Rejection & It's Consequences

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Chapter 20

Gianni POV

Things in the pack since Edie went on her sabbatical have change drastically. I don’t think anyone really realized that she is the heart and happiness of this pack. It’s only been a few days but there is a noticeable pal over the pack. Brant has stepped in for Edie and her duties as Beta and Nico has pretty much taken over as Alpha, we just haven’t had the official ceremony to recombine the packs. Plus Andre left the pack to return to his just after and now its just depressing, plus Edie hasn’t contacted anyone to let them know she is OK or when she will be home. That has taken its toll on Nico, who is dark and surly, knowing he is the cause and not being sure that she can forgive him for what has happened, allowing himself to be placed in that situation. I can’t blame her for those feelings, as I would have been heartbroken had Laura done that to me, but I also understand the Alpha side, wanting to make sure there is someone to inherit your life’s works. Its hard either way.

I am running errands, since I have no paperwork or meetings to attend, when I get a call from Greece. I recognize the country code from when Andre would call when he visited. I answer “This is Alpha Gianni”. I hear a giggle in the background and I recognize it instantly “Edie is that you my dear”? I hear a sigh “Yes it is. How have you been Alpha”? I sigh “Things could always be better. The pack misses you, apparently you are the joy in this pack”. I hear a sharp chuckle “Probably not, but the reflection of Nico’s mood. I have felt it also. I am calling for a couple of reasons. First is that I have made a few discoveries on my vacation, if that’s what you want to call it that. I have discovered I am not Jessica and Luke Hardy’s daughter. Apparently they took me as some sort of revenge”. I gasp at this “I never paid attention to gossip, but apparently that has been standing gossip for years according to Andre and Nico”. She laughs “Yea so I have been told. Second is I have discovered my biological parents, and they have fond feelings towards me already. I also have a younger brother. Now I wanted to ask if they could stay in the pack as they are building a place nearby as we can be close but have our space as well”. I take a deep breath “Of course they can, I also know Nico will not mind either. He will be ecstatic when I tell him you are coming home”. “That’s another thing Gianni; I want to keep that a secret, as a surprise since I left so harshly, I want my return to be a surprise. It will be within a couple of days”. I groan at this “Edie you can’t expect me to keep that kind of secret from Nico of all people”. Edie groans “I would like you to, but if you can’t I can place a command on you and you won’t be able to”. I gasp at this “I am more powerful than Brant and Andre”. Edie laughs “I know but obviously they never got around it”. “True true I can keep it a secret. Have you seen Andre since you’re in Greece”? “Yes I have his pack is small but it’s a very organized pack. He has done well”. “So I will see you in a couple of days”? “Yes and please don’t tell Laura as she can’t keep a secret”. I groan “Edie you are killing me here my dear”. She laughs again “I also have a surprise for you as well, so as long as my secret is kept, ill share mine when I get there”. “Yes my dear as you wish”. She continues “Also can you have Brant come and get me at the airport. Tell him it will be tomorrow evening, private charter. He will see me and I will instruct him from there”. I smile “Of course I will send him on an errand and I will also have your house cleaned and aired out. Ready for you and your company”. “Thank you Gianni I miss you guys and love y’all. See you tomorrow evening”. “See you my dear please take care of yourself”.

Edie disconnects and to say I feel lighter would be an understatement. Knowing she is ok, and she was coming home tomorrow evening, is something that makes me happy because it will make Nico happy to just have his mate here, even if she strongly dislikes him at the moment. Now to do all of this, while making sure no one knows of what is going on or what will be happening. I go back home and arrange for a few of our housekeepers to go to Edie’s to clean it, make sure fresh food and all the rooms are cleaned. Now this was hard because they are asking if she is coming home, but I just state I want it kept as if she will be home at any moment. They bow their heads to me and do as asked. Now Nico has locked himself in Edie’s office, he took it over as his after he realized she left, Brant is working in Andre’s office until we know what is going on with them.

