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"So this is what it feels like to be on the land. Well, not bad." The story revolves around an 18 year old mermaid who have never wished to have legs, nor to be on the land. She believed that human caused only harm to their kind so she never bothered herself going near into the gates which lead to the shore. One day, while taking her first adventure, a huge wave took her. So huge that it'll change her life, forever.

Fantasy / Romance
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Melody and the Pods

MELODY is not your typical mermaid. Unlike any other mermaids in her pod, she never dreamt of having legs; never wondered what would it feel when a pair of feet touches the sand. She never wondered what it is to fall in love with someone apart from her family and friends. In the ocean, she was happy and contented.

One day, while on her adventure in the deep world she was in, a huge wave took her. So huge that it brought her to the land of humans.

Melody is the youngest daughter of an ordinary family in the pod of Galene. The pod where mermaids are naturally born with bluish and pink tails. Unlike the other pods, the Galene pod are far from being distinguished like the royal pods of Amathea, mermaids born with tails of purple and gold; Calypso, mermaids born with flame red and yellow tails and the most powerful of the royals, the Aquata pod, mermaids born with aqua, orange and teal green tails. They are the most popular not because of their unique colored tails but because they have the direct access to the palace of Queen Azalea, the queen of the ocean and everything in it.

Queen Azalea is known for her strictness and madness. It was rumored that she fell in love with a human during her youth but was betrayed so she came back to the ocean, closed the gates that directs to every shore and forbid each one of us to land. She was admired for that, and for Melody, she’s her hero. Though many of their kind still tries to break the rules, Melody was also thankful because every time someone came back from the land, she’s learning different stories by eavesdropping in the ocean market.

Each story taught her why mermaids shouldn’t be interested into getting their tails on the land. They either get killed by freak fishermen or fall in love with humans that will soon break their hearts.

“Hey kiddo, what are you doing out there? Mother told me to get you to bed. Let’s go.” Her sister Emelia called. Melody closed the shellbook she was reading and swam after her sister. When they reached the Galene reef, all the mermaids are already preparing their bed. It was all made of reef - from blankets to pillows - and they each got a jellyfish to light their night. Melody’s bed is located at the far left of the room. They are like family even though not everyone in her pod is related to her.

The Galene pod, despite being the least powerful of the pod, they are the only ones who got the powers of having their own feet on land which also the reason why are they distant from Queen Azalea. They can’t make huge waves unlike the Calypso pod. They can’t swim fast like the Amathea pod, and they are not good with weapons like the Aquata pod. Yet, more mermaids are consulting on how to have legs since the Galene ancestors are the most experienced in land.

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