Rejection & It's Consequences

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Chapter 21

Domenico POV

Being away from my mate has made me a very unhappy person. I lock myself in her office; I am using it as mine for now to have her scent and essence around me. I sleep in the family wing of the house, but most people don’t see me much during the day. So on the rare day I am checking the perimeter of the territory, as it is massive now, it takes me most of the day. I return to the pack house and link for Brant to come and discuss the actions of the day, but I find a block. I continue and still he is blocking me. I get angry at this and go look for father, as he would be the only other wolf that he would listen to. I find him sitting at the breakfast bar, having a snack when he turns to me. “Nico it’s nice to see you. How were the borders”? I grunt “As secure as possible. Where have you sent Brant? He is not responding to my mind link and I need to be updated on the goings on today”. He sighs “He went to pick up a friend of mine at the airport. He should be back shortly”. I sigh “Why couldn’t I have been informed? If I am to be Alpha I run the pack and delegate where my Beta goes”. He sighs “I just wanted someone who could protect my friend to escort them here. Brant was the first wolf I thought of. Also they will be staying here for a little while as their home isn’t finished yet and they have nowhere to stay”. I sigh and pinch the bridge of my nose “It would have been nice to have been asked, that’s all I am saying”. Dad nods “I realize that Nico, but with everything you have going on, I was trying to make things a little easier. I meant no disrespect”. I nod and head back to the office I am using. Figure get some kind of work done before I attempt to sleep tonight, not likely to be restful like any of the other nights either.

It’s been almost 2 hours when I hear my mother squeal and I come rushing from the office, seeing Brant and some other wolves with him. They look familiar, and I see Andre as well. It’s not until the scent of strawberries and black cherries reaches me as to why my mother squealed. My mate is here, in this house, near me. I see her behind the men and I growl lowly because it feels like they are keeping my mate from me. I see my mate tap the younger man and whisper to him and he nods, linking probably the older man and they move to allow her through. Edie is walking slowly towards me, but not fast enough for me and I rush to her and take her into my arms. I hug her to me and she responds, I am enjoying the tingles and sparks that are between us. Also makes sure to reassure me this is not a dream, this is reality. I whisper “Edie I have missed you so much. Please never leave me again”. She nods “I missed you also my stubborn mate. Just know I had too many emotions and stuff shooting inside of me to think rational. I know leaving wasn’t the best idea, but it helped me gain clarity. I love you, you pig headed alpha”. I chuckle “Your pig headed alpha”. She whispers “I know”. She grabs my hand and has me sit in the love seat as she motions for everyone else to join us in the sitting area. She remains standing “You all know I left after the Ian situation. Well I decided to travel to Greece, I remembered Andre saying how beautiful it was, the oceans and the views and it was. I was going to work for the prince regent as his assistant, until I figured out where to go from there, whether to forgive Nico and come back or figure a new place to settle”. Nolo growls lowly at that comment, but Edie felt it through the bond, looked at me with raised eyebrows. I shrug and she continues “Well when I met him, there was a connection, a feeling I had towards him, and before Nolo goes full territorial mode, it wasn’t sexual. It was like he was familiar to me, yet we had never met. Well Ares offered me the position, on the condition that his parents approved. They did, but they kind of recognized the last name and inquired about it. I explained and apparently Apollo and Aurora have a past with Jessica and Lucas Hardy”.

I look at Edie strangely as to why she is referring to her parents by name but I wait and I think Apollo takes over “I will finished the story Edie dear”. She nods and Apollo takes over “Aurora and I were dating other wolves before we met, I had been with Jessica for a few years and she was with Lucas about a year. We had never met, yet one night she went out with him and I with her, we ran into each other and we instantly knew we were mate. Jessica and Luke were not happy about it and were ready to reject each other to stay with us. Aurora and I wanted each other and we left them and started our lives together. The coronation was beautiful but it caused issues with those two and they continued to pursue us and it got to the point that we had them banished. Shortly after the coronation we had a baby, a beautiful strong female named Diana and she was taken at 1 day old. We never knew who took her, but we had suspected it was Jessica and Luke but as far as we knew they had only their baby Jennifer, who was not a newborn pup. So we have searched for 20 years for her”.

I look at Apollo and see the anguish and pain he has suffered from the situation and I would never wish that pain on my worst enemy. Edie walks to him and hugs him, giving him comfort. After Edie comes to me and places her right hand on my arm and I notice a ring on her finger and I look at her in question “Edie what are you doing with this ring, especially in front of the royals. To wear their family symbol and not be a royal is a death sentence”. Edie looks at me and chuckles, handing me a black box “Open it Nico”. I look at her and she continues to stare at me, waiting for me to open the box. Inside of the box is a duplicate of the ring she is wearing but in a man’s size. I look at her and she smiles “Nico I am apparently the child that was taken from them. I have the royal mark, as well as DNA confirmation. I am more than able to wear this ring as are you. Mom gave it to me to give to my mate. I am a royal, although I am not taking my place as queen, as I am hoping the position of Luna is still open for me”. I look at her then at Apollo and he nods and my family who look as shocked as I feel “Edie are you serious? You are Diana, the child of the royal family taken”? She nods and hugs me “Yes but I am still me, they are actually anxious to spent time with the wolves who raised me. They feel I was raised with love and caring despite Jessica and Lucas”. I shake as I take the ring and place it on my right hand finger. I hug Edie to me “Of course the Luna position as you say is open, it is only open to my true mate. Alana was lying about her pup being mine, her father was being blackmailed by Jessica and Luke and she was being forced to make me think it was mine. She and I never mated; I did save myself for my mate”. Edie blushes at this, but I don’t care, I want everyone to know how much I love this she wolf. I would make a fool of myself for her.

