What has happened father”? He comes to me and shoves me into a wall “What did you do to her”? I think back and not knowing I don’t respond and he growls “What the hell did you do to my Beta? Why did she leave Domenico, what did you do”? UI growl and break free “I did nothing; I was with mate and honest. She smelled Alana and I was honest with her. She asked me to leave and I told her we would talk the following day. She left”? He nods “She left a note and a set of keys with directions on where to find Jessica and Luke. She said she needed to go away from everything, it was too much and she will be in contact when she can. How could you have mated her and not clear things up beforehand. She has gone through a lot with Ian and then for her destined mate, who chose to replace her and maybe having a pup with another? Did you honestly think she would remain”?

I think back and realize I did expect her to work things out with me and this situation. I sigh “Yes I did, because we are mate and she should have stood beside me, not run the first time she could. That is not mate’s father, its working through the hard times not running from them”. Mother comes and smacks me in the head “How dare you blame Kennedy Domenico. She needed to decompress. You are her mate who as she sees it, didn’t wait for her. You say she saved herself despite your brothers’ attempts to change it. She withstood all of that and managed to free herself and took a knife that was meant for you. She wakes up with these hormones shooting inside of her and she satisfies them and finds another woman’s scent on you. If that were your father, I would have cut off his little wolf and fed it to him. DO NOT BLAME MY DAUGHTER IN LAW”. I see Brant and Andre near the door trying to hide their smirks that the big bad alpha is taken down by his mother. I scrub my hands through my hair “I am not blaming her, I just expected her to stay and for us to figure this out together”. Everyone is looking at me and I can’t handle it right now “I am going to see Alana and try to figure this out. I need this taken care of before I try and fix things with my beloved”. Mom and dad nod in agreement and Brant follows me as back up.

Heading to the hospital, I go to Alana’s room and see her pacing the room. Brant and I enter and see a very frazzled she wolf. She turns to me and demands “Let me out of here Nico, I am done playing nice”. She comes to me and she smells me. She pulls away with a look of disgust on her face “You mated another while I rot in this room? We are to be mates, we have an arrangement and you have reneged. I want out of here”. Brant moves to the door and states “When the alpha is reassured that you carry another’s pup, then yes you can return to your pack without an alliance and face the wrath of your alpha and father”. As she gets ready to begin, the royal physician walks into the room and Alana sits on the bed “Alpha I was called to start paternity tests on the pup inside of this she wolf”? I nod and she protests “I will not submit, I have that choice”. The doctor nods “Yes you do, you do not submit, you get locked in the palace dungeon until you give birth, the royals take custody of said child and test the pup themselves. If you are dishonest, you die and if you’re telling the truth the pup goes to its father and you remain in prison. Those are your choices”.

Alana shudders at this “Fine do the testing, what happens if it comes out not Nico’s”? The royal physician replies “Prison for you and the royals take custody of the child. Why isn’t there no chance of it being any one elses. From what the council submitted, you were a pure she wolf just before you came to Black Star pack”. Alana cries “The pup is my mates; I was made to have Nico believe it was his. We never mated; my father was being black mailed with his and my families lives by the Harding’s. I didn’t want to go along with this, I had no choice”. The physician nods and leaves the room “All that bullshit about mating and it’s my pup? You caused my mate to leave me”! Alana looks at me “She rejected you? I am sorry about that I never meant for that to happen. I was just biding my time until my father could figure things out”. I sigh grabbing my hair in frustration “Do you know why they are doing this? Did they give a reason”? She shakes her head and I motion to Brant “Hold her until father decides what should happen. Keep her guarded in her guest room and make sure food is brought to her. She needs her rest and nourishment”. Brant nods and escorts Alana from the room, she turns her head and whispers “I’m sorry” as she walks out of the room. I know this isn’t all her fault, I should have waited and not been pressured by the elders, it’s on me as well but there is someone else who is the cause and that would be my brother and Jenny, as well as her parents. Find them and I find out the reasons.

I go to the cells, hoping Ian or Jenny will give me the answers I need to find out why this happened then I need to look for mate, since I have cleaned my mess up. I can’t believe I thought I mated Alana, I should have figured thatout, before I told Edie, hell I should have cleaned my life up before we mated. She was experiencing hormone surges and she wasn’t thinking clearly and neither was I, so attracted to her and her scent drove me wild. As I reach the cells, I put Edie from my mind, trying to focus on answers not my beautiful mate who could distract me from my purpose. I arrive at my destination, when I smell the fear in the room. I decide to go to my brother first knowing he will do his beat to lie his way out of everything.


