Rejection & It's Consequences

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Chapter 4

Kennedy POV

I go to my office to get ready to meet Ian, knowing that I need to be on my best to make sure he is taught the lesson he so deserves. Sending a beta to battle, yet thinking one isn’t strong enough to run a pack is insulting. Thinking because he is male he could best me in combat, is laughable. I train all the warriors and newly shifted the basics of self defense. Hopefully after this afternoon he will be more respectful of me and what I actually do here. I dress in my work out clothes, warm up in private, and head for the training course. My wolf is pumped also, wanting to prove she-wolves are not weak.

I arrive at the training course and see a group of wolves have arrived as well as the slutty element of this pack with my sister Jenny at its head. She is rubbing Ian and kissing along his neck, I gag internally, knowing this is not the best way to prepare. As the alpha arrives everyone turns to pay him proper respect and bow slightly in his presence. Andre is besides him, probably wanting to be entertained, I can see the mischief in his eyes. The alpha starts things off “This is a contest of wills, my son Ian vs our beta Kennedy. It is a fight until one surrenders, not to the death. If you both are ready take your places inside the circle”. I move as does Ian into the battle circle in the middle of the course. This is where a lot of sparring and individual fighting takes place. Ian moves into a fighting stance as I enter the circle, placing my hands behind my back. The alpha nods to us both and signals with his whistle we can begin. I stand there watching for Ian to make his first move, knowing he is going to try and take me out right off. I wait about 10 more seconds and he growls and makes his first charge. I see it coming and as he runs towards me, I move to the side so he runs past me, yet I make sure to stick my arm out and take him down. He falls and looks at me stunned, as he gets up and tries hand to hand combat. He is throwing punches that are predictable, easy to dodge as they have no skill or strength. On his last punch combo, I grab his wrist and use his weight to flip him on his back.

Now Ian is beyond pissed having not hit me a single time, and being knocked down twice by me. He continues trying kicks this time and I artfully dodge any contact until my sister shouts from the sidelines “Thought this was a fight Edie? Afraid of getting hit are you”? which distracts me and I get kicked in the chest. I fall to the ground and hear approval from the group with my sister, and faint growls from the warriors assembled. As it takes me a minute to regain my footing, Ian takes advantage and kicks my side, my stomach and my head. I groan as he is doing this, yet I don’t concede. I flip off my back onto my feet, deciding to engage this poor excuse of a werewolf. I throw punch combinations deliberately not hitting him until the last and I make that punch count. He flies to the ground, a groan escaping him, as I go and kick his ribs for good measure. He grabs my ankle and makes me fall, taking his leg to try and kick me while I’m down. I see this coming and stop it, kicking him in his family jewels twice, hearing him cry out in pain, makes me happy as he is a dirty fighter. I hear a growl from the sides and see my sister Jenny shift into her wolf. She charges me, despite the alpha shouting at her to stop, she disobeys, charging at me. I watch her run and she is another poor excuse of a wolf as she has no musculature, no strength and stamina. She jumps to rip my throat out, I jump and take her wolfs head into a half nelson, despite her repeated attempts to bite me, I hold her in the choke hold, until she is turning blue. As she is losing oxygen, I hear Ian in the distance calling for someone to help her, but no warrior will step in, as she as in the wrong for interfering with this contest. Her wolf submits and she shifts to her human self, naked, not like anyone here hasn’t seen her as such before. Her human side is passed out and the pack doctor is called to examine her.

As Dr Niall comes out, Ian is looking at me with murderous rage. He goes to attack me but is restrained by the warriors present. The alpha and Andre come down as well, to make sure no one is seriously injured. The doctor sighs “The she wolf is perfectly fine, Beta Edie basically held her until she passed out. She will be fine in a few hours”. Alpha Gianni nods and walks over to Ian “Get that look out of your face, Edie was within her right to kill her for interfering with this contest. The fact she didn’t is a testament to her character”. Ian scoffs “Yeah right lets choke a pack member to passing out. Warriors I order you to take Beta Kennedy to the cells in the lower levels where the silver containments are, until I devise an adequate punishment for her”. No warrior goes to do this and he growls at the lack of respect, “Do as I say, I am the future Alpha”. I laugh at this and Ian backhands me “Still finding things funny. You will be punished for attacking a pack member”. Alpha Gianni growls and grabs Ian by the throat “Listen boy, you have just proven you are an inadequate warrior. You can not lead, if you can not protect the pack. You will not be the future alpha, I will be making other arrangements. Touch my beta again, you will be in that cell. Edie was within her rights to punish Jenny as she interfered in a battle that was no concern of hers”. Ian scoffs “She felt defensive of her future alpha, trying to protect him”. I laugh at that “A piss poor job at best. Must not think much of you as a fighter if she felt a she wolf should defend you. Its fine, all that has been proven here is that you are not alpha material and a beta can more than just defend the pack, I can protect it and run it. I have the one thing you never will Ian”. He looks at me “What’s that beta”? I look around and sigh “Respect, I have the respect of the pack, perhaps not the sluts and man whores, but everyone else”. Ian scoffs and shifts into his wolf running off to deal with his disappointments and defeat. Alpha Gianni took off directly after as well, probably to deal with his frustration and anger towards his son. As they left Andre stuck around, the occasional chuckle coming from him, as I turn and as “What’s with all the laughing over there”? He smiles “Watching you handle Ian, him thinking he could best you and your sister jumping in trying to take you out”. I sigh at that “It doesn’t surprise me that she would do that. I’m just surprised it hasn’t happened sooner. I know my family doesn’t care for me, so in retrospect no one would mind if it happened”. Andre sighs and comes to me and gives me a massive hug “Your family may not care, but the entire pack cares. As well as my family, especially Theío and Theía. They love you like a daughter”. I nod my head and Andre and I walk back towards the pack house in comfortable silence.


After the debacle that was the battle with Kennedy, I am beyond pissed. My wolf and I are extremely disrespected, her showing me up, then to choke her sister to unconsciousness was unbelievable. Yes was Jenny in the wrong for trying to kill her sister, absolutely but Edie should have been punished for the excessive measures she went to, to stop Jenny, choking a pack member is abuse especially when you are stronger than the other. My wolf Rex is livid “She needs to be taught a lesson and some respect” my wolf states passionately. I nod in agreement “She will be, we are taking her mate away and giving her ourselves. She will bow to us as mate, that’s how mates are”. As I am telling Rex this, it reminds me of my true mate. Andreja was a beautiful she-wolf, yet she lacked what I needed for a proper Luna. I rejected her immediately and informed her if she told anyone who her true mate was, she and her family would be gone, not even a memory, just gone. She left within 2 days of the rejection, finding another pack.

I know she has found another mate, fast little baggage, my wolf is irritated over that, his mate mating another, but he knows our mission. With Kennedy as our mate, my father has no reason not to appoint me as alpha, she will make me strong, according to her family, the wolf that mates with her will be a wolf to reckon with. I need that, because if my father doesn’t appoint me alpha, I need all the strength to challenge him and kill him if necessary. I just hope Edie and her true mate never find out about this duplicity, as they will make sure I am not even a memory, I will be a bump in the road to their happiness.

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