Kennedy POV

Hearing Nico say it was all a lie, takes a weight off of my heart. I am so glad that he was my first and I was his as well. We are true mates in the strictest sense of the word. I hold him close and I see my family enjoy seeing me happy and it makes me smile. I love this feeling, but I realize that there are wolves that need to be dealt with. I look at Ares and Andre and make a motion stating “We do have some business to deal with before we get to comfortable. Let’s go and handle business”. Nico looks at me with a weird look “Where are you going”? I state “To handle the prisoners in the silver cells. They need to be punished and I am tired of them getting to be treated lavishly while they have committed crimes for at least 20 years”. Nico grabs my arm “I would rather you stay here and let your family handle this”. I shake my head “The crimes were committed against me; I need to see this through. If you are uncomfortable with me going you are more than welcome to come with me”. He grunts and follows behind me as my father Ares mom and Andre do as well.

Entering the cells I get a slight fear facing the wolves in question. Seeing my family and my mate makes me to be able to push forward. I let the family go ahead of me with my mate at the head. I hear Jessica and Lucas start to get upset “Its about time Domenico, I demand to be released immediately and charged brought against our daughter Kennedy for giving false information that led to our arrest”. I walk through the crowd and see Jessica and her mate staring at me in shock “Really? False charges? Well how far back should we go Jessica, to when you kidnapped the royal baby, when you used a car accident to leverage another wolf to mate Nico, my mate, or how you managed to make it to where I thought Ian was my mate and how he tried to rape and constantly abused me”? Jessica looks at me “Why are you calling me by my name. I am your mother, I raised your ungrateful ass for 20 years, I have earned my title”. Gianni replies “How did you raise her? All you ever did was take trips, leave her behind with my mate and I, when you gave up your post as Beta, you tried to take over all her monies”. Luke sighs “Gianni do not get involved in family issues, what happened between Kennedy and us stays that way”. Ares gets angry at this “Look Jessica and Lucas Hardy, as of now you and your mate will be separated, you will be sentenced to the highest degree, and you will be fed 2 meals a day, rations of water and never to see each other again. Your daughter Jennifer will be given a much lighter sentence, as you forced and coerced her to do as you wanted. Ian will be sentenced as well, for the abuse and attempted rape of a she wolf. All this is because of you and your hatred for my family. All because my parents didn’t want power hungry wolves as mate, they wanted who the Goddess chose”. Jessica laughs “Your father was ready to mate with me. Aurora was ready to mate with Luke. Why couldn’t we just with those plans? The Goddess doesn’t always know best”. Out comes my mother and father, and I see Jessica and Lucas begin to drool. Lucas begins “Aurora the years have graced you with even more beauty than in your youth. Please tell me you will be releasing me and we can finally be together. You know your father always wanted us to mate. We can rectify the situation”. Jessica continues “Apollo baby, I have missed you. You look the same as when we were dating. Please tell me you have come to mate with me”. I begin laughing at this and they look at me with scorn “What the fuck are you laughing at little girl. Wait till I am out of this cage”. Nico, Ares, dad and Andre take issue with this and I continue “You think we don’t know what you did 20 years ago? You think they will forgive thirsty power hungry wolves who prostitute their biological daughter to the Alpha’s in the area? Really you are that delusional? I know I am the child, they know as well. You will never see the light of day again”.

Lucas comes to lunge at me through the cage and Ares stops it with a punch to the face. “You will not disrespect her highness the princess regent of the royal family, my sister. Be thankful you are going to prison, you could have gotten death. Still possible if you don’t stop”. Lucas growl and the guard comes and injects him with a sedative and he goes down and Jessica looks scared and Nico asks “All of this because you feel the Goddess cheated you out of a powerful mate”? She nods “Apollo should have been mine; I could have loved him better”. Aurora scoffs “I don’t think so Jessica, he didn’t want a whore, he wanted a quality wolf who knows how to be a help, not someone to just raise themselves up”. Jessica hangs her head “I loved him Aurora, just like Luke loved you. It was true we were talking about mating”. Dad replies “No you were talking about us mating, I was waiting for the Goddess to send me a sign on what she wanted me to do. She did, she sent me Aurora and I am so thankful for her. Yes Jessica I cared for you, but it was never love, or I could have never loved my mate”.

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