I am taken from my battle after Edie was stabbed I am in complete shock as to how she got away from her parents. Then she accidently tore the necklace from my neck, so Nico now knows who his mate is. Shortly after I was brought down here, I heard some wolves bring in another; I can only imagine it is Jenny, as Nico isn’t stupid. If I am up to something she will be right there Jenny is ride or die with me. I hear crying, then nothing. I can’t communicate with anyone, let alone my wolf. I am brought food and water, then nothingness, until I hear an angry growl and knowing it is either my brother or father. I am hoping for the latter, because Nico has all rights to kill me as I kept his mate from him, I just needed the power to be the alpha I know I can be.

I see my brother and his beta come into the room and know I am doomed. He looks at me like he wants to break me in half and I begin to panic. Nico starts “Why did you try to make Edie think she was your mate”? I look at him and decide not to answer right away. He doesn’t appreciate it and grabs the bars, which are silver and it smells like a barbeque now, “Why did you do this Ian”? “It was part of a plan that wasn’t mine. I just needed to mate and mark her to become a strong Alpha, any wolf that mates and marks her will be an extremely powerful wolf. I needed it to beat you in the battle for Alpha, but the bitch wouldn’t submit. I would have won and been Alpha by now had she just believed I was her mate. She needed to listen, I wanted her for what she could do for me, I didn’t want her. She could rot for all I cared. But Jessica and Luke are the ones she needs to worry about. If she got away from them, it’s likely they will kill her, they are very determined that she not meet her mate because of something in the past”. Nico starts to shake in anger and Brant placed a hand on his shoulder and he started to calm “Kennedy is not something to be used for strength or power. She is a beautiful strong intelligent she wolf who should be respected. I will handle Jessica and Luke, as they were restrained my Kennedy herself and will be brought here for justice, not from this pack but by the royals. As will you and Jenny as well. Alpha Gianni and I are too close to this situation to make punishment fair”. I look at Nico, knowing that royal justice is much worse than a punishment my father or brother could concoct. I shudder “I would rather be punished by this pack, as this is where the misdeeds were done to this pack”. My brother laughs and Brant states “This isn’t up to you or any of your cohorts. The elders made this decision and both Alpha Nico and Alpha Gianni are in agreement. Otherwise you Jenny Jessica and Luke would be dead, as you all took my alpha’s mate from him. There is no discussion. The royal warriors will be along as soon as Jessica and Luke are questioned you will be released into their custody”.

I start to panic knowing I will more than likely be in a prison like this for the rest of my life and my wolf whimpers at the thought. I nod at this decision and watch as my brother and Brant leave the room. I hear Jenny crying in the background and I call out “Jenny”! I hear a shuffle and a whisper “Ian”? “Yes how are you doing”? I hear her whimper “I am scared Ian, I don’t know what to do. I thought Kennedy was with my parents how did all this happen”? I sigh “She got away from them Jenny. She ran into the middle of the battle when I was going to knife Nico and become Alpha. I knifed her instead and she fell grabbing the necklace before she collapsed. Nico knows she is his mate, he is ready to kill”. Jenny sobs “They will kill us for messing this up. I don’t want to die Ian, I just wanted to find a wolf to love me and treat me well. Is that so wrong”? I sigh “I know Jenny; I shouldn’t have gone alone with any of this. We should have let them figure this out for themselves”. “How much do they know”? I breathe deep “They know of the necklace and that they are the ones behind it, not the reasons as I do not know those either”.

As Jenny sounds like she is to speak again, I hear the doors open and complaining coming with the new visitors. “Why are we being brought here, my daughter should be the one down here, she is the one who locked us up for no reason, this is beyond ridiculous”. I sigh hearing Jessica complain about being brought to the cells, not just the cells the silver cells. The guard replies “Ma’am please be quiet, Alpha Nico will be interrogating you soon enough then we can be quit of you”. I hear her grumble under her breath about the disrespect of the former betas and how this isn’t how things are to be done. I turn into the corner and hope this is settled soon, so I can begin my punishment and try to start my life again, may hap as a better man and wolf.

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