Rejection & It's Consequences

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Chapter 1

Kennedy POV

Being a Beta is a great honor, not just any wolf can do the job. I have been the Beta of my pack, the Black Heart pack, for nearly 4 years, since I was 16. My parents were the Beta’s prior to me, but from what I found when I took over the position, they didn’t do the best job. They were months behind on reports and balancing the statements and such. The Beta has much responsibility because should anything happen to the Alpha and he has no heirs, the Beta is next in line for the position. Being such an anal retentive person, I literally took nearly a month, working into the late hours of the night, to get caught up and keep it that way. I actually spoke with Alpha Gianni, and recommended we go digital, that way he has access to anything regarding members or finances or complaints, at the touch of a button. I think had this method been in place, they would have been in deep trouble.

My family, now there is a poorly written reality show in the making. I am the youngest daughter, my sister, Jenny is the fair haired one of the bunch. My parents dote on her, making sure she is always happy and dressed to impress. Now my sister and I are about a year apart, she wolves depending on their rank only carry their pups for as little as 4 months but no more than 6 months. Not counting they are more fertile, birth control doesn’t work on us, neither does the morning after pill. Once you mate, even if they are not your true soul mate, you take a strong chance of becoming with pup, that’s why its encouraged for all to wait for their mate, as that way there aren’t broken hearts, no rejections nor needless fighting over she wolves. Though encouraged, it is extremely difficult to prevent pre mating sex. Now my sister Jenny, is the ‘girlfriend’ of the future alpha Ian. So she thinks she is the future Luna, who is the female Alpha of a pack, even though they haven’t marked each other as mate, which is something a wolf doesn’t wait to do, he wants to stake his claim on a she wolf.

My parents support the delusions that Jenny is under, no matter what I say, which I have given up, as I only get flack from them stating I am jealous she has an alpha mate, how she is more beautiful than I am and how she will do many wonderful and great things in this life. Now if this was the first time I had heard something like this, I would have been devastated, but since I was 10 I have heard different variations of these words. I have become numb to them, just after I took over for them, I tried to move out to the Beta’s house that is near the pack house as well as the Alpha’s house, yet that was nixed saying I couldn’t be trusted. When I found out the real reason I lost my water. Apparently when a high ranking pup takes over a position and lives at home, the parents are given control over the income. Now a beta makes a good deal of money, so they wanted to have that control to make sure their princess was well taken care of. Once I found out, I petitioned the elders council to be able to live on my own.

Now when I did this, I was able to prove what a responsible pup I was. I had been saving up money since I used to work in the human town not too far from us, we live in a small town in northern California, Squaw Valley near Lake Tahoe, I worked at a local diner, a couple that were regulars adopted me as their own. They were a sweet elder couple that weren’t blessed with their own children, so they took me under their wing, just life the alphas family. Lily and Marcel were amazing, I could talk to them about most anything, just not about werewolf things. We have a law that no humans can know about us, as they will fear us and try to kill us. I saw them pretty much every day for almost 1½ years when they died, within a couple days of each other. Shortly after, I found out they left me a sizable inheritance, a huge surprise, but I used that to start my first business.

I started a hardware store, we needed one in the area, Alpha Gianni helped me start in under a pseudo name, as I didn’t want my family knowing that I had money coming in or how I was able to start my business. They feel I need to support them, even though they have hardly been there for me. I try my best, but its hard when you don’t feel the love or appreciation from them. So my business is successful, not only financially but it helps wolves in the area, that are older and need something to occupy themselves with and for younger teen wolves to learn about working a job, a way to break into the work force. Since I started my business, I have opened 2 more, a florist and a mini mart in our town. No one knows who owns them, they believe they are pack businesses, yet I run everything from the pack. Gianni has been helpful with showing me the ropes as well as how to manage employees. Of course, with anyone who has a business within pack area, taxes are paid to the pack, to help maintain and run the pack the correct way.

Every Saturday in our pack, all pack members are to join in a family dinner, at the pack house. The pack house is for all unmated wolves unless you have your own property. The only way you get out of dinner, is patrol or work. As Beta, I have no excuse, which means I have to see my sister and parents. These are always tense times for me, as they are filled with sly comments or innuendo. I sit near the head of the table, near Alpha Gianna and Luna Lara. Their son is near Luna Lara while I am across and my family across from me and so on down the line to the omegas. Each pack has omegas, who in olden days were treated like unpaid slaves, yet laws have changed and they are treated the same as all wolves, just of no rank. They work and earn a wage like everyone does, yet its more the menial tasks in the pack house, cooking cleaning maintaining the grounds and such. No one is mistreated or abused by higher ranks.

