Rejection & It's Consequences

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Chapter 18

Apollo POV

Kennedy has been asleep for 2 days and has had my mate and I concerned. The physician reassured us that her wolf is helping her heal, it’s more emotional trauma that physical, too much happening too soon. Either Aurora or myself keep vigil, Ares having been informed that Kennedy was indeed Diana his long lost sister, which brought some moments of regret, how he angered his wolf, not counting kissing his sister. Ares is a smart young lad, already ready to take on the challenge of the kingdom, trying to decide where is kingdom will be, will it stay here or will we return to our former home in America. To say I have missed it is an understatement. Greece is a beautiful country, lots of water and beauty to behold, yet nothing can compare to the lush green forests and the damp smell of rain on the forest floor.

As I reminisce of my youth, I notice Kennedy’s heart beating faster and the slight movements coming from her bed. I mink link Dr. Alexopoulos, as well as my mate to Kennedy’s room. I hear the door and see they enter around the same time, the physician coming to check to make sure I wasn’t overly hopeful, as Aurora watches with me in the background. He nods “She in coming around, she should be awake shortly. The pup is doing well, as is she. I will make a point of checking on her in a few hours”. I nod and dismiss him as I retake my seat, Aurora sitting on my lap. Within a few minutes her eyes open and she looks around the room, lost and a bit frightened.

Aurora slowly goes to her side, taking her hand and reassuringly rubbing it to comfort her. “Kennedy do you remember where you are”? Kennedy nods her head and looks to me then my mate and bows her head in submission. My mate tisks at her “No need for that my dear. How are you feeling”? Kennedy nods then states “Better than I have for a little while. I am thirsty though”. I nod and get the fresh pitcher of water I requested be there for my pup when she needed it. “Here you are my dear. Its fresh, I made sure the nurses kept it that way”. Kennedy nods her head and tries to sit up, but it’s hard when the bed is flat. Aurora reaches to help Kennedy sit up as I move her bed into a sitting position. She looks at me with a slight blush “Thank you both very much. How long have I been out”? I reply “2 days, the doctor felt it was emotional exhaustion, as you hadn’t recovered from what happened at your pack to what happened here. It was too much for you, so your wolf had you shut down to properly heal”.

Kennedy POV

Coming back to the land of the living has been difficult. Spending quality time with my wolf as a separate entity is rare, but I could feel Niecy wanted to go back so we could figure things out and get back to mate and clean up that mess. When I wake up, I see the Luna Queen rubbing my hand, and I would be lying if I didn’t say it was comforting. I bow my head in submission and Aurora asks me “Kennedy do you remember where you are”? I nod her head “No need for that my dear. How are you feeling”? I nod again then state “Better than I have for a little while. I am thirsty though”. Apollo nods and gets the pitcher of water. “Here you are my dear. Its fresh, I made sure the nurses kept it that way”. I nod and they ask me what I remember and explain what has been going on. When I find out I have been out for 2 days, I am stunned. I reply “2 days seems pretty drastic for my wolf, but I can’t say the time wasn’t helpful in some ways”. Aurora nods and Apollo looks like he is contemplating what I am saying. I continue “So I slightly remember before I passed out, something about the idea I might be your long lost daughter”. They nod and Aurora replies “We had the physician begin the DNA testing, but when I had you changed, things changed. We don’t need it any longer”. I look at them confused “What did having me changed alter your course”? Apollo chuckles “You have the royal birth mark that I have, Ares has, my father, siblings and so on for generations. No one has this birth mark aside from our family”. I try to think of any birth marks on my body and all I can remember is a funky looking mole on my right hip. I look at them and chuckle “You mean that funky looking mole on my right hip”? They nod and I shake my head “So a funny looking mole and I am you long lost daughter”? Apollo moves his slacks and shows me an almost identical mole on his right hip and I pale, whispering “So that actually happened”?

