Rejection & It's Consequences

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Chapter 8

Kennedy POV

After Nico dropped me at the cabin, I bring my belongings into the bedroom and decide to have a bath hoping it will help me cool these feeling building inside of me. As I relax in the tub, I picture Nico with me, wet naked aroused and willing to do whatever I want, waiting for me to decide I want him. As I become aroused, my wolf whimpers in need and I don’t understand these feelings. I have seen many good looking men, human and wolf and I have never had these types of thoughts about anyone. What is making me feel this way about Nico? I groan in frustration and decide that the bath isn’t helping so I decide to get dressed and make something for dinner to distract my sex crazed brain.

I make a simple tomato soup and grilled cheese with some cucumbers and peppers. I love eating raw vegetables, love the crunch and the tangy taste that comes from them. I lose myself in my food, not wanting to think about my coming birthday, feeling that my mate will not compare to the man that Nico is, that I will feel lonely and desolate. I want so much for him to be mate, more than I have wanted anything, well besides the feelings he brings out in me. As I finish dinner, I go about cleaning up; I hear a rustling out in the brush outside. I don’t think anything of it, patrols run through here; I am on the boundary lines so wolves being out here are normal. I continue what I am doing when I get a scent in the air, a scent I smelt for the first time today. The smell of Nico being aroused, the smell of fresh air and trees with a hint of musk. I pause to take in the aroma, then I walk outside to the porch and look towards where the scent is coming from. I whisper “I know your out here Nico, this is hard enough. Please wait until my birthday”. I hear a howl then more rustling in the bushes as tears roll down my face.

I go back into the house, realizing that I am wearing one of Nico’s old shirts from when he lived in the pack. I bring it to my nose and smell his scent deep in the fabric as I feel my heart breaking for a man who could be the best of me. I decide to do everything if’s and’s or buts. If I don’t go back to my pack, where I can control these urge’s and will break my mates’ heart as well as Nico’s and mine. I go to sleep hoping for peace that never comes.


After having cast the spell and leaving Jenny with her psychotic parents, I go about my normal business which is flirting and touching all the pretty she wolves that want some lovin’. Jenny glares at me from across the room, pissed at what I am doing, I will more than likely end up between her legs tonight, but she needs to know that I am a free agent, I am not hers nor will I ever be hers permanently. I continue when I feel pain in my chest that I haven’t felt before and its killing me. I groan and leave the den, going to my room to figure out what is going on. Jenny, of course, follows me and kneels besides me as I moan in pain. “What’s going on Ian”? I sigh “I don’t know Jenny, I got this sharp pain and now there is a burning, that I haven’t felt before”. She grabs her phone and makes a call. The conversation is brief when she comes back and sighs “It’s the fake mate bond. Edie is feeling something for another male, maybe even her real mate and you are feeling her pain and sorrow. If it was sex, you would have been writhing on the floor, according to my friend. You will feel her emotions more than a real mate because of the nature of the spell”. I look at her in shock “So will it be the same for her”? She shakes her head “No because you are masking the real bond, Katya said she had mentioned this to you”.

I think back and she may have, show me to pay attention more now. “I don’t know if I can handle this Jenny. It’s like a hot knife in my heart. If these are her emotions that are something I won’t be able stand it”. Jenny looks at me “So you’re giving up before we start”? I sigh “I’m not saying that but you aren’t feeling this. It’s heartbreaking despair and desolation. I don’t know how she handles these feelings”. Jenny caresses my face and kisses me “Lets distract you from those feelings and I can make you feel much better than anyone else”. She kisses me and fondles me until I am ready for her, but I get no satisfaction from being with her. I lose myself in Jenny, she passes out and I am left wondering if these feelings are what Andreja felt every time I was with a she wolf that wasn’t her or when I rejected her. Suddenly I feel bad for how I treated my mate, hoping when this is done, I can apologize and let her know I didn’t mean to treat her so badly. I only hope the Goddess finds it in her to help me find a second chance, even though I don’t deserve it.

Kennedy POV

The night was restless for me, not only because of how I am feeling from Nico, but I got this feeling of burning deep inside of myself, so badly I was sick almost the entire night. It got so bad, I was vomiting blood, which I know is not normal, so when I get home I will talk to the pack doctor and find out what is going on. I get going very early, just as some of my interests in this area are opening. I go through every one, making slight adjustments here and there, proud at how well they are doing. Now the employees think I am the right hand of the actual owner, which suits me, just fine but even then I get the respect and courtesy that I deserve. As I am finishing up at one of my businesses I get this feeling like last night, the burning in my stomach and the need to be sick. I rush off nearly missing a few customers as I barely make it to the bathroom to be sick. I ate lightly this morning because I wasn’t sure how my stomach would handle food. I continue for a few minutes when the manager, a kind older she wolf comes to check on me. She sees me on the floor leaning against the stall wall waiting to see if it would continue.

Alexis, the manager, comes and hands me a bottle of water and some tissues from a box on the counter. I nod grateful for her help as I try to fix myself. She helps me clean up and asks “Have you found your mate yet dear”? I shake my head and she continues “I only ask because what you are feeling is generally associated with a mate who is cheating with another. Mayhap you’ve met him and because you can’t sense him yet he is being a bachelor. Once you meet him, it should stop as why would he want another than you dear”? I nod with tears in my throat. My mate is not pure like me, it hurts a lot I admit, I know not all males can wait but he should have tried. I clear my throat “Thank you Alexis, I appreciate the advice and will make sure that I am more cautious for the time being”. She nods and leaves me to ponder her words. Niecy whimpers “Mate is mating she wolf, today and last night”. I sigh and ask her “Why didn’t you tell me before”? She groans “I was trying to protect you from feeling it. It makes me weak and you sick, mate mates others it could kill us eventually”. I groan and take my cell and call Brant, Nico’s beta so I can leave ASAP. He agrees to meet me at the cabin in 15 minutes. I didn’t unpack so I just need to change and I am good to go.

Brant POV

Working with my best friend and Alpha is a pleasure and a curse. We know each other so well but when it comes to certain things, Nico likes his privacy. Now he came with Black Hearts beta he has been moody and surly like a bear with a sore paw. He has been running and locking himself in his office without even greeting anyone. Now I know they have always been friends, like family most times so it makes me wonder what could have happened between them to cause this to happen. I am trying not to get involved in whatever is happening because if I am wrong or say something I could be on the wrong side of Nolo, friend or not Nolo will not care. Alpha, when he arrived informed me that I would be taking Edie back in a couple of days when she was finished with her business here. I don’t understand why but comply with what my friend and Alpha ask.

So when I get a call the following day from Edie to take her home, I am very curious. I knew she was to stay 2 were days to make sure her businesses were running well, no one knows they belong to her. Alpha Gianni was very careful about that, in fact the only reason Nico and I know is because of them being located in our pack land. We were sworn to secrecy because of her family. Now that is a family that the Manson’s family would have been scared of. The lack of affection the verbal abuse the innuendos the flat out refusal to contribute to their own household, leave me astounded that Edie is as normal as she is. I walk to her cabin, it’s not too far from the main pack house that Nico and I live in as well as the heads of the pack. I am taking Nico’s Maserati Quattroporte, his baby that he allows no one to drive, yet he allowed Edie use of it with no hesitation. Makes me think that they are mate that would be perfect as I was informed that we are recombining the packs to make one pack again. Nico wants me to remain as his Beta, which fills me with pride, but that takes Edie’s place from her. I know she will find her mate and begin that life, but I don’t see her being idle like that.

As I reach the cabin I see that she is ready to go, waiting for me on her porch, overnight bag sitting near her legs. Now this doesn’t surprise me, knowing the girl, yet her wearing a ratty t-shirt and sweats is not something I see everyday. Yes she isn’t like other females that take 5 hours to get ready, but she is generally more put together than this. I reach the porch and grab her bag as she takes the keys from her pocket. The trunk opens and she is already in the car, passenger side, leaning her head against the glass. I go into the driver side and start the car, looking at a friend with concern. “Edie are you feeling alright”? She looks at me and her eyes are glazed over and I can see pain there “I am OK Brant. I just need to get home”. I shake my head “Edie you’re not OK, you look like you need a doctor, and Alpha wouldn’t like it if something happened to you on his land”. She chuckles mirthlessly “I’m sure Brant. But he may be causing this and I would rather just be home where I can rest and recover. It isn’t life threatening, I promise. Just rest and relaxation will set me to rights”. I nod and start towards Black Heart pack and hope to come home and get some answers.

As we drive, Edie starts to sweat and having some sort of pain and shouts for me to pull over. She barely opens the door and makes it out of the car before she is sick. Not I am not talking car sickness, I am talking Exorcist type of vomiting. I give her a few minutes then go to the back of the car get a bottle of water and a Kleenex for her to clean herself up. She takes both and rinses her mouth and gets back into the car. I start back but notice that she vomited blood, not food or bile, blood. I think back to my aunt and uncle, and he was cheating on her with another after they had marked and mated. She would get so sick, she lost so much weight and would vomit blood every time he was with his mistress. Eventually she rejected him and found another, but it took a while for her to get well. I think back on what Edie said.....she must think if Nico is her mate he is cheating on her all the time. Now I thought I knew Nico, he said he was waiting for his mate, like myself and if she honestly believes this, something is going on. I will talk to him myself and set him straight if he is. I refuse to see my friend waste away because of stupidness.

We start driving again and I look at Edie “Are you feeling better Edie”? She shakes her head “It must be food poisoning or something. I’ll talk to Dr. Niall when I get home. He will know what is best”. I sigh and try prodding forward “Have you found your mate hun”? She looks at me “You know my birthday isn’t until day after tomorrow. It is not possible to find him before that”. I sigh “If you’ve been around him, it is possible Edie. Your wolf matured earlier than a regular wolf, so why wouldn’t you find your mate early”. She thinks on this and I continue “The way you were sick, makes me think you found your mate and he isn’t aware of it. Hopefully he realizes it soon, because this will begin to affect your wolf. She will become weak and she may die if it isn’t nipped in the bud. My aunt went through something similar. It will get better”. She nods and lays her head back down and relaxes. It is what she needs right now.

We get to her little house outside of the pack house and I carry her inside and she doesn’t even make a move that I have. I put her things inside and lock her door, walk to the pack house and request to see Alpha Gianni. I am escorted to his office and bade to enter. I see Alpha Gianni sitting behind his desk, looking very much like my Alpha does, as he looks up at me. “Brant this is an unexpected pleasure. I had thought to see you tomorrow with Edie”. I sigh “Yes sir, but I had to bring her home sooner than expected. She was feeling unwell, I just placed her in her house because she was exhausted. I wanted to let you know she was back that way Luna Lara might check on her and make sure she is feeling alright”. Alpha Gianni gets up and grasps my hand “I appreciate this Brant. You know how special Edie is to Lara, hell to all of us. I am glad she has friends like you to watch over her. Will we be seeing you at her birthday celebration”? I shake my head “Unfortunately not with Nico coming its better one of us stays behind to protect the pack, at least for the next couple of weeks”. Alpha nods “You will be missed but I will make sure food and cake are sent for you, knowing my mate she already has plans to send food to your pack anyways as they can’t all be here”. I laugh at this “It would not be a surprise for me either sir”. “Be safe going back home and ill be glad when we can spend more time together once the packs are back together again”. I nod again and take my dismissal and start back home to figure out what is going on with Nico and Edie.

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