The next day Nico is running the territory, expecting to be gone almost the entire day, as the territory is now huge with his pack and ours. Laura is having lunch with friends and its only me and the few household wolves and Brant. I get him into my office “Brant I need you to go to the airport and pick up a friend. They will be coming in private charter and they know what you look like and will flag you down. Nico doesn’t need to be burdened with this information at the moment, if he gets angry I will handle this situation”. Brant looks at me confused “Why the secrecy? This is nothing bad I hope”? I shake my head “No I just don’t want to add to his stress. He knows my friend and it may even help him out of his funk”. He nods “OK Alpha Gianni, I will do as asked. Which car should I take”? I think “Take the Escalade, as there will be a few of them coming in”. He nods and takes the keys and asks “You will handle Nico if he comes looking for me then”? I nod my head and he goes to the airport as it takes a while to get there.

Kennedy POV

Starting the journey home is nerve racking. We are taking a private charter, us picking up Andre on the way to the airport after he arranged his uncle to watch the pack for a few days. His uncle is upset as to who his mate is, packs out in Greece not being accepting of same sex matings. Andre is unfazed as he will be moving the pack with or without his uncles blessing. He and Ares spent hours on the phone, apparently last night discussing plans for the future, as they haven’t had the chance to mate or mark each other as of yet. I imagine sometime when we get to our pack; they will be a fully mated couple. Seeing them together makes me miss Nico very much. We didn’t get much time together before things went wrong.

One thing I am not happy about is morning sickness, as it has started to rear its ugly head. Mom has been helpful, but being on a plane is not helping as its bumpy and the shakes and shimmy’s made me make my home by the bathroom. Ares chuckled at this and the look I gave him had dad laughing his ass off, warning him about hormonal she wolves. They had ginger ale and crackers, not helping much just making sure there is something there to throw up for the most part. Mom rubs soothing circles on my back, telling me when she was pregnant with Ares she practically lived in the bathroom the entire pregnancy. I laughed at that and Ares shot me a dirty look when I did. Andre doesn’t know about the pup yet, I want Nico to know before anyone else does. When the pilot lets us know we are coming into Reno Tahoe International Airport, I am happy as to have my two feet back on solid ground. It is evening when we land, having a straight shot because of flying private, perks of royalty, and we exit and the men see to the luggage as I go to the private charter lounge to find our ride.

I see Brant before he sees me and I rush over to him “Long time no see stranger”. Brant turns to me and hugs me “Edie we have missed you very much but no one as much as Nico. He has been devastated. Are you back for good”? I nod my head “Yeah I asked Gianni to keep my arrival a surprise as I want this to be a good thing for Nico. Also I have a few people flying with me, I hope you brought a car big enough for 5 passengers including me”. He nods “Alpha Gianni had me bring the Escalade, saying a few friends were coming with you”. I nod and see my group come from the plane. I motion for Brant to follow and I begin introductions “Brant I would like you to meet Apollo and Aurora Callas, their son Ares and you know Andre”. Brant looks at the older couple and its like he knows them but cant place them. I motion with my hand for us to get going when Brant notices my ring and pulls my hand towards his face, shock over taking everything “Edie you can’t wear this ring, if you get caught it’s a death sentence”. I pat his shoulder “It’s perfectly fine Brant I promise”. He starts to shake and dad comes over to him “Brant is it”? He nods and dad continues “Edie was given the ring, she will be perfectly fine. I promise you this”. He looks at dad again and he drops to the ground and shows his neck as a sign of submission. Dad touches his shoulder “Lets not do this here my boy, let us go back to your pack and we can sort this out”. Brant nods and looks at me and my necklace and gasps, whispering “The rumors were true”. I give a short nod and we go to the waiting car. I sit in front as Andre and Ares take the far back and mom and dad take the middle seat. We set out to my pack, my home and my mate.

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