Rejection & It's Consequences

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Chapter 19

Kennedy POV

Ares looks at me in disbelief then at his parents, I mean our parents with question in his eyes. Dad answers “Yes it’s true Ares, your mother handed it to her on a silver platter, but Edie recognizes that she is suited for a Luna instead of as a queen. She feels even had she been raised with us, this is what the Goddess had in mind for her”. Ares looks confused “Thank you Edie, I appreciate the faith you have in me”. I chuckle “Once I get you organized, you will be set”. Everyone chuckles and Mom responds “It is so true; he was never the most organized pup there. He can manage many things, just his office” she shudders “you haven’t seen it yet, but it’s a scary place”. I laugh “If I could handle the mess Jessica and Lucas left behind, I am sure I can get Ares into the digital age, as well as organized”. Ares nods “Yes I have much confidence, however, with everything that has gone on since I have met this feisty female, I have decided where the kingdom shall preside for my time as Alpha King”. Mom and dad look at him with curiosity “Where is that, are we remaining in Greece”? He shakes his head “I know the reason you came here was rumors that ‘Diana’ was here, as well as leaving the place she last was. It was too painful for you to remain in Oregon, let alone in America, so I have decided that our kingdom shall move to Northern California, close enough to my sisters pack so we can be near, but enough distance that we both have our space”. I look at him stunned as do mom and dad. Dad asks “Are you sure this is what you want Ares, you can move it of course, but you cannot change your mind once you move the kingdom. It will be your heir that makes those changes”. Ares nods “I know father, its true I only know Greece, but I do not want our family separated by continents, I am sure America is as beautiful as Greece, and it may be better for our wolves. Yes there are wolf packs here in Greece, but not many and only in the more forestry areas”. Mom nods with tears in her eyes “It is very beautiful, lush green, feeling the hard dirt in your claws its an amazing feeling”.

After I woke up and discovered my true family, Ares took me to his office and I see exactly what mom was talking about. His is definitely not one for organization, but I know I can get him there, set something up to where even he can maintain it. I give him a list of everything he needs to order and he is stunned at what is needed but I reassured him it was all necessary. He agreed and had the order placed, but it would be coming to California. He has been searching areas near my pack, he found a huge piece of land in Homewood, California, not too far away from me so we can visit, but far enough that we do have our space. He has sent some of his workers there to build a home and pack house to the specifications he has, as well as making sure that it’s a good place to settle. I have reassured him it is a wonderful city, enough forest for the wolf inside as well as water and such near-by so the human can enjoy the tranquility. He saw pictures of the area and he agrees, he hasn’t told the parents that when we leave we will be staying in America. Ares sent me wolves to pack up the mess of his office and I have instructed them exactly how I want things done and to make sure everything is secured. I got a little resistance, but when Ares found out, he made it clear I was his family; I was to be obeyed as his parents and himself as well.

Getting things ready to move, as well as travel back to my home has worn me out. I know it is more of the pup growing inside of me that is wearing me out, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I talked to mom and dad about going to Andre’s pack, as I know he returned there shortly after I left. I want to see him before I go back home, also I want to talk to Alpha Gianni to make sure my family can stay until their new home is finished. I am sure it will not be an issue, plus I want to give Gianni a heads up I am coming home, but I want it to be a secret from Nico, a wonderful surprise from the horrible way I abandoned him, and now with the distance, I can see that’s how it looks. I feel very bad that I have done that to my mate, but unfortunately I needed the space to gain clarity and understanding of the entire situation.

Ares, mom dad and myself head towards my god brothers pack, and since they are the royal family they have no need of requesting permission to enter pack lands. Now before we left, mom gave me 2 things, she gave me a necklace that had earth tone beads leading to a pendant of the roman goddess Diana goddess of animals. Also she handed me a white gold ring, which is a symbol for the royal family of the laurel wreath with diamonds on it. I wore it on my right hand, as any ring I wear on my left will be from my mate. Along with my ring, is a masculine ring for my mate, as he is part of the royal family also. I grab her into a tight hug and whisper a thank you to her and she replies “There is nothing to thank my dear. These are meant to be yours as well as your mate. He will be our son as well. I cannot wait to meet the family that raised you to be the she wolf you are. His family must be special to be mated to a royal”. I nod “They are very much, you will not be disappointed. Also thank you for coming to see my god brother, he is actually Gianni’s godson, but Andre has always treated me as a sister”. She nods and we head to the pack which I find out is not that far from the palace. We head there, I am enjoying the scenery the costal breezes and the beauty of the water surrounding the area. We make it to the guard shack and my father informs the guard the royal family is here to see the Alpha Andre. He looks taken back but he allows us entry to the pack. As we get closer to the pack house, Ares is starting to get restless, like he wants to shift and run somewhere much quicker than we are going. I chuckle, more than likely he is sensing his mate, even though he doesn’t turn 20 for almost 6 months. But as we are powerful wolves, our mates can be sensed early. I just hope his mate is worthy of him, or they will answer to me.

