Rejection & It's Consequences

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Chapter 6


Leaving Edie to go and have my brother take her to his territory makes me angry. She was supposed to leave tomorrow on her own and now she’ll be around him on her birthday. I link with Jenny and she agrees as soon as she leaves, the spell needs to be spoken as to make sure when she returns she is my mate. A tiny part of me doesn’t want to do this, but I want to be alpha I am meant to be an alpha and if being mated to Edie was the only way, so be it. She just needs to understand I will not be faithful to her, I’ll be with whichever she wolf is available to sate my desires.

I walk to the windows in the hallway near my room. I watch as Kennedy and Nico get into his vehicle and drive off, waiting for that slight ping we get when a pack member leaves the territory, even with permission. About 10 minutes after they leave, I feel the ping, I gather my supplies and head towards no mans land, Jenny meeting me there as my father could sense the magic if we did it on pack grounds.

Jenny looks around “Did you get everything Ian”? I growl at her but reply “Of course I did you ninny. I had it all together the entire time”. She looks hurt but I don’t care as she replies “I’m sorry I’m just nervous about this, especially after what Edie did to me earlier today”. I look at her “You got what was coming to you. I am a strong wolf, I didn’t need a weak she wolf coming to my defense. You made me a laughing stock and made my father declare I wasn’t to be alpha”. Jenny looks down shame faced “That wasn’t my intention, even though I know we aren’t true mates, my wolf feels protective of you like you are”. I shake my head “Well you need to control her, even if this plan doesn’t work, we will not be mates. If that were the case, I would have kept my weak mate as it was, she was pure and would have done whatever I wanted. Plus she wouldn’t sleep around”. Jenny gets angry at what I have said and cries “You sleep around also Ian. Its not just me ya know. I sleep around because I get lonely when your not around. It hurts knowing that sluts know how amazing a lover you can be”, I sigh “Why though? We are not mates, we will never be mates”. Jenny looks at me “What happens when Edie figures this out? Who will you have then? Me because I am and have always been loyal to you my love”.

I sigh knowing that we are going to keep going around in circles at this point. So I decide to begin the ritual that will make Edie and her wolf believe she is my true mate so I can be a strong powerful alpha, enough time for me to make sure I am Alpha. If Edie finds out be it, but I will already have everything I need. I chant the words, feeling my wolf grow upset as it will block my connection with my true mate; he loves the bitch even though she mated another. As I finish the chant, I place the necklace around my neck, it’s a gold K that will make her think I am mate, once the necklace is removed from my neck, she will know it’s all lies and her true mate will be available to her.

Jenny looks at the necklace with disgust “I wish that was a J not a K. It’s like a cheating without the sex”. I groan internally “Jenny your family is the one who came up with this, if you’re not happy about it, bitch at them”. She sighs “I know but I don’t have to like it. I am supposed to be Luna, not that disgusting bitch”. “Why do you and your family hate her so much? She hasn’t done anything to you guys just works hard at being a good beta”. She scoffs “Kennedy is proof that fate makes mom dated an Alpha and dad was dating the daughter of an Alpha. Both hadn’t found their mates until they went out and they all found out they were the others mates. Moms boyfriend dumped her as did dads girlfriend. They were willing to leave what fate had decreed, but their significant others weren’t willing and they were left with each other”. I look over at Jenny, this makes no sense at all, I am more than confused. “How does Kennedy have anything to do with it? She is your sister”. Jenny scoffs “My sister, that is the world’s biggest joke”.

As she goes to explain her parents come from behind a tree “Jenny what the hell are you doing? We agreed never to discuss this”. Her mother Jessica is a she wolf I wouldn’t want to tangle with “You were going to expose everything”. She sighs “Mom what is the big deal telling Ian? He is helping us out and he should know why, plus if I show him trust he may make me Luna when he’s done with the plan”. I shake my head as her mother laughs at her “Jenny your delusional, Ian isn’t going to make you Luna, you will go to your mate when this is all finished. Ian will have power, Kennedy will be hurting and hopefully kill herself and your father and I will be avenged. You need to get being powerful out of your head, all your good for is a good lay until this plan is done”. Seeing how those words hurt Jenny sucks, but she does need a reality check.

I look to Luke and Jessica and inquire “What was Jenny saying that Edie wasn’t her sister”? Luke growls “Boy don’t question anything more, just because you’re helping with this plan doesn’t mean you’re trusted. Recognize your place”. The wolf inside of me growls at the disrespect being dished out and I respond “Don’t take that tone with me; I am to be your alpha”. They laugh at that “Some alpha you’ll make. Realize your place, you are to become powerful Edie gets rejected and kills herself, and Luke and I are happy and Jenny goes to her mate. Don’t ask for more than that boy”. I look at them irritated “If you think you could do better as Alpha, challenge my father and take the pack from him. I would love to see that battle”. Luke came into my space, challenging me “Boy don’t even talk to me like that, if I wanted Alpha I would have it, this is just karma fixing a wrong done many years ago”. I look at this pathetic were couple and think this is beyond pathetic. Even with my desire to run this pack, I would hope to never treat pack members as badly as they treat their children. I turn to return to the pack, feeling distant not wanting to continue this charade, but seeing how Luke and Jessica were, if I backed out I would disappear and Edie a swell. So I will do this to keep her safe from those power hungry wolves.

Jessica POV

We watch Ian leave back to pack territory, I turn to Jenny “You need to watch yourself. You almost incriminated us, do you realize what we did we could still be punished for”? My daughter looks at me then her father and sighs “It wasn’t my intention mom, I was showing Ian he could trust me to be Luna. I know he needs one when he becomes alpha and I am the best candidate for the job”. I look at her and scoff “You are just lucky he doesn’t know what you do with the alpha’s in the area, he would have you banished in a heartbeat. Wait for your mate, he may be an alpha and you will be Luna”. She looks at me and scoffs “Yeah wait for my mate and I may be Luna. This is all because the man you wanted didn’t make you his Luna. Wonder where I get it from”? I look at my offspring and smile “You are just like me, too much so. Just don’t be surprised about heartache, because mates don’t fix that”. Luke looks at me and nods “I love your mother don’t get me wrong, she is my world, but I still hurt over not being alpha and having my girlfriend mate me just because she found her mate. We had been together a couple of years. She should have stayed with me not that mutt. But they’ve been taught a hard lesson haven’t they”? Luke and I laugh at that, while Jenny looks at us with pity. “That’s not what fate wants, the goddess knows better than we do”. Luke looks at me “She is still so naive. It’s so cute, no the goddess doesn’t know better. It should be our choice, not a cosmic gamble. I wanted power and security, and have yet to find it. How is that right”? Jenny sighs “It is what it is. Now I’m leaving, if only Edie knew how much y’all resent me being female. She thinks I’m so pampered and spoiled, if only”. I shake my head “Should have been a male then dear, could have mated you to Edie ourselves”. Jenny shakes her head as she walks away, I turn to look at my mate. “We need to watch Ian and Jenny very carefully, she has too much knowledge and Ian is just a disposable tool”. Luke nods at this “It wouldn’t do to have her true mate finding her and then her family will also. Punishment for us, for certain. I may not have chosen you my dear but I do see why fate paired us together....we are very much alike”. I nod in agreement “That is true but I would have preferred power my love”. Luke nods as we head back to our house on pack territory.

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