Rejection & It's Consequences

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Chapter 3

Kennedy POV

Alpha Gianni is a very through alpha, making sure everything is done in just the right way. I know if I had wanted to make a big deal about what my father did last night, I could have, but what would be the point? Would it make them love me more? Would it put a target on my back? These are things I just don’t need right now. I have been going over things with Alpha Gianni, and notice it is almost 9am. I sigh, I had a feeling that Ian would try and disregard this meeting. He feels, even though he doesn’t have the alpha gene, because he is a descendant of alphas he will be an alpha. Ian does not realize how much work it requires to lead a group of people, make sure everyone is cared for, and make sure everyone is safe. Its not just a title to get you poontang, it’s a serious job, and he doesn’t take anything seriously.

I see Alpha Gianni concentrating, so I know he is mind linking someone, when I hear stomping down the stairs and the raps on the door extremely harsh. Alpha is just as harsh “Come in” he growled and Ian entered looking disheveled and half asleep. Ian looks at me and a frown appears, the Alpha addresses Ian “What part of meeting at 8am did you not comprehend boy”? Ian slouches in a chair and sighs “8am is difficult for most wolves on a Sunday dad”. Gianni chuckles sarcastically “Really then why has Edie been here since 7:45”? Ian looks at me with hate filled eyes “Well 2 reasons, she is an ass kisser and has no life”. I gasp at this and Alpha doesn’t take it well either “So to be early for an appointment is to ass kiss now? So that means to be over an hour late is blatant disrespect then”? Ian sighs “Whatever does it for you. Now what is this meeting about”? Alpha looks at Ian and begins “First off, I want to see your financials for your businesses you are ‘supposedly’ running”. Ian chuckles sheepishly “I wasn’t aware they were required for this meeting”. I see the Alpha getting red in the ears, I know this means he will lose his temper soon. I sigh and get my tablet out, since Ian doesn’t know the first thing about statements or how to run a business, I handle this for him. I open the file and hand it to the Alpha. He looks at what I present and questions me “Why do you have this Kennedy”? I sigh looking at the moron besides me “Its necessary for the financials to be looked over, since Ian is busy with other pursuits I felt it my responsibility to make sure the business was running well”.

Ian looks at me gratefully and Alpha looks pissed “How much are you being paid to do this Kennedy”? I shake my head “Nothing sir, I am making sure the future of the pack is safe. That is my only concern”. Alpha nods “Ian why are you not handling the financial reports or making sure your businesses are in proper order”? Ian is looking angry “I don’t think that I need to. The business managers seem to have everything in hand, we are making money. That should be all that matters”. Alpha Gianni punches the wall “Now how am I to trust you with the pack when you can’t even put in the effort of an established business that has been handed to you? That is an example of what would happen if you became alpha. I had hope that if you trained with the alpha pups, that the leadership and responsibility would come to you, yet you can’t even make the time to train on how to conduct meetings or to arrange treaties with other packs? How do you plan on doing this Ian”? He looks over at me cockily “Well that’s what the beta is for. To carry the load that the alpha can’t or is unwilling to do”. I ask “So if we were over run by rogues, you would send me to handle the situation instead of handling it yourself”? Ian chuckles “Of course, the alpha stays and coordinates the warriors and such, the beta is replaceable, the alpha needs to remain safe at all times”.

Alpha Gianni looks beyond pissed “A true leader leads from the front, not the back. Your attitude is piss poor at best. Now Edie here, would make a hell of an alpha over you any day”. Ian busts out laughing “What a joke dad!! A female alpha, this pack would be decimated in no time”. I clear my throat “I may be a female but I am the strongest fighter and best warrior in the pack, besides your father Ian. Just because I am female doesn’t make me weak”. Ian looked at me like I was delusional and his father chuckled over his stupid comments. Ian being the hot headed wolf he was stupidly said “Then lets see who wins in hand to hand, Edie or myself”. I look at alpha and he nods in agreement, as there is a knock on the office doors.

Alpha Gianni replies “Come in” as Andre, the boys god brother, the alphas god son enters the office. He has been raised by the alpha because his parents were killed in a rogue attack when he was a pup. His uncle, Jorge, runs the pack, as Andre isn’t old enough yet, and since we are one of the strongest packs around, he has been here to be raised by the best. I look at Andre and smile “pos ísoun”? Andre looks at me with surprise and responds “écho pàei kalà”. Andre continues “ómorfi douleiá”. I smile and blush a bit “écho máthei lígo ellinik gia séna” Andre replies in English “You are a gem. Your mate will be lucky to have you”. I smile and reply “I was trying to impress the future Alpha”. Ian as usual looked annoyed and responded “Edie quit kissing ass and lets get this on. I need to prove a point to my father”. I look at him with disdain “First off I am not kissing ass, I am being polite, something apparently you never learned. Second I am ready whenever you are dude. I can take anything you throw at me”. Ian chuckles “I’m going to get ready, I suggest you do the same”. I leave to go to my office to dress to teach a male wolf he needs to respect me.

Andre POV

Having arrived to my theíos pack, I head directly to his office, as I have arrived earlier than thought and want to surprise him. I am bid entry, and see my xaderfos xaderfi and Beta Kennedy in a meeting when she welcomes me back in Greek. I speak English very well, but that Edie took time to learn basic greetings in Greek, it touched my heart. But as usual, Ian had to ruin the moment. I hear him say something about proving to his father and Edie is involved, my wolf, who is extremely close to hers is nervous about this conversation. I know that Ian has longed to be alpha of this pack since a young pup, yet it has been known since he was born, he held no alpha gene. My theíos thought that sending him to train with those who were alphas would help him develop the sense and responsibility but he doesn’t even make the time to learn the basics any alpha should know. I fear for my theíos pack should it be left in Ian’s hands, as Edie will find a mate, whether it be a Beta, Alpha or Alpha’s brother, it won’t be for this pack. If Edie leaves and Ian takes over, I fear the pack will be over run within a couple of months of his rein. While I was in Greece, I spoke with my blood theío and he has asked that when I become of age, as I am a few weeks younger than Edie, to come and take the pack from him.

My Theío Marcos, has run the pack as a necessity until I reached age. My parents were killed in a rogue attack when I was a very small pup. My Theío Marcos sent me to theío Gianni to make sure I was protected and strong, as the surrounding packs in Greece were also having similar issues. The last couple of years, the rogue issues have been settled for now, as the next generation is getting ready to take the power from the elders. We can only hope that we will not have similar issues as my parents dealt with. Rogues are something all Alphas deal with, but the way the rogue wars were during my parents time, it was wild and uncontrollable. Many other packs have had similar issues, yet the fact that they stay together and rebuild makes it stronger. I wish I could have stayed and helped rebuild our pack, but the members understand that they wanted to make sure my parents son took over when it was time, not have something happen to me and the future be uncertain.

Sitting in the chairs in the back of my theíos office, I notice a tension in the air that is hard to understand. Ian and Edie were looking at each other with a type of hostility when Ian stated “Edie quit kissing ass and lets get this on. I need to prove a point to my father”. I look at him, upset with how he is speaking with my good friend as she replies “First off I am not kissing ass, I am being polite, something apparently you never learned. Second I am ready whenever you are dude. I can take anything you throw at me”. Ian chuckles “I’m going to get ready, I suggest you do the same”. Edie and Ian leave the office leaving my uncle and myself in the office. I look at him and ask “What was that about theío”? He sighs pinching the bridge of his nose “Ian seems to have a convoluted idea as to how a pack is run and Edie isn’t a strong warrior as she is a woman or something like that. She is going to educate the pup that is for sure”. I chuckle “Sounds like something I would enjoy seeing. Would you mind if I watched this educational process”? Theío looks at me “You sound pretty sure you know who’s going to win that contest of wills. Remember Ian has no qualms about doing dirty shots or tricks to his advantage”. I sigh “This is true, but under the rules of engagement, he would be in the cells for a little while”. He nods “But you think that would really happen”. “If you let it happen it will, he needs to be instructed he isn’t above the rules”. Theío nods at this “Let us go down as I am to referee this to make sure it’s fair”.

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