Aurora looks at me with questions in her eyes “What are you talking about dear”. I shudder and reply “I was sitting besides Niecy, my wolf, and there was a very brilliant luminous light that came towards me, so bright it hurt my eyes. Inside of that light was a woman who claimed to be Selene, and we talked about things and how I was your daughter how I was taken and made to endure to make me the strong survivor she wolf that I have become. That if my mate had come to my party that night the spell wouldn’t have worked and we would have found each other and not had to suffer. About how men are prideful and need a good she wolf or woman to guide them in the right direction”. As I say this Apollo looks affronted and Aurora laughs “Selene is correct in those aspects. How was it being in her presence”? I look at Aurora “It was magnificent, she was like a normal person, and she talked to me like we were friends. I would have never known she was the Moon Goddess unless she had told me. In all honesty I thought it was a dream or a hallucination”.

Aurora nods at my explanation “I imagine she feels close to her Luna’s, and all her children. I am glad you got to speak with her. Now that its known about your lineage, we can introduce you to people, when you’re ready of course, as our family has passed aside from a few long lost cousins that prefer to stay to themselves. Then we can discuss your succession to the throne as you are the first born and more powerful wolf”. I shake my head “One thing at a time. I don’t mind the idea of meeting people, once this incident with Jessica and Lucas has been dealt with and I have my mate besides me. But I will not take the throne. I am not meant for the political world like Ares is. I would do better as a support to him, plus he has been groomed for this since he was a pup, and I have not. I am meant to be a Luna, not a queen”. Apollo looks at me with tears in his eyes “You spoke just like a queen, but I do agree with you Kennedy. Where as you are a strong she wolf and could rule if you so desired, Ares has been in training for this since he was a small pup. He is meant to be king”. I nod in agreement as a doctor walks into the room. He looks at me and smiles “Hello your majesty, I am just going to make sure things are good and I will leave you to your reunion. Now as I informed His and Her highness, you didn’t get the chance to recover from all the emotional turmoil from before and the idea of having a completely different family was the straw that broke the camel’s back, and well your current condition doesn’t help as well. You need to make sure you are eating at least 5 times a day because you are burning so many calories right now”. I nod to the doctor then pause “What condition? I am completely healed from the stab wound during the challenges and my HEAT has subsided very quickly”. The doctor chuckles “Since you recently mated, the only way for your HEAT to subside is to mark your mate. Unless you are carrying a pup, the symptoms go away automatically”. I shake my head “It was just the one time, I swear”. Apollo, Aurora and the doctor chuckle “It can happen the first time, but also there was a high concentration of red clove and chasteberry elixir. They had it made into a serum, and injected it into you several times. It almost guarantees conception when you mate. SO when you mated, it made you very ripe and with you being young… was all stacked against you. But your pup is healthy and growing well. You should deliver in 4 to 5 months”.

I place my hands over my stomach and I listen and I hear a tiny fast heartbeat and I gasp. I have a pup growing inside of me. A small smile comes onto my face and the urge to see mate and tell him is overwhelming. I whisper “A pup, I can’t wait to tell Nico. He will be thrilled”. Aurora has tears in her eyes “I’m going to be a grandma”. I smile at her enthusiasm and Apollo grunts muttering how he is too young to be a grandpa. The doctor leaves the room and quiet descends when I ask “When will you go to America to handle the situation with my pack”? Apollo mind links, and I hear a knock on the door, Apollo replies ‘Enter’ and Ares enters the room. “Yes father how can I help you”? He replies “Kennedy would like to know when we are going to America to handle the situation with her pack”? I chuckle “Y’all can call me Edie, its common for me to answer to it, plus saying ‘Kennedy’ all the time must be exhausting”. Everyone chuckles and Ares replies “I had arranged for the plane to leave in 2 days. Are you still going, mother, father”? They nod very passionately and Ares looks at me “Will you be joining us as their pack member or as our family”? I think for a minute “As both, as I am a pack member, also rightful Luna of the pack, and part of this family as well. I just need to get used to parents that actually care and aren’t after me for money”. Ares shakes his head “I understand Edie, but as you will be queen, you need a crash course in royalty 101”. I look at him strangely and he continues “The throne is always passed to the first born. I have accepted this and will do all in my power to assist you navigate the political whirlwind”. I shake my head “I am a Luna, not a queen. You are to be king, you have trained for it, know how this world works and I would not be as gracious as is needed regarding issues that arise. I will be a support to you brother, in whatever capacity you need”.

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