We arrive outside of the pack house, and it is magnificent. It is modern with touches of the old world, like a lot of the buildings around here. Seeing where Andre comes from, and knowing where he was raised it is a huge difference. There is no real forest area for the wolf to be happy, but it is nice and tranquil. We start to exit the vehicle when Ares is bouncing off the walls. He looks like he wants to bolt, but years of training have him holding himself in place. As the front doors open, I see Andre coming out and he sees me, a huge grin comes onto his face. I run to him and he catches me in a bear hug swinging me around. I smile at him, as something catches his attention. I see Ares and Andre make eye contact and I hear Andre whisper ‘mate’. I burst out laughing as he sets me down and walks to my brother. I follow behind getting ready to make introductions. I walk to my dad who brings me to his side “Mom dad Ares this is Alpha Andre who I was raised with and consider my god brother. Andre this is Alpha King and Queen Apollo and Aurora and the prince regent Ares. I have had a lot of discoveries in my travels”. Andre looks at me “You mean the rumors were true, you weren’t Jessica and Luke’s child? They really did kidnap you from a family”? I nod my head “Yeah I just found out myself. Apparently they had a grudge against my parents and wanted to punish them. More charges against them, but that’s for another day”. Andre and Ares have not stopped staring at each other since he walked towards my family. My mom and dad are staring at them in confusion and I decide to break the serious and laugh out loud. Ares growls at me and Andre looks at me with a smirk. “I see little Edie is being a mischief maker huh? You know Nico isn’t too happy you left like you did. Postponed to reunification until you come back. But maybe things will be changing a little bit now”? I nod and smile happily at Andre and Ares “I think you both will be good for each other. Heads up Andre, he isn’t as organized as you are babe. He needs help”.

Mom and dad look at me mystified and I explain “They are mates, I heard Andres wolf claim him. I am beyond happy, means you’ll be my brother for real now”. Ares blushes at this and my parents welcome Andre into the fold. Ares comes to me “Are you really OK with me and Andre being mates”? I shrug “Its what the Goddess wants. Just curious how the move to America is going to work now”? He groans “I know that now, but I have made the announcements and I only hope my mate will be understanding”. I nod “I am sure it will work out the way its supposed to”.

Andre invites us into the pack house and its very old, you can feel the age in the room. Ares and Andre sit next to each other as we all gather in the sitting room. “This is the Alpha’s house, although the few days I have been here, it feels like a lot of ghosts linger here. I am thinking we need to move the pack, as the dead are not at rest. I think the pack will not prosper until we resettle. I know my parents would understand this decision. My uncles and such are not happy with this decision, but I am the Alpha. Mayhap me being mated to the future Alpha king is a sign…”. I look at Andre with mock seriousness “The future Alpha king huh? Last I checked I was older than Ares….so I would be the future Alpha queen and you would still be a peasant”. Andre looks at me “I forgot that Edie, I didn’t mean to take anything away from you”. I burst out laughing “Sorry Andre I am just busting your nut. Ares is to be the king, I am meant to be Nico’s Luna. Also can you picture Nico trying to be as diplomatic as a king needs to be”? Andre laughs shaking his head “There would be a lot more decapitations, that’s for sure”. I nod and we laugh when Andre asks “When are you heading back”? I sigh and my father answers “We head to California tomorrow to handle things with the offenders”. Andre nods “I know Theío and Nico were waiting for the royals to handle things, but something came up and the trip was delayed. Were you that delay Edie”? I sigh “Yes too much has happened since my party with Ian and everything else. Then I find that I have a family I never knew about. I shut down for a couple of days. But now I am back to normal and ready to see justice done”. Andre nods at this.

We visited for a little while longer, Andre and Ares not wanting to be separated and I offer a suggestion “Andre why don’t you come with us tomorrow, get to know your mate better as well as presenting a united front of the royal family. You are now royalty by mating my dear god brother. Although you should have no problem fitting in, you have always thought you were royalty”. Andre nudges me and I groan “Better not do that in front of Nico, he might take your head my brother”. Ares growls at that thought and Andre rubs his back soothingly “She is just playing, she has always been a bad joke teller”. I nod and we go back to the palace so I can make our plans for the future.

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