Rejection & It's Consequences

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Chapter 2


After my father told us to leave the room, I left pissed that I was humiliated in front of people. True, I do not have the ‘alpha’ gene, but that does not mean I will not be alpha. I know I should have been going to training all along, but women are so tempting and fun than sitting in a room talking about leading and strategies and how to go about making treaties. Since I have an alpha father and brother, I believe it should be instinct, but to be told I rank at that of an omega?! I was livid. Jenny is doing her best right now to distract me, and its working per se, yet my mind it still occupied by this.

As she takes my little wolf further down her throat, all thought of my father are gone. I groan “Fuck babe that feels so fucking good”. Jenny looks at me with my dick still in her mouth, a sexy smirk comes on to her face, as she bobs her head up and down my dick. I groan and feel myself ready to explode, but I stop and yank her up, laying on her back, I move her dress up knowing she isn’t wearing panties. She opens her legs and I sink into her wet warmth and I hear her sigh. “Like that you dirty girl”? Jenny nods and moans again. I don’t take her moans as real, she is good at faking orgasms and pleasure. I pound into her needing this punishing pace to release my frustration. I feel myself ready to release, I take out my dick and cum all over Jenny’s face. She is licking it up like the little bitch she is, I lay down next to her as she cuddles up to me. That is the one thing I hate about sex, the woman thinks I want to cuddle. But Jenny and I have things to discuss and I’ll get a better response if I give her a little cuddle. I look over at her and ask “Is everything set for her birthday”? Jenny nods “Yes my witch friend has everything set, you get the charm the day before, and you’ll wear it until you don’t want her thinking she is your mate”. I nod at this, feeling happy to trick little miss by the rules. “Did your friend mention who her true mate is”? Jenny looks at me confused “Yes but you won’t like it at all, especially when both Edie and him find out. They will kill us no problem”. I look at her “Who is it”? She leans into my ear and whispers the male wolf who is destined to be Edie’s mate. My eyes grow big as she says who. “Are you shitting me? Maybe this isn’t such a great idea. He will kill me and everyone involved no questions asked”.

Jenny props herself on her elbow “Look mom and dad said this needs to happen. Supposedly this isn’t about her, but what the alliance would do to their past. They haven’t told me the whole thing, but I do know that what is happening with Edie has to do with my parents past, other than that they haven’t told me yet”. I sigh at this “I don’t want issues if this goes wrong. I mean I already rejected my true mate because she was unfit to be a Luna. I was planning on asking you to be my mate”. Jenny gets a glow of joy when I lie to her right now, I wasn’t going to mate her, I know she isn’t faithful to me anymore than I am to her. “Really Ian? Being Luna is a big deal but I can be up for the challenge”. I stroke her cheek, I need her connections for now, then when I am alpha, I can kick her out, her parents too.

Jenny thinks I don’t know the shady ass shit her parents did as beta. Hell if the rumors are true, they killed our old betas to take their place. Dad doesn’t listen to gossip, but if its true, they are lethal. There is also gossip that Kennedy isn’t truly their child. Now this is one I believe also, because if Jenny’s family was truly beta, she would have gotten the gene. The first born always does. Now Kennedy doesn’t have the beta gene, she is much stronger than your average beta, makes you wonder who her parents could truly be. Jenny is only interested in making sure she has the best clothes, the make up to make sure she is beautiful, her hair done every couple of weeks. She is all about appearance not substance, so she wouldn’t care about rumors or facts, unless it pertained to her and she got something out of it. Jenny sighs “I can’t wait to see Edie suffer with the fake bond, her hurting every time we make love, she will feel every little thing. She deserves it after the crap she pulled tonight”. I look at her “OK should she have called you out? No, but there is truth Jenny to what she said. You have slept with many wolves and humans, against the laws of the pack”. She looks at me hurt “Your no saint yourself there mister, but male wolves aren’t labeled like us females. Its wrong in so many ways. But I was so happy daddy got her good”. I sigh at that “He is lucky he didn’t get locked up, striking a ranking member of the pack, is a sentence he would not enjoy”. Jenny looks at me strangely “He was beta, he is still a ranking member of the pack”. I chuckle at this “No my love, he isn’t especially when he gave the title to his daughter before time permitted. He wanted her to make something of it and provide for them and your lavish lifestyle. Lets be honest at least”. Jenny sighs “I don’t know what they were thinking, Edie doesn’t take care of us very well, dad is saying he may have to get a job with the humans. Dad says all her money should be coming to us, instead she keeps it all to her self like the selfish person she is”.

I sigh at what she says, I know I don’t work like I should, yet I have savings and companies that my parents have started for me. Luckily they have competent people running them so I could just sit back and enjoy the money they make. “I understand baby, things will get better, they have to and having Edie as my ‘mate’ will help my father realize I am alpha material and then I can ditch her and it can be you and me”. Jenny nods and begins to sleep besides me, when I know she is out, I move her off of me and roll over my back to her. Now time to sleep and figure out how to put my needs into action.

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