My mother Jessica looks at me and asks snarkily “Kennedy do you have plans for your birthday this year? You know you should be meeting your mate about now”. I sigh “Yes mother Luna Lara is planning a party for the night of my birthday. All surrounding packs have been invited”. She shakes her head “You aren’t planning it yourself”? I shake my head “No mother I have pack business the day before, so Luna Lara volunteered to help me”. She sighs “Being Beta is hard, yet I still managed all functions for the family myself”. Luna Lara spoke up “Jessica you had a mate to do the brunt of the work for beta, the beta themselves, have almost as much work as Alpha, if not more depending on the pack”. Mother smiles at the Luna “Yes of course they do, hopefully her mate can take over and she do the work she is destined to do”. I laugh “I will still remain beta, not my mate. It is my calling not his”. Mom shakes her head and Jenny laughs “This is why she won’t find a mate mom. She is so consumed with work, what wolf would allow that”. I let this conversation go, it is pointless as Jenny adds “Plus she looks so drab. She uses no make up, her clothes are jeans t-shirts and sneakers. You need to look like a lady to get a man”. Ian laughs at this “That is so true baby”. Alpha Gianni is getting angry “Lets discuss more important things, like the upcoming Alpha/Beta training seminar. Edie, your helping plan it this month”? I nod “Yes it will be here this time, Alpha. They have asked if you could run the physical training as well as a class or two”. He smiles and nods “Of course, who is handling the physical training for betas”? I sigh “Its supposed to be Ian, but he refuses”. Alpha Gianni looks at Ian “Why do you refuse your duty”? Ian looks at me pissed “Because it should be Edie who trains them, they are her station”. Gianni shakes his head “So then you will assist me in training the alphas”. Ian shakes his head “I won’t be here actually, I will be away in Reno, on business of course”. I look away and snicker, ‘business’ as in I’m going to Reno to gamble, drink and screw Jenny all weekend.

Alpha Gianni looks at Ian annoyed “What business in Reno”? Ian sighs “I am meeting with a gentleman about a business venture”. Luna Lara sensing the growing tension replies “Maybe this is something to be discussed tomorrow my dear, in your office”. Alpha Gianni nods “Yes my dear, I agree, Edie and Ian meeting tomorrow morning 8am”. I nod as Ian grons “Yes sir”. The remainder of dinner goes off quite comfortably, the pack being dismissed after dessert. As I leave the table Ian corners me “Why did you tell my dad I refused the training”? I sigh “I was asked a question and I answered. I won’t lie to Alpha or anyone for anyone”. He grunts and punches the wall besides my head “Don’t do it again, or when I am alpha I will have you replaced”. I look at him “That is your choice, but you are not my alpha yet Ian. I answer to your father”. As Ian and I are having a discussion, Jenny comes behind Ian and begins rubbing his crotch. “Ian are you going to bitch Edie out much longer? I need satisfaction”. He groans and turns her kissing her passionately in front of me, I groan “Can you do this in private? No one wants a live porno”. Jenny laughs after breaking the kiss “Your just jealous that you have no one who wants you”. I snicker “At least my mate will get a pure mate, unlike some of us”. I begin to walk away and Jenny grabs my arm “What are you saying Kennedy”? I look at her “That you’re a slut that opens her legs for any thing that points at her”. Jenny slaps my face and begins to cry which brings my parents over and that is never good. My father, Luke asks Jenny “What happened”? She looks at him with tear filled eyes “Edie called me a slut because no one wants her”. He looks at me with disgust “Is that true Kennedy”? I sigh “No its not, I called her a slut because she is one. She opens her legs for any male with a hard on. It’s a simple fact”. My father slaps my face so hard I bleed “Don’t ever call Jenny that. Jealously is an ugly trait”. I want to cry but refuse to in front of them. I sigh “Apparently we can’t accept the I will leave you all”. As I begin to leave my father grabs my arm and stops me “This is why we’ve felt you can not handle your own finances or your own life. You are moving back home and we will control your issues until you are mature enough for the responsibility”. As I get ready to reply Alpha Gianni comes into the room “What is going on here”? I look down as Jenny Ian mom and dad look at me to explain. The alpha, not liking having his orders ignored roared again “What is going on here”?! I look at the alpha and sigh “A misunderstanding sir”. He walks over to me and looks at my face “This is not a misunderstanding, this is deliberate. What caused this”? Ian looks to his father “I was correcting Edie for her slip about my refusal to train the alphas when Jenny came seeking attention. Edie overstepped and said things that were uncalled for and her father corrected it”. I look at Ian with disgust and sigh.

Alpha Gianni doesn’t believe this and he looks to Jenny and Ian then myself “Edie what was said that was uncalled for in some ones opinion”. “Alpha, Ian was correct about talking to me about his blatant refusal to take part of the training, when Jenny came over and started fondling Ian and asking how much longer as she needed to be satisfied. I asked if it could be taken elsewhere as I didn’t want a live porno, I was told I was jealous because no one wants me, I stated at least I was pure for my mate unlike some people. I was asked to clarify and I did, stating that Jenny and Ian were sluts who open their legs for anything that comes their way. My father heard this and decided to punch me when no one could accept the truth of the situation. Now I am to move home, so my family can take over my finances and spend all my money on that fake hoe besides Ian. No one there works, they depend on my contribution to their household twice a month”. My father begins to speak but is waved off “I have heard enough, also I can read your minds, and see what Beta Kennedy said is true. Ian Jenny you know there are laws against fornicating before you meet your mate unless rejected or your mate dies. I also know you and Ian are both extremely promiscuous with any humans or wolves you find. It stops now, also Lucas, Beta Kennedy is of age to be on her own, as well as the council agreed with the assessment. She is a hard working responsible young she wolf any parent should be proud of. Leave it be, or face disciplinary actions. She is a titled wolf, while none of you are”. Ian clears his throat “I am future Alpha”. Gianni chuckles “Not as of now your not, you don’t have the inherent gene, and you refuse to train to prove you can be a leader. So no you are no better than an omega right now. Disburse and I will see you and Kennedy 8am tomorrow morning”. I leave the room and go to the safety of my house.

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