Rejection & It's Consequences

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Chapter 17

Apollo POV

Seeing this young she wolf, her strength and determination reminds me of myself at her age. She is right, she didn’t ask for any of this drama that is happening in her life, and it’s not right that she has to suffer so much. I am not sure, but the way my wolf is around her, she may be my long lost daughter Diana. My mate looks towards me and I can see she is thinking the same thing as I am. I placed Kennedy into a room next to Ares, and had the palace physician come and check her over. He agrees with my mate that she is with pup, and took blood to confirm, as well as doing a DNA test to see if she is our lost Diana or if she is just an extremely powerful wolf. The DNA test will take a couple of days to process and then we will know for sure. I asked the doctor to start an IV for supplements until she awakens and stays hydrated. Even if she isn’t my daughter, I want to make sure she and her pup are well cared for as her mate isn’t here at the time to handle things.

Domenico POV

The last few days without Edie have been torture. The last day or so, have been worse, she has had heightened emotions and then a sharp pain to my heart. It was quick then I felt great anger then nothing. Nolo has been angry with me and inconsolable. He keeps demanding I look for mate, mate needs him mate wants him because he didn’t hurt mate. Since I don’t have the mate link, because we never marked each other I have no way of getting in touch with her. Since all that has happened, we postponed the rejoining of the packs, until my mate is here for us to have a united front. This made Andre, my god brother; decide it was time to take his rightful place at his pack and hopefully finding his mate.

The royals were supposed to come in the next day or so, but postponed because of issues in the kingdom. I was hoping that these wolves would be taken care of by now, Jessica and Lucas gave nothing, they even managed to evade the mind probe. Somehow they have a way to make sure that we cannot know what they are thinking or have planned or have done in the past. Mother is besides herself, worried about Edie, wanting to make sure she is alright, that she isn’t being hurt and that she has food, basically a typical mother hen. The pack is solemn after she left, they don’t know anything about what happened except that Ian hurt her during the challenges. Brant has taken over her duties until she comes back and we straighten things out between us, I can let her know that Alana was lying because if her parents, that there were multiple forces trying to keep us from each other, but the Goddess prevailed and we found each other after all.

Now Alana there is another story; she was sent back to her pack after father addressed what had happened and how her father was behind the whole thing because of blackmail. Her alpha was livid, her father was stripped of his title, was placed in the pack cells for a month then community service with the mentally ill wolves who’s mates have died or rejected them. The alpha wants him to understand what kind of life he was signing his daughter up for. Now Samuel, Alana’s father, explained how when his daughter was a baby he had a drinking issue. From what was pieced together, he ran a family off the road and killed them on impact. Jessica and Lucas covered for him and said they would be back to collect. When he refused they blackmailed him and he complied to save his family. He is not sure who the family was, they burned the bodies to where no one would ever know. Samuel was contrite and I imagine because of the duress he was placed under, that is why alpha Stevens allowed him and his family to remain. A very understanding Alpha, I am not sure I could be that forgiving. I am hoping in the forgiveness department that my mate will be forgiving, even though I didn’t do anything per se, I started the process of replacing her from what is seen even though that was never the intention, I was just unsure if I would ever meet her, I just didn’t want to leave my pack in loose ends. I just want to see my Edie again so I can grovel and beg her forgiveness and reassure her that she is my one and only until the end of time.

Aurora POV

A woman, who becomes a mother, will lay down her life for her children. The hardest thing is when you don’t have the ability to protect your child because they are stolen from you by a thief in the night. Never knowing 100% who stole my Diana has bothered me more than I care to admit. I have looked for her for the last 20 years, never giving up hope that I would find her or that she would find her way home to us, to me. Looking at Kennedy, she reminds me of my mate as well as my mother, she has the solemn look that she would get when things were serious or when she was trying to handle things on her own.

I mind link a couple of my ladies in waiting, to assist me in changing this she wolf into something more comfortable, as jeans and a t shirt are not the most comfortable to sleep in. I gather a t shirt and shorts from her bag, the shirt smelling like a male, more than likely her mate and take them back to have her placed in them. As they finish removing her clothing, I mind link my mate and ask the females to leave as I will handle things from there. As they leave, Apollo walks into the room concern etched on his face. “What happened my love”? I point to Kennedy’s right hip; there is a birth mark in the shape of a broken heart. Apollo looks at where I point and gasps “When did you notice this Aurora”? “Just right when I mind linked you, this is indeed our missing daughter Diana. You know as well as I, that is a mark of your royal family. Ares has it, you have it, our father and so on down the line. You can finish with the testing, but this is indeed our long lost pup Apollo. That means Jessica and Luke did take her as punishment because we chose our true mates and not them”. He nods and holds me “At least she was well cared for, if not by them but by the pack she belonged to. That means more charges for Jessica and Luke, something we should have handled a very long time ago”. I nod my head as tears well into my eyes “You know this means we will be grandparents remember; she is carrying a pup she doesn’t even know about yet”. Apollo shudders at this “I am much too young to be a grandfather. I am also much too good looking as well. I knew something was off because of how my wolf reacted. He must have sensed it, as did Ares’ wolf. She is very truly powerful; otherwise she never would have been able to withstand the torture and drama that her ‘family’ put her through. Now though, I get to put her mate through his paces, he needs to know not to mess with my baby”. I chuckle at this “Such a papa wolf, making sure your pup is protected. I love you for that and for the life you have given me Apollo. I am extremely blessed”. Apollo kisses my cheek “I feel the same my love”.

Kennedy POV

Passing out in a strange place, was not on my to do list. The son, Ares, seems like a nice enough wolf but then talk about my parents and how they had a child taken 20 years ago, same age as me, was just too much with everything else I have endured over the last month. As I am in the state of rest, as I have no strength to rejoin the living, I see my wolf, Niecy sitting besides the lake staring at it in longing. I walk to her and sit besides her, petting her as she looks across the river. Niecy acknowledges me but is drawn to something I cannot see. I look across the river and see the most brilliant light ever, as it drifts over to me, I shield my eyes from the intensity of it. The light comes closer and at its core I see a woman, cloaked in the most luminescent gown and a serene smile on her face. I kneel to her, showing my neck in submissionand I see a hand come in front of my face and helps me to rise “Rise my daughter for you are equal to me, as are all of my Lunas”. I look at her and inquire “Who are you my lady”? She laughs “I am Selene, or as you may know of me, the Moon Goddess. I have come to help you in your time of trouble”. I chuckle “That is an understatement; I am so beyond over whelmed by all that has happened as well as the recent developments that have happened here”.

Selene nods her head “I know my dear, I am sorry for how I have had to have your life play out, but it was the only way to make sure you were strong enough to handle being the Luna to a very strong Alpha. You were always meant to be with Nico, you were always meant to be Luna”. I look at her in shock “Then why Ian? He hurt me so badly Selene”. She nods her head “That was not supposed to happen, if your mate had been there when you matured, spell or not you would have known. But Domenico was hurt at the thought you were meant for another, so he let pride get in the way of the natural order of things, but that is what I have seen in all men. That’s why we are there to guide them down the correct course”. I nod at this, as I have seen Luna Laura guide Alpha Gianni when he seemed to be doing something rash or foolhardy. I then ask “What about this new development Selene? Are Jessica and Lucas my biological parents or is the Alpha King and Queen my parents”? She sighs at this “Jessica and Lucas stole you as a punishment for them choosing who I set out for them. Jessica and Lucas are power hungry wolves and by taking you, weakened the kingdom for a while. Yes they had another child, but not as powerful as you my dear. Yes you are a royal, and I don’t like giving glimpses into the future, but you are not meant to be queen. You are meant to be a strong powerful Luna, helping the kingdom with Domenico by your side. Your brother is meant for the political whirlwind, even had you been raised by your parents. They love you, Apollo and Aurora, and have missed you but celebrated you ever year, though you were gone. Just like you will love your pup my dear”. I look at Selene “I don’t think there will be any pups in my near future my dear Selene. Things would have to be worked out with Nico before that could happen”. Selene chuckles knowingly as she looks to Niecy, who gives a wolfie smile of her own. Selene drifts away like she came, after she left I sat besides Niecy, laying on her relaxing into her soft warm coat and fell asleep, dreaming of my mate and the future we will have.

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