Rejection & It's Consequences

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Chapter 5

Domenico POV

Receiving a summons from my father is the last thing I needed today. Being one of the most feared alphas, requires a lot of meetings and talks of alliances. Plus I haven’t been blessed with my mate as of yet, so the majority of the work is done by me, as I will have no one but my true Luna. Unlike my dick crazed brother, I have managed to remain pure for my mate, hoping she has done the same for me. I have always resisted the temptation, and I feel it has made me a better man and alpha. I am hoping nothing is wrong with my families pack, but knowing how urgently my father called for a meeting I know something is going on.

Patrols must have been notified of my arrival, they bowed at me respectfully as I passed by, my fathers pack has always loved my family, we have always tried to be fair, and treat even the lowest wolf with respect. I knock on my fathers office and hear a muffled reply “Come in”. I enter the office, noticing he is beyond agitated and can feel his wolf pacing in anger. “How’s it going father”? He looks up and sighs “You don’t want to know Nico. I need to discuss business with you”. I nod and take a seat in front of his desk. “I figured based on how urgently you summoned me. What’s happened”? He pinches the of his nose and exhales “Your brother”. I sigh, enough said, Ian can made a peaceful monk want to do harm. “What has he done now”? “He refuses to go to the training’s for alphas, refuses to train, more interested in getting into all she-wolves pants more than anything. He even had Edie taking care of his businesses and not receiving a dime in compensation. Yet the fool thinks he will be Alpha no matter what. I grow tired of his selfish ways”. I shake my head “So basically nothing utterly dire has changed. What has caused you to summon me if nothing has changed”. He laughs “Nothing has changed? He tried to punished Edie for defending herself against her sister. Ian challenged her to a battle to see who was the better warrior”. I flat out laugh at this “Are you kidding? He thought he could beat the strongest warrior besides you in a contest? That is laughable. How was Jenny involved in this though”? “She saw Ian losing the contest and went for the kill on Edie. Edie choked her out until she passed out and Jenny was taken to the pack clinic. Ian tried to have Edie punished for hurting his fuck buddy and have her thrown in the cells. No warriors made a move and I announced to everyone, Ian will not be alpha. He makes no effort to learn how to be one, he doesn’t have the gene. How can I place this pack in his hands only for it to fail”? I sigh at this knowing the dilemma my father is do you leave something you’ve worked so hard at protecting into hands that will hurt your legacy.

I look at my father, a look of no emotion and ask “So what are you planning to do about this then”? He looks me dead in the eyes, which my wolf doesn’t like what so ever “I want to rejoin the packs and remake it whole again, with you as the alpha”. I let out a slow breath, knowing this will create friction between Ian and myself. He has wanted to run a pack since we were pups, just a twist of fate, and he doesn’t the gene. It has caused much jealousy and hatred between us, he feels like our parents love myself and Andre more because of it, but if anything they have favored him more because of it, so he didn’t feel left out. I let out a slow breath “You know Ian will rebel and challenge me for the title, he could get seriously hurt or killed if that happens. I don’t want to cause issues within the back and have a rebellion”. Dad gets up and paces his office “I don’t see another choice, Andre is going back to Greece in a few months, Ian can’t run a business, how can he run a pack? All he knows how to do is whore around, I can’t have that”. I nod at this “I know father, I understand, I’m just explaining what could happen. I don’t want to injure my brother, despite his feelings towards me, I love him. But I would demand absolute respect and he would have no place within the hierarchy. He would simply be a pack member”. Dad nods his head “I’ve told him that here he has no rank, he is equivalent to an Omega”. I grimace at that “Wow an Omega? That’s harsh, understandable but harsh. How’d he handle it”? Dad looks at me and sighs so I continue “Let me away and sulk”? He nods his head “Plus I think he is planning something. He has managed to hide his thoughts from me, and the only way I know to do that is through magic. I’m hoping he doesn’t have something planned but your much stronger than I, you could handle it better”.

Knowing what my father was feeling, I have those same thoughts and will have until I meet my mate and secure my heir. The thought that I worked so hard for my pack, just for it to be left to incompetent hands, hurts my heart. I sigh “So you want to rejoin the packs back together”? Dad nods and I continue “But you need to know if I take over, I bring my beta, nothing against Edie, its just we have developed a rhythm and a language all our own”. Dad nods “I don’t imagine she won’t understand....she should be finding her mate and will more than likely be leaving the pack anyways”. As dad says this, I feel my wolf whimper at the thought of Edie finding her mate. I have always adored Edie, she is like a sister to me, yet there are times I feel much, much more.

Dad nods at this and we shake on the agreement and he responds “So we’ll make it official in two weeks time, Edie is going to your territory for business issues of hers, I understand”? I nod “She’s supposed to leave tomorrow but I was thinking since I’m here, if she’d like, I can escort her today to make sure she arrives safely”. He nods and looks lost in thought, meaning he was mind linking. A few moments later a knock is at his office door. “Enter” he bids the person behind the door. It opens to reveal Edie, my how lovely she has grown over the years. She bows her head to myself and my father “You asked me to join you alpha”? He nods “Nico came for a meeting with me today my dear and I understand you are venturing into his territory tomorrow to handle some issues with your businesses on the other side of his territory”? She nods at this and he continues “Nico has offered to escort today if that is acceptable to you my dear”? She nods and turns to me “Thank you alpha, I appreciate your consideration. I am almost ready to leave actually, if you wouldn’t mind a few minutes to gather my things, I won’t keep you too long”. I nod “Take your time my dear, I’m in no hurry”. She smiles and leaves the room.

Dad chuckles at our exchange “Wouldn’t it be funny if you both were mates”? Hearing those words makes my wolf purr and I ask him “Why did that make us feel happy and satisfied”? He responds “My human, I wish I knew but the idea she is ours makes me happy and the thoughts of another touching her make me want to kill”. I agree with him there and continue “Do you sense she is mate”? He sighs “I think she is, won’t know until she has come of age, but her wolf is amazing a cruel heartless bitch in battle. I love the idea already”. “Don’t get too comfortable with the idea Nolo, may come to nothing”. As I say this he growls in my head. Dad waves his hand in front of my face to get my attention “Internal conversation”? I nod “Nolo was saying he hopes she’s mate and he loves her already, I was explaining to him not to get too comfortable, it may amount to nothing. He wasn’t happy with my assessment”. He laughs “Our wolves are much smarter than we are”.

Kennedy POV

Leaving my alphas office to gather my things so I can go with Nico to his territory, thankfully I was already ready to leave tomorrow morning, this just makes it easier and safer. I make my way to my office to get my things when I run into Ian. I groan internally and I nod to him as I pass. He grabs my arm and turns me towards him “Why do you smell like my brother Nico”? I sigh “He came for a meeting with alpha, he has offered to take me to his territory for my meetings a little early. Just being courteous”. He sighs “I wanted to apologize for my behavior today, my wolf is protective of Jenny as she is female and doesn’t know how to battle”. I nod “I understand but she was wrong to get involved in a battle that had nothing to do with her”. He nods “I will speak to her about it, and tell her to apologize. I’m hoping she will and you can have harmony with them”. I chuckle mirthlessly “That will never be, they love her more than me, but I’ve accepted that. I will find my mate soon and he will love me and that’s all that matters”. He nods again and sighs “I wish you a successful trip my dear. See you at your party”. I nod and Ian leaves and I am surprised at how he is acting, I hope he isn’t up to something. I get my things and head back to the alphas office.

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