Rejection & It's Consequences

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Chapter 16

Ares POV

My father goes to his computer and brings up the information on the computer and looks at Kennedy and growls furiously “Jessica and Lucas Hardy are your parents”? Kennedy swallows and looks down “Yes sir, not by choice, but who the Goddess had me born to”. I look at him and my mother and they are beyond upset “What is the problem with who her parents are? She didn’t choose who she was born to. My wolf feels a pull towards her and trusts Kennedy”. My mother nods and my father looks pissed “There is a history with the wolves in question. Your father and I met each other later than most wolves meet their mates. It had been almost 4 years since I had matured before I met him, your father 6 years. He was seeing a she wolf for a few years named Jessica Miller. She was expecting your father to mark and mate her; she would become the next queen and have a set life. I was seeing a wolf named Lucas Hardy for a little over a year. Now your father and I remained true to each other, we didn’t give ourselves like wolves do nowadays. Well I went on a movie date with Lucas, who was hoping I would mate and mark him, but my father wanted me to dump him as he was showing greed at becoming Alpha of the pack. He was actually demanding wolves address him as the future Alpha. Anyways I had agreed to go to the movies with Lucas and your father was going out with Jessica to dinner when we just happened to cross paths, my wolf called to her mate and your fathers called to me. Jessica and Lucas found out they were mates as well”.

Father picks up the story from there “When I found your mother, I was beyond ecstatic. However, Jessica and Lucas had stated to each other, that they would reject each other as they were in love with your mother and I. I looked at Jessica and told her I would not give up my mate, your mother agreed with me and we went to her parents first to inform them we had found our mates. They were happy for us and preferred who the Goddess chose for us, not who we had chosen. Jessica and Lucas became a nuisance in the pack, worse after the coronation for your mother and I. Now they had mated in this timeframe and had a little girl named Jennifer. They still wanted us to leave our mates for them, so I had them banished; they were supposed to leave the country. We thought they had, and your mother became with child. Now this pup was a powerful pup, your mother only carried her for 4 months when she was born. She was the most beautiful wolf pup I had ever seen, but then Diana was abducted and we have been looking for her ever since. We suspected it was them, but they just had their pup, not a newborn pup”.

I look at Kennedy and she states “I am sorry my parents have caused so many issues, believe me they did so at my pack just no one ever caught them. I took over beta at the age of 16 so they could take control of my funds. I proved to be a capable she wolf and was able to manage my own funds and started a few businesses no one knows about aside from Gianni and Nico. They have made sure everyone is in the dark as to who the owner is, otherwise all of my funds would be going to support them”. I look at Kennedy “How are your parents apart of this nonsense”? She sighs “From what I heard while I was faking unconsciousness, the male wolf who mates me will be extremely powerful, whether they are my actual mate or not. Their plan was for Ian to mate me, make him strong, have him cheat on me and drive me to kill myself. Something about avenging the past or whatever. I knew they saw me as a nuisance since I shifted”. Father asks “What age did you shift Kennedy”? “At the age of 10, my alphas son Domenico shifted at the same age, so I knew that I had to be somewhat powerful, but I just figured I had strong beta genes”. Mother comes to look into Kennedy’s eyes and shaking her head “You do not have a beta gene, and neither of your parents have it either”. I ask “What does this all mean”? Father looks at me “I don’t know yet son, but it is true Kennedy is much more powerful than a beta. Kennedy what color is your wolf’s eyes”? She shrugs “I am not sure sir. I have never really paid attention, although the other day my wolf came through me so powerfully, my parents submitted to me no questions asked. They just did as demanded. My wolf never explained to me why”.

I think on this and decide to anger this she wolf, I mind link my parents to let them know, so they won’t react when she eventually gets angry and disrespectful. I look at Kennedy like a beautiful she wolf and she becomes uncomfortable “Kennedy with all the developments you have explained, I believe we should mate. You obviously don’t want your mate, otherwise you would have marked him, and he is having a pup with another. Think about the pups we could have, you would be queen of wolves”. I see she is getting angry but not enough to react so I press on “Come on we all know I am quite a handsome wolf, sexy and powerful. What more could a she wolf ask for”? I take her into my arms and kiss her passionately and I feel myself being thrown into a wall, I raise my head and her eyes are violet as she speaks “DO NOT TOUCH ME, YOU ARE NOT MATE. YOU WILL KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOUR SELF OR FORFEIT YOUR LIFE”. The power emanating from her has me bowing before her “Yes ma’am, I will not touch you again”. I look again and her eyes are a hazel color now and she looks contrite “Please sire don’t punish me, my wolf took over. I would never throw you into a wall”. Mother looks at me “Why did you do that Ares, you knew she was mated, her mate would have felt that. That is not the best feeling in the world” as Kennedy agrees with her. I sigh “I did it to find out the color of her wolf’s eyes, they are violet by the way”. Kennedy looks at me “That’s not possible, my eyes should be a green color as my natural eyes are hazel”. I shrug “I am telling you they were violet, father and mother witnessed them as well. Generally that only happens with royalty”. Kennedy shakes her head and starts for the door “No this is not happening, I am just an ordinary wolf, I don’t need these complications as well. Thank you for the offer, I think I will go to my god brother’s pack then from there, away as not to be an issue”. Father shakes his head “Kennedy you need to stay here, we need to figure things out here”. She shakes her head “No sire I can’t stay, this is opening up more issues and I can’t handle this right now”. As she turns to leave, I see her go extremely pale and faint. I manage to catch her before she falls to the floor. I look at mother and she comes to feel her pulse “Her heart is racing, her skin is flushed”. She raises her hand and asks “Did she say she mated her mate before she left her pack”? I nod and she continues to listen. She smiles “She is with pup, which accounts for the emotions and how easily she passed out. She needs rest and food. Has she eaten today”? I shrug my shoulders “I never asked for food to be brought to her, and prior to her arrival, I am unsure”. Father comes and takes her into his arms and a whimper comes from his wolf “I will carry her to the family wing, where we can keep an eye on her. My wolf wants her nearby, also have the physician run blood work, confirm the pup and have them do a DNA test from your mother. We will get to the bottom of this, if it’s the last thing I do”.

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