Rejection & It's Consequences

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Chapter 7

Kennedy POV

The drive to Nico’s territory isn’t overly long, yet being with him is so beyond comfortable, it’s remarkable. We haven’t spent much time together lately, that’s an understatement and we haven’t seen each other in nearly 2 years. I have always felt drawn to him, my wolf willing to submit to him without question, even though he isn’t technically my Alpha. Other alphas I do submit to, no question, yet it irks my wolf to do it, like she is better than most of the Alphas in the area. I have tried to find out why she feels this way, but she doesn’t reveal much, like there is something that may be too painful for me to handle.

I look at Nico as he is driving and think how handsome he has gotten over the years, so much a blend of Gianni and Lara with the manners of a gentleman. I continue to look at him when he turns his face towards me and smiles “What are you thinking over there little Edie”? I just sigh “I was thinking that you have changed in the last few years Nico, a very nice combination of you mother and father. Your mate will be a very lucky she wolf”. As I say this my wolf growls at the thought of another she wolf touching Nico and I ask her why. She replies “I can’t explain, just the thought of a she wolf touching him makes me want to kill a bitch”. I continue to Niecy “Is Nico mate”? She sighs “I think so but won’t know for a couple of days. I hope so he is a protective wolf. Plus he is so hot”. I internally shake my head at her as Nico tries to get my attention, I notice and respond “I’m sorry Nico, Niecy was asking me something and we got into a discussion”. He chuckles “I had a similar incident when I was talking with father. Nolo is a determined wolf”. I look at Nico again “Do you ever wonder where your mate is at”? Nico nods and gets a bit solemn “I wonder everyday Edie. It’s hard to build a pack, not having your mate and not knowing if something will happen to you before you have an heir. I want pups to pass my pack on to; I want my mate to help balance my pack”.

I nod at what he says “I didn’t mean to upset you Nico, I was curious because I am hoping to find my mate on my birthday coming up in a couple of days. I want the same, but mostly I want someone to love me for me, not what I provide for them but as a person. I am more than my title or lineage. I mean I know I am not the most attractive she wolf out there, but I am not butt ugly either”. Nico looks at me and grunts “Who said you’re not attractive? Beauty is more than skin deep but you’re very attractive on the outside too”. I sigh “Your saying that because you see me like your sister like Andre. You have to say that, and I appreciate it but I am a realist”. As the words leave my mouth Nico pulls the car over and turns it off. He looks at me and takes a deep breath “Edie I don’t say this as a brother, I say this as a man who wouldn’t mind it if you were my mate. You are more beautiful than those sluts with 20 layers of makeup and all that hair color and small ass clothing. You are far above them”. I shake my head but say nothing; Nico clasps my hands and looks deep into my eyes. I get lost in their depths, as he moves closer to me, moving a strand of hair from my face to behind my ear. He face is almost touching mine as he says “Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you aren’t beautiful or are more special than words can say”. I feel his breath on my cheek, the heat from his lips near mine and for the first time, I feel desire I feel arousal and moisture start to seep between my legs in that special place. I release a shuddering breath and nod as Nico’s nostrils flare, low growls rumble from his chest. “Edie you are doing what no female has done to me. This needs to stop, you have a mate and I don’t want to dishonor you or him”. I nod “I know I didn’t mean to cause you discomfort. I don’t know what happened Nico”. He shifted back into his seat and sighed “You felt arousal from me and I from you. For me it’s the idea of another wolf having you....seeing you after so long, you’ve grown into a rare beauty. No she wolf has had that effect on me; I did not mean to make you uncomfortable”. I nod “I understand that Nico; seeing you after a long time, you have changed as well. Also nothing like this has happened to me either. I feel like this betrays my mate, that I wanted a wolf that wasn’t him”. A tear falls from my eyes as I look at Nico, he brushes it away “We did nothing Edie, nothing has betrayed our mates wherever they may be. Having a feeling is different than acting on it. You will never have to worry about me putting you in a situation like that, I promise you this”. I nod and touch his cheek.

When I do this, I swear a feel a slight tingle from pressing of skin, but maybe I want to feel that and I am imagining it. Nico continues “You will know in a couple of days if your mate is close or if you have found him. I hear that it is the most amazing feeling a wolf can feel”. I nod remembering his mother telling me the same thing “I hope it is, I hope I don’t get a wolf who thinks like Ian. I think my heart would break having a mate like that”. Nico growls again and nods “But having your mate is supposed to change you, make you more devoted. Maybe when he finds his, it will change him into the wolf he should be”. I nod again as Nico turns back, restarting the car and rolls the windows down. I chuckle at this and he turns a smirk towards me as we continue onto his territory. After about an hour we arrive at the cabin I have on the outskirts of his territory for those instances when I come and handle business face to face. Nico parks, as I reach for the door handle, it opens to my surprise and a hand is there to help me out. I joke “Such a gentleman, thank you I appreciate it”. Nico nods “I had a couple of pack mates come out and freshen up the cabin as well as stock it for a few days. That way you could focus on work, not shopping and such”. I nod “Will you be around to drive me or may I borrow a car”? He hands me the keys and I know this is his car, his most prized possession “Use mine and Brant will come to take you back to your pack”. I nod “I appreciate that you brought me out here. I didn’t mean to inconvenience you today”. He shakes his head “Edie you didn’t I just don’t want to cause you more conflict. I will be at your birthday celebration and from there we can talk further”. I nod and walk towards the cabin, away from temptation.

Domenico POV

After dropping off Edie to her cabin, a strange emptiness fills me and it takes everything inside of me not to go back and see what she would taste like, how she would feel wrapped in my arms, and a growl like nothing I have felt wants to break free. I have to remember that the moon goddess has a she wolf out there for me and she will be perfect, even if it’s not Edie.

I mind link Brant, my beta, that Edie is in the territory and that he will be returning her to my father’s pack in 2 days time. He agreed and I also informed him to hold down the pack, I would be on a run around the borders. Going behind a tree, I shed my clothing being one with nature as I feel my wolf come forward and I am one with Nolo. I retreat into myself and let Nolo take charge for a while so I can process my feelings. Like I told Edie, no she wolf has ever stirred me like she did, with her innocence and lack of knowledge that she is a rare and beautiful woman. How aroused she became with me tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, I feel myself becoming aroused by her sweet fragrance, strawberries and black cherries. The sweet and tangy fragrance that is completely her, I hear Nolo whimper in my head with the images my brain is conjuring. I continue to run for a while longer until I smell that unique smell of strawberries and black cherries and I realize I am outside of her cabin. I am far enough away she cant see me but I can see her, finishing in the kitchen, wearing a ratty over large t-shirt, that I remember as being mine as well as a pair of cut off jeans that shows off her legs spectacularly. Nolo begins to pant at the thought she is naked under that shirt, feeling my wolf’s cock begin to get engorged. I sit and continue watching this spectacular creature, when she turns to look out the window. I know I am camouflaged by the bushes, but still she comes out to the porch. She mutters “I know you’re out there Nico, this is hard enough. Please wait until my birthday”. I let a short howl and run in the opposite direction, feeling the separation from what my wolf and I so desire.

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