Finding Melody

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The Young Galene Adventure

If the humans have universities in different names, the mermaids also have one. In the Nereid’s Art School, all the mermaids from different pods gather to learn art, history and life they have to be familiar to adapt in the modern world.

Melody, as young as 17, she’s not allowed to leave the school and her pod yet, but when she turned 18, like every mermaid, she will be allowed to go on an adventure anywhere she wants except one kilometer from the gates that leads to the shore, and from the Ceto’s trench, where the sea monsters are lurking. These restrictions were never seen as problem by Melody ever since she was young. She completely has no interest in going anywhere near land and never plans on being in trouble but she’s always curious of where her adventure will take her.

Tomorrow will be the 23rd, when the clock strikes twelve o’clock, she will become an official soul seeker. After five years then, when she turns 23, she’ll have to choose her path; if she will be a familial mermaid or a mermaid who joins the elderly in harnessing powers and devoting their life for the sake of the pod.

Melody attended Nereid’s Art School a bit more excited than usual. She paid attentions to all her mentors and senior, observing every bit of what they do while enjoying their adventure throughout the whole ocean. She’s preparing herself like the other 17-year old mermaids in her class.

“Melody!” One of her classmates from the Crafting class appeared behind her back. She’s Malia from the Amathea pod. She was fast that Melody didn’t even notice she was coming,

“Hey... What’s up?”

“Are you excited? We’ll be turning 18 later at midnight.” She giddily shakes her body making bubbles over her head.

“Super. Like, I’ll get to see the palace of Queen Azalea soon... Even from far away.” Melody sadly answered. She admires Queen Azalea so much but she never met her not even her picture. Only the chosen members of the pod are allowed to meet her in person.

“Don’t worry, Melody. Soon, we can both see her, I’ll go with you when the time comes.” Malia comforted her friend.

The midnight came, and both of them stayed awake in their respective pods. Both Malia and Melody are born lucky since their birthdays are always full moon.

“Where will I swim first tomorrow? The grounds of Queen Azalea or somewhere else?” Melody wondered while looking at the reflection of the moon in the waters. “Whatever, I have a long list of places I want to go so we’ll just follow them. Right, Posie?” She asked her jellyfish named after hearing the story of the God of the sea, Poseidon.

The next day, Melody excitedly prepared herself. Still lacking of sleep, the first thing she did in the morning was wash her tail with the organic soap her mother made for her. She asked her sister Emelia to braid her long white hair and even clipped some pearls on it. Everything was perfect - her tail is shining and her hair is as soft as the plants in the sea. Also, everyone in the Galene pod is happy for the new journey she will take. Being the youngest among the mermaids in her pod, they all supported Melody before she swam away from the pod.

Little did they know, it will be the last time that they’ll see her.

Melody decided to head first on the little public places like Maris’s Garden of Reefs where the most beautiful species of reef and corals are seen. Next, she swam around the famous giant pearl of Elizabeth - the former queen who loved pearls so much. Before the dark came, she decided to swim towards the School of Asteroidea where a lot of different kinds of starfish are walking around the perfect white sand. She was so excited when suddenly, an odd roar coming from the bottom of the ocean caught her attention. It was too late when she tried to swam back to the pod; she doesn’t have the ability to swim fast like the Amathea mermaids.

Melody fought back with her body while the whirling waves surrounded her and took her to the place she doesn’